How to get signed back into the WD forums

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How to get signed back into the WD forums

Postby pls » Tue Dec 16, 2014 1:08 pm

1. Access forums, click on "log in" (but you're not really logged out at this point; that is, if you can access the forums but not post)
2. That will take you to your profile page. Click on "log out" (upper right-hand corner so you're REALLY logged out. Now you can post as any of your former entities, as long as you can remember your original password.)(However, your new profile page may not display a log-out link)
3. Fill in your name and password in the blanks that will come up; click on "remember me". In the "new" profile page, do NOT enter a new password. Instead, enter your old password.)
4. To access the forums then, pull down the "community tab" to "forums". You're in!

Still having problems? You can e-mail me at <<plsbcbdxer "at">> for more advice, but otherwise you may have to sign in again with a new identity, although you shouldn't if you follow the above steps EXACTLY. Which I did and got back in with my former admin privileges.

Update: Apparently the forum software is changing as the techies work on it, as I was locked out this morning. But I got back in by …

1. Clicking on "Log In". That took me to my profile page.
2. Click on "Log Out"
3. Filled in my current user name and password, clicked on "Remember Me", and clicked on … "Enter", "Update", whatever was at the bottom of the page.
4. To access the forums, I pulled down "Community" and "Forums" and I was in.

That's a little different than my original advice, above. Stay tuned. Next time the forum software changes, I'll see if I can navigate the change to get back in or if I'm locked out forever.

Addendum: I've received emails from several people who followed all the steps but were still locked out. I solved the problem by deleting their account - keeping their posts - and having them re-register under their old account name. I'd be happy to do the same for anyone else who is having problems signing in. It's easier than trying to diagnose your sign-in problem.
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