Blind Date 5/29-6/4

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby Bresheky » Mon Jun 04, 2007 10:40 am

This was fantastic! I definately laughed.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby susans » Mon Jun 04, 2007 9:22 pm

“You’re going to be there, right? 6:00?”
I winced. “Jack – for the fifth time, yes, I’ll be there. Do tell me what to wear again.”
He had the decency to sound sheepish. “Sorry, Jinny, I just really want you to meet Henry. You’re gonna love him.”
“Right. See you at 6.” I hung up the phone and hoped he was done "reminding" me.
I’d broken up with Eddie 8 months ago, and was still plastering the holes in my heart, but my cousin Jack was relentless, armed with eligible peers at SFPD. Not even my habitual sarcasm could dampen his enthusiastic insistence that I not “waste the best years of my life mooning over the past.” This time it was Henry, with whom I had “so much in common”, and I agreed to meet him not with interest, but with exhaustion at Jack’s persistence.
Jack said “Dress casual and sexy.” The July night would be freezing in the city. I dressed in my best fitting jeans, a cream cashmere sweater, and my best red mules which never failed to lift my mood. I caught the 5:00 Bart into the city. I’d be early, but with the advantage of the last train back to San Leandro at 7:15; the idea of a built-in curfew appealed to me tonight.
It was a short walk from the Powell station to San Francisco Centre, and as expected I was very early. Clearly I had time for a quick drink to settle my nerves. After a gin & tonic at Lark Creek I felt better prepared to face the evening. Walking back it finally occurred to me to ask myself why Jack was escorting my date to meet me. There were no happy answers to that question.
Though not yet 6, I saw Jack right away. Then I saw who he was with. So much in common?!? Harry Callahan had no scruples, and very poor impulse control. I was turning to leave when Jack saw me. I groaned inwardly and thought thankfully of my curfew.
“Jinny, this is Henry.” Harry actually looked as uncomfortable as I felt.
Jack pulled out his cell phone, which I hadn’t heard ringing. He said, “I’ll be right back, kids,” promptly vanishing into the crowd.
Harry said, “Won’t you sit down?”
“Thank you.” I sat, wondering what to say. As the silence stretched out, I finally asked “Have you known Jack long?”
“Yes.” Something in his tone made me look up, curious. He added, “Too long. He thinks I need to get some.” I was startled at his direct observation, and couldn’t suppress a giggle. “Is that funny?”
“Yes... I mean, no - it’s just that Jack says the same thing to me. Maybe that’s what he thinks we have in common.”
Harry’s face creased in a way that might have been a smile; it looked as if he was inexperienced using those particular muscles. “Would you like to go someplace for a drink?”
I was surprised to hear myself say “I’d love to.”

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby SueZ » Tue Jun 05, 2007 4:38 am

It’s so foggy this morning. It’s rolled in overnight, obscuring the tops of the other masts. All I hear this morning are the foghorns and some birds, but can’t see past my slip. It’s nice to sleep on my boat occasionally, but today I’m glad I’m not out past the breakwater.

Anyway, with a shrug and who-cares attitude, I allowed myself last week to be set up by my neighbor on this blind date for today. She said he’s into sailing too, so why not. But why he wants to meet in a mall is beyond me. At least it’s a safe public place. I can duck into Abercrombie & Fitch and stare at the young male hotties if I can’t go through with it. I’ll stake out the location (in front of the lemonade stand where the girls in yellow hats jump up and down squeezing lemons) and wait for him to show himself.

What? How can this be? I shake my head. Am I dreaming? Are my new bifocals out of focus? Why, it’s Johnny Depp, or no it’s Captain Jack Sparrow, to be more correct. Boy I’m losing it, but there he is, waiting in the appointed spot. No one else seems to notice him. I push myself up on shakey legs and approach the mirage. At least it’s a cute mirage.

I walk over and I’m pleasantly surprised to see that he’s not too tall. On the big screen you have to look up, but it was no problem at all to see directly into his deep brown eyes. Wow.

