Blind Date 5/29-6/4

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4 - My Date With Diana

Postby DaleMiller » Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:10 am

7:00 pm at the food court. Not exactly my first thought when I meet somebody for drinks and maybe a bite to eat. Hey, but beggars can’t be choosers. Beatrice, my friend at the bank described my date as smart, funny, successful and gorgeous. So why meet here? Why not meet at a nice restaurant with a nice quiet bar? I can think of 4 or 5 places like that within 10 blocks of the mall.

Maybe she has a new sophisticated method of determining compatibility by gauging her date’s reaction to various stimuli in the form of merchandise displays while window shopping. I bet Cosmo ran a helpful piece in its’ latest issue – “10 Ways to Learn if Your Lover’s Likes Align with Yours.” Most likely this gives her an easy way to check me out and keep on walking if she finds me too unattractive or sinister looking. If I were a female going on a blind date I would want that option too. Hell, I want that option now.

“Are you Brad?” a clear, assertive yet pleasant voice asked from behind.

“Yes I am, and you must be Diana”, I said as I turned, rose and offered my hand to shake.

She took my hand with a firm and satisfying grip, at once conveying warmth and confidence. Diana Prince was quite tall, an inch or two taller than me, and fit. I tried to estimate her age but without success. Her body looked strong, nimble and sexy. By that gauge I’d say late 20’s. But her demeanor was the wild card. She seemed the epitome of confidence and sagacity. She exuded the kind of power that can be gained only by triumph over many trials, yet her appearance betrayed none of mileage us mere mortals are burdened with.

“I’m sorry I asked you to meet me here, but my daughter needed a ride to work and, well, you know what parking is like”, she said.

“I know what you mean, I‘m usually the taxi of first resort for my kids too. But, this isn’t bad. I got here a little early and reconnoitered the gastronomical offerings. They really do have everything – Chinese, Mexican, sushi. What are you in the mood for? ”

“Actually, I know a nice place a couple blocks from here that is quiet, comfortable and has a pretty good wine list. Do you mind if we walk?”

I felt so much at ease with Diana. This surprised me because I’m normally tongue tied and cotton mouthed among beautiful women. Something special about Diana put me at ease and allowed me to be my best self.

Diana is wonderful company, though we’ve not become “intimate”. She says she enjoys me greatly but is not ready for the next step. She still grieves for her deceased husband Steve. I almost fear things might change if we were to become intimate.

A strange smile appears when I call her by her pet name, Wonder Woman.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby tlynn1974 » Thu Jun 07, 2007 10:30 am

Please PM any feedback! I am just starting to try to write and could use all the critiques I can get!


My stomach was aflutter as I pulled into the parking lot. I don’t know if I was nervous or excited. Probably a little of both.
I was a little apprehensive when Kirsten first told me about her friend Albert. She didn’t say much about him except that he was a great person, a singer, and that I would love him. I would have asked for more details, but I trusted Kirsten. She knew what I wanted in a date.
As I entered the mall, I ran to the restroom to make sure I looked great! I did a quick check of my long brown hair that was swept up into a French Roll down to my slinky sandals that showed off my recent pedicure.
I stepped into the food court and began to scan the crowd. When I briefly spoke to Al on the phone, he told me he would be wearing a red shirt and jeans. I heard a voice behind me.
I turned around. “Albert?”
“Hey, hey hey! How are you today?”
He was tall and a little on the heavy side. He had a beautiful smile and a soothing voice. I felt very comfortable with him. It was like we’d met before.
“I’m great! It’s nice to be able to put a face with the name.”
“I agree. And by the way, most of my friends call me Fat Albert.”
“Ha, like the cartoon character!”
“That’s me.”
I didn’t know what to say. I’d watched that cartoon every day as a child. Did he really think he was Fat Albert? I immediately started thinking of the variety of ways I would kill Kirsten.
We walked through the mall to the restaurant and surprisingly the conversation was great! By the time we sat down for dinner, I had almost forgotten about his “identity.” During our appetizers, soup, dinner, dessert, and drinks, we talked about everything from stage fright to first loves, drug use, and gun violence. By the end of dinner, I realized I was enjoying Albert’s conversation so much that I wasn’t ready for the night to end.
We left the restaurant and Albert said he would walk me to my car.
“Would you like to come over to my house for drinks?”
“I’d love too, but I actually came to the mall with some friends of mine.”
“Really, are they still here? I’d love to meet them.”
“Sure! They’ll be waiting for me in the food court.”
Almost as soon as we entered the food court, I saw Albert start waving and a fairly large group of people started walking towards us.
“What’s up Fat Albert?”
Albert turned to me and said, “Tamara, I would like you to meet my friends. This is Mushmouth, Dumb Donald, Russell, Weird Harold, Bill, Rudy, and Bucky.”

