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Postby Aalaamajnouni » Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:44 am

Dear Daring Darling,
You’ve been uttering wretchedly
the “enough” expression,
that assassinated my compassion,
and to put death into its slow motion sly,
Through you, it had been the perfect “was”
A pretty face is dissolving into tiresome features;
teary eyeballs
and murky nights pass by,
subsumes the infinite words’ sky,
letters to type by gory shaky hands,
Some words,
Viper sounds, and
Some more, stand in the line,
Had rupture this hanging thread,
a lonely laughter between the reality,
and the far wishful nirvana,
a murder,
A hurt,
a saddening naked truth,
A prove,
a hundred of them dances
above my lashes,
Similar to rainy dues,
Different from tears,
They may appear to fool the outer space, a disguise.
Ay, the unforgiving memories, are planted
In my soul,
there is a soul to carry a dead soul,
and desperate roots,
thirsty for trust,
they never gain by,
In my soul,
are more to trash of roots,
a promise? A corpse is called cloud nine.
A dying suffocation
Ends up to be a Life imitation.
And die.

December, 8th, 2012

10:40 p.m

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