We found a table outside, we sat close and sipped lemonades, and traded sailor stories. The fog has cleared.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby Battleground Earth » Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:44 am

I sat in the busy food court watching the carousel carry squirming kids in circles and wondering how many kinds of crazy I was. I was already one kind of stupid. When Josh said he needed space three months ago, I thought it was a "break," as in we would get back together. Reality hit me last week when I saw him out with a young blonde that couldn't be legal yet. My friend, Megan, witnessed this and didn't miss a beat.

"Don't worry," she said, patting my back as I fumed over my wine. "He was too unstable. You need somebody more grounded. Are you ready to meet my friend yet?"

Sure, why not? She had been bugging me about meeting her new neighbor since the "break up." Now, though, I wondered if it was a good idea. My thoughts were interuppted by mechanical clanging and screaming. Looking around, I realized the food court was surrounded by Battle Droids.

"What the?" I asked, ducking under the table as their blasters loosed on the crowd. People scattered, running for cover. Battle droids! I thought that was limited to long ago in a galaxy far away?

Just then I heard the swoosh of an energy weapon nearby. Leaning out slightly to risk a peek, I saw a man in brown robes, deflecting blaster bolts and chopping down droids with his green light saber. When the last one was down, he shut it down and looked around.

"So uncivilized," he mumbled, hooking the light saber back on his belt.

I thought about ducking back under the table, but his eyes fell on me. He walked over and offered me his hand.

"Caitlyn, I presume?"

I got up slowly and nodded, pushing my hair out of my face. "That's me."

He shook my hand. "Pleased to meet you. I'm Obi-Wan. Sorry to make such a dramatic entrance. Are you hungry?"

I started. "Obi Wan Kenobi? You're my date?"

He smiled and nodded. "That's right."

"I thought Jedi didn't date? No attachments?"

"My dear, Palpantine took care of the Jedi. Those of us left alive are hiding." He shrugged. "Why not enjoy some good company while we fly under the radar and wait for A New Hope?"

I thought about it a moment. Josh was a huge Star Wars fan, but to hell with him. He could have his young blonde. I'll take a Jedi Knight anyday. I nodded. "You're right, let's eat."

"Great, I'm starving. How about pizza? One favor, though. Please don't eat the whole thing like Anakin used to!"

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby goldennib » Tue Jun 05, 2007 4:20 pm

The last time I had a date, the kids of the dot com generation were just specks in their parents’ eyes. My love life resembled a dried out old man; cantankerous, crotchety and exuding an undefinable musty smell. People looked at me with condolement and tears brimming in their eyes. In an effort to stop the pity parties being thrown in my honor by well meaning acquaintances intent upon ignoring the disasters in their own lives, I agreed to go on some blind dates. Most, as you can imagine, would have gone better if I had poked my own eyes out. One date, though, stands out in my memory with fondness and not a little bit of stupefaction.

The meet time was set for six o’clock at night on the second concourse food court at the local mall. I dressed to impress in my pressed and creased, stove pipe, blue jeans, salmon orange golf shirt and boat shoes, sans socks. I looked hot, mostly because the air conditioning in the mall stopped working about four hours earlier and still hadn’t been fixed. While the sweat dripping from my gelled hair took away some of my swagger, I looked around with faked confidence for my date.

I spotted her easily; her eight feet, six inch height thrusting up through the after-work crowd. Her big round eyes, azure dyed hair, red beads, red shoes and strapless, lime green dress created a vision I never thought to behold in real life. I anticipated an interesting evening.

After sharing an ice cream sundae, we strolled through the stores on the first floor. She showed me her keen shoplifting techniques, introducing me to a few hand and wrist moves I hadn’t seen before. She bet me I couldn’t pocket some Twinkies™ while standing right next to a security guard. I showed her that challenge was a piece of cake. When we passed by a music and video store, she looked longingly at a picture of Ringo Starr hanging in the display case. While she tried to fend off a Hare Krishna, I snuck in the store and bought her the poster. Even though she used the rolled up poster to beat the religious devotee back to the airport, I think she appreciated my thoughtfulness.

We both enjoyed our evening together, but decided it was best not to move forward with a relationship. Even if we could have gotten past our reality differences (me being human, she being a cartoon character) she still wanted to try to make her marriage work.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4 - Can't Believe this Happened to Me

Postby mpr4jc » Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:54 pm

My name is Lena and I am 32 years old. Never been married. I guess over the years my job as a teacher just took my time and attention. I can’t believe I let my best friend Tina talk me into this, but here I am sitting in the food court at the Valley Fair Mall sipping on an Orange Julius. Tina told me that I would really like this person ‘our personalities are perfect for each other’. I hope they are.


Surprised I twirled around in my chair and instantly became speechless. I couldn’t believe who I was looking at…and how in the world did Tina know this guy!

“…Um…Yeah! I’m Lena…and you are…you…” I stumbled nervously over my words.

“Ace Ventura…Pet Detective,” he boldly chimed in.

I couldn’t believe it. Could this be true? There I was in the presence of Ace Ventura. I wasn’t sure exactly how to behave. So I gulped down the rest of my Orange Julius and followed him out of the mall. Through our conversation in the car I figured out we were going skiing. I would tell you how this part of our date went but I think that you’ll like the ride home better.

It was time to go. I was very chilled so Ace bought me a large cup of hot chocolate for the ride down the canyon. By this time Ace and I had become comfortable with each other in the sense that I was no longer nervous to be around him. I was glad and I hoped that this wouldn’t be the only date we would have.

The ride home was slow. The snow was falling heavily. Thank goodness there wasn’t much traffic, but I began to notice that the hot chocolate was going right through me and I needed to go. I was a big girl. I could hold it, right? But the urges were starting to become unbearable. I finally gained the courage to ask Ace if he would pull over to the side of the road so that I could…well, you know!

He kindly did. He watched intently for any traffic as I quickly pulled down my britches enough to rest my little cheekies against the corner of his car. When I was done I realized that there was something wrong.

“Oh know…what am I going to do,” I accidentally said out loud.

“What was that, Lena?” he asked concerned.

“Um,” Oh, shoot! “I think that my bottom is frozen to the side of your bumper!” my voice shook as I tried not to cry.

He came around and tried not to laugh at me. We discussed different ideas of what to do. After a while my legs were getting tired so we both decided that the best thing to do was for him to pee on my behind in hopes that it would set me free from his bumper.

It worked…

I wonder if he will call for a second date?


I would like to hear from you if you did or did not like it.. :)

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RE: Blind Date

Postby Tiberia1980 » Wed Jun 06, 2007 3:35 am

The scrap of parchment had indicated meeting at the Three Broomsticks at six P.M. She wasn't very excited thinking about the meeting, she'd been in this situation before and blind dates never worked out. By three, however, she was feeling the first butterflies and by five she was pacing back and forth nervously. Who could this man be? Hopes that this meeting would be THE meeting broke through her doubts. At thirty years old nearly everyone she knew was married and had children of their own. She didn't know about children, but marriage--or at least, companionship, was very appealing. She was tired of being alone. In her recent move to Hogsmeade, she hoped to change all that.

At 5:30 she threw her burgundy walking cloak over her shoulders, smoothed on some lipstick, and started off toward Rosmerta's place. The streets were rather bare considering the time of day--everyone was probably watching the huge Quidditch match up at the school. She'd never liked sports much and hoped it would be the same for whomever she was meeting. The autumn day was unseasonably cold. She drew her cloak more tightly around her body and noticed one other person--entirely in black--moving in long strides behind her, his large hood raised so as to hide his identity. Coming up to the Three Broomsticks minutes later she paused, hand on the door, to see if the man in black was still there. He had disappeared.

The tavern was almost empty. Two hags drank in the far corner and an old man with a warty face sat hunched in half-shadow over a tankard of something softly glowing red. She slipped off her walking cloak, looked hastily about, and seated herself nearest the fire. It was almost six. By 6:10 she began again to doubt this whole arrangement and ordered a drink. By 6:35, after she had finished the last of that drink, she stood to leave when the tavern door swung open and the dark figure from the street entered. Believing her luck had run it's course, she seized her cloak and angrily rushed toward the door. The man in black, who had been standing with his back facing the door the entire time, watching, leaned across the frame so as to bar her exit.

"Why the hurry, miss?" he asked from beneath his hood. There was an element of power and mystery surrounding this dark man. His voice was soft, like velvet, and as he spoke his pronunciation lingered over the two Ses in "miss." He lowered his hood to reveal a sallow face and glistening, onyx eyes. Looking back around the tavern, she saw the hags and the man in the corner all had their eyes fixed on the both of them as Madam Rosmerta stood absently polishing an old fashioned glass behind the bar.

"No real hurry," she said, raising her hand to move his arm from across the door. She was acting much more bravely than she felt. "I was to meet someone earlier." The man smiled--or was it grimaced? revealing crooked and discolored teeth as he did so.

"That someone was me. My name is Severus Snape."

My first contribution to the site. Hope everyone liked it.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby broadwayjeb » Wed Jun 06, 2007 8:37 am

(Mine's twice as long, but I wanted to post it anyway:)

It never fails: I can always tell precisely how lame a date is going to be by how loudly my stomach is growling beforehand. And just then, sitting alone in the food court on a particularly bustling Friday evening, the ol' rummy tum-tum was successfully drowning out the hum of the customers, howling like a violent wind through a doorjamb.

As if I wasn't already self-conscious enough. My blind date, about whom I knew nothing but that he had a super-hard-to-understand accent over the phone, told me to wear all black--most everyone around was dressed in neon summery tones--and to carry a small plastic horse, which I found to be an intriguing, if retarded, instruction. I bought the thing at Kirkland's fifteen minutes before and certainly kept in covered in its plastic bag until I finally got the courage to set its three legs (one was up, mid-prance) on the table.

I had been uncomfortably fingering my horse and scanning the food court for ten (long) minutes when my eyes settled upon a handsome, clean-shaven, darkly-clad figure descending the escalator. Thats him, I thought, and as his deep-set eyes casually scanned the room, holding a small horse conspicuously, I felt an odd pleasure welling within me: the keeper of his secret. It didn't take the figure long to spot me--the black hole amid the wildflower patch--and when he did, he gave me a quick nod that made my heart skip and proceeded toward me with a deliberately languid stroll, which was, again, in great contrast to the rest of the Mall Madness.

"Hyello," he said with an extended arm. "You are Syusan, yes?" ("Susan, yes," I corrected him.) "My name is Rrrod." (This also I knew--like Rod Stewart.) "I see you brrought small hhhhorrrrse. I have wery many drream wiz dis animal. You drream wiz hhhorrrse, too?" I smiled politely and shook my head no. "Well, den, we must get you somesing to eat, yes?" My stomach had not shut up, so this sounded awesome. "You like Grreek?"

"Sure!" I said, hoping my enthusiasm disguised my disappointment; I had been planning my order from Taco Bell ever since I had gotten there. But I thought it would be weird for us to order from separate vendors, so off to the Greek place we went. There was no line at the Greek place, unlike McDonald's, Sonic, and Taco Bell itself, so perhaps his was a good suggestion. "I'd like a gyro, please" and he corrected me, "You say it hheerro." I couldn't help but thinking how this man was far from any hero I'd imagined. But maybe it was good for me to get away from the string of pretty-boys I'd dated, who always seemed disappointed in my outfit and asked me questions like, "Why don't you ever wear your hair down?"

Rod paid, which was in itself a minor fiasco since he didn't seem extremely familiar with U.S. currency. He ushered me back to our table with one hand in the small of my back and we sat in silence as he dug into his "hero."

"So, are you from Greece, then?"

"No, no, St. Petersburg. You know wherre it is?"

At that moment, I wasn't sure if it was still in Russia or if it was in one of those countries that had broken off. I just nodded, me lost in thoughts of my poor eastern European geography, him lost in his onions, meat, and dripping goo.

"You know dis woman?" he suddenly asked, pointing to some old lady who walked by. I did not. "She rremind me of a pawnbrroker I knyew in Rrrossseea." Aha, it was in Russia.

Suddenly, he turned to me with such a seriousness that I felt accosted. "Is derre someone in dis worrld you hate, Syusan?"

I felt trapped by his gorgeous, dark eyes and thick brows. "Um, I don't think so, Rod... Maybe, like, Hitler, or Saddam Hussein..."

"But is derre someone in your worrld, dat dis worrld would be better wisout? Everybody would be hhyappier, wisout dem?"

I answered cautiously. "Well, Rod, if this guy David didn't come back to work next week, I wouldn't be sad, but I don't think I would want to be the reason."

"Yes, of courrse, Syusan, you are rright. But with Saddam, you werre hyappy when he died?"

My heart skipped a beat. I sat up straighter and scanned my brain for a way to change the subject. If this beautiful stranger led me out of the mall the same way he led me to this table, would any of the summery ladies notice? Or care? I decided to change the subject. "So today I got my license renewed. Check out this horrible picture. Isn't that awful?"

Rod composed himself for a moment, saying, "It is lovely, Syusan," then reached for his wallet and pulled out his own passport and set it on the table next to my horse. The picture showed a much younger version of himself, but angrier, with a scruffy beard and crazy Einstein hair, but dark. "You've changed, Rod. I like you better now!" I examined the weird-looking words of the passport, written, apparently, in Russian. "What's this say here?"

"Dis is my whole name, Syusan. Rodian Romanovich Raskolnikov."

I froze. Raskolnikov. The name echoed inside of me, but not in Rod's deep voice: as Ms. Loeffler's voice from my senior English class. I said nothing, just sat staring into the handsome eyes of my blind date: of Dostoyevsky's fabled protagonist.

"Syusan? You feel okay? Your stomach is screaming loud as wind from my countrrry."

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby bhulse » Wed Jun 06, 2007 6:34 pm

Meeting a blind date in a food court is like meeting in Grand Central Station. The only description I got from my Mom is that she is nice and will be wearing a red sweater, in July. I was to wear my red shirt, I don’t have a red sweater.

My dating experience since my divorce has not been very rewarding, although I have had quite a few nice cups of coffee with my numerous online connections. Mom says it was nice to meet nice people. She thinks everyone is nice, if they are willing to meet me.

So I got to the food court, early as usual. There were so many young people here, none of them wearing sweaters. I thought I’d just stroll around, like I’m trying to decide between fast food choices. Five times around, no sweater. I pulled up a chair in the senior citizens section, where I could see the rest of the groups and watch the entrances for her appearance.

“Waiting for someone?” asked the elderly lady knitting alone at the table across from me.
“Not really, just resting” I replied.
“Oh really?” she quipped with a smile, “Five laps around the room can be tiring. You must be Brian, I’m Jane”
I was confused. “What? Yes, I’m Brian. How did you know?”
“Your mother told me you looked nice. I’m your blind date. Miss Marple, my friends call me”.
“What?” again, still confused “You know my mother?”

She explained everything. “Sure, it is elementary, my dear. She said we have much in common, besides being single. I understand you want to be a writer. Well, I write a lot, mostly police reports for the Inspectors to use. My good friend Agatha has written a lot of real books, and she and I are like sisters. Shall we take a stroll?”

We got up and she hooked her arm on mine. She was remarkably steady. It seemed more like she was supporting me than I her. We walked and talked. She gave me her full attention, yet pointed out to me all that was going on around us. She had something to say about everyone we passed, particularly the couples we saw. Those two were in love.Those two were not talking to each other, out of mutual resentment. Another two were on a first date, just like us, notice how they gingerly held hands, and leaned towards each other.

“People are like open books”, she confided in me, speaking softly to share Agatha’s secret of success “if you just read what is written on their faces and their body motion, and discount their projected images and alibis”.

We came to a movie theater, which she apparently knew was there, and that the movie was about to begin.
“Shall we?” she asked. “It’s ’And Then There None’ about ten little Indians”
“Yes, Let’s” I agreed. “We can sit in the back row and make out…the details of their characters, of course.”

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby susans » Wed Jun 06, 2007 10:22 pm

OK, this one's a little long, but it was hard to get the tone I wanted. would love to hear any comments on what works / doesn't work... thanks!
“Shelby!” I was on my way out, but turned and saw Frank jogging down the hall. “What’s going on with the Inatech review?”
I paused, wondering how much to tell him – too much detail and I’d be here for another two hours, and Helen would kill me. “We’ve found some issues, Frank. The Jeffs are investigating even as we speak. I can brief you tomorrow, probably by lunchtime.”
“All three?”
“Yep, all three. There’s nothing more I can do until they’ve finished their analysis.”
“I don’t have to tell you how important this is. We have to get this right.” Inatech was not only a big customer, this was a highly visible project, and Frank was scaling new heights of anxiety because a miss on this review could damage the firm almost irretrievably.
“I know. I’ll call you as soon as I hear anything.” Frank seemed to relax a little at that.
“Where’re you off to so early?”
“Early? It’s nearly 7! I’d like to pretend sometimes that I have a life, Frank.”
He looked a little nonplussed. “Oh. OK, then, talk to you later.”
I was still embarrassed at the idea that my cousin Helen had set me up on a blind date with someone – I’d never done this before, and I wasn’t really keen on it. I don’t date a lot, because my job with a software security firm requires a lot of travel, and a lot of long hours. Helen had promised that this guy was perfect.
“He works with computers, too,” she’d said.
“Helen, your idea of ‘working with computers’ is being able to spell Google.”
“Shelby. You’re over 30, you haven’t had a date in 5 months, and you haven’t had sex in over a year. You need to face reality, girl. Do you want the rest of your life to look exactly as things do right now?” Helen was a little more insistent than usual, and she caught me in a moment when I was down, despairing of ever having a Normal Life, and so I had agreed to meet her friend-of-a-friend at the mall food court tonight at 8 o’clock.
She’d told me “His name is Tom Anderson, and he told my friend Jill that he’d be dressed all in black, and would carry something white.”
I decided to trade the time it would take to drive home and back to the mall for time in a bar near the food court before my “big date.” I used the time to think about what people talked about besides buffer overruns and denial of service attacks. After a G&T I felt ready to brave anything, and strolled confidently over to the food court. Confident, that is, that this would be a short evening and I could get home to check on how the Jeffs were doing with the Inatech analysis.
By 8 o’clock the dinner rush was well over, so it was easy to scan the food court. I spotted a tall, reasonably good-looking guy dressed in black, sitting at the far end of the court. I walked further in, and saw that he was playing with a white rabbit’s foot. Then I looked more closely, and in an instant my blood froze. I never knew what that meant before – but seeing him sitting there, and the implications… I was going to need more than a drink to deal with this. I faced an instant decision – leave now, pretend I hallucinated, and tell Helen I got cold feet, or take the red pill, and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes. Holy poop unicorns and rainbows. Adrenaline coursing through my body, and with every nerve screaming that I should run, not walk, to the nearest exit, I walked over and sat down.
“Neo.” I was pleased to see that he was impressed that I knew him.
“You’re working on the Inatech review.”
I kicked myself for the surprised look that I felt cross my face. Idiot. Of course he knows. “Yes.”
“What have you found?”
“Nothing yet,” I said cautiously. How much could he know? “Our best engineers are working on it right now.”
“They’ve found the vulnerability. They don’t know what it means.”
“Do you?”
“Yes.” There was a lengthy silence, during which my discomfort grew and Neo’s did not.
“What is it?”
“I can’t tell you that yet. We need you to let the review pass.”
I was starting to experience vertigo, which I didn’t think was possible while sitting down. I also couldn’t believe I was seriously entertaining his proposal. This can’t be happening, started echoing through my brain. If it was anyone but him I would be laughing at the idea it would even be possible for me to compromise my professional ethics on a security review. But it was him, and I could not think quickly enough to understand the implications.
“I need time” I was finally able to croak.
“You haven’t got any” he said gently. “You have to go back, look at what they’re investigating, and tell them it’s nothing, after all.”
“Why?” He looked at me silently, knowing that there was nothing to say, nothing he needed to say – I understood and would help.


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