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby dmakab2 » Sun Jun 10, 2007 7:51 am

Why can't I just say no? I am utterly annoyed with myself as I sit at a tattered yellow plastic table on the far side of the food court. I feel like I've returned to high school, sitting in the midst of flying French fries and black-haired goths and skaters with metal sticking out of every available inch of skin. I accidentally touch a mound of collected gum wads on the side of the table and quickly wipe off my fingers on the simple black skirt I'd found in the laundry earlier.
Not the most romantic place for a date--blind or not.
I'm almost tempted to call Kathy, tell her I've changed my mind. "Kathy", I'd say, "this is your final attempt to set me up on a date. I am a vivacious, highly sought-after woman, and it's only a matter of time before my prince arrives. Call your friend and cancel."
Right. I sigh. It has been over two months since my last date, and that had ended in a tragic asthma attack and a mishap between two bikes, a pond, and some ducks in the park.
I tease my hair just a little, hoping I look at least half decent. If this man is even in the top 80% of eligible bachelors, then he will have to do.
I hear a clamor at a distant table, and then uproar. Kids jump from their seats, some stand on tables, and point at a small figure making its way through the food court. I lean over to the side and peer around a large woman who has planted herself in my view.
What is going on here?
Clatters resound of trays falling to the ground as an old bald-headed man makes his way through the crowd, bumping into anything and everything in his way. His eyes are closed as if he were sleeping, making it impossible for him to see. He must be no taller than my waist, I marvel, as he mutters a chorus of excuse-mes and pardons.
To my absolute horror he calls my name. "Janet! Janet!"
Could this be my--no way. Kathy can't be this cruel.
"I'm here," I call, hoping I'm not the Janet he wants.
"Ah," his bushy white eyebrows rise expectantly as he nears me. Finally he is within inches of my belly, tugging on my skirt.
"It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Mr. Maggoo."

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby LillySkylark » Mon Jun 11, 2007 4:56 pm

My OZsome Date

Once upon a time there was a young woman who worked for a talent agency in the heart of Glitter Town, USA.  Because she was new in town, straight from a Kansas farm, she spent most evenings reading, Dean Koontz, James Patterson, but her favorite escape from loneliness was watching The Wizard of Oz.  Dorothy was even her name. She watched it over and over; each time she was transported into the Land of Oz from out of the land of loneliness.

Then one day a young man came into her office.  He was handsome, enormously funny and super talented.  Over time they became friends and confidants.  She saw him only between engagements but each time she grew more enchanted by him.  But sadly, he never asked her out.  Truth was...she was going through a dry spell in the dating department.

The next time she saw him she shamelessly hinted for a date, but instead, he proposed a blind date with a very good friend he knew she would like.  Out of friendship she decided to accept.  She was to meet her date at the local Celebrity Food Court in the mall.

After a few minutes, she became anxious that she had been stood-up.  She turned toward the door to watch for the man dress in all silver.  Surely she hadn't missed him?

"Hi Dorothy!"  A voice came from across the table.  Jerking her body around toward the voice, she nearly toppled over.  Her face burned red over her clumsiness just before her mouth gaped wide in disbelief.

"'re the Tin Man!"  She stuttered, her face instantly breaking into a wide smile.  "Are you my date?"  She giggled in delight, unaware of the gawking tourists.

"Yes, straight from Oz."

"No!  You can't be real-you're a fictional character in my favorite fairytale!"

"I'm for real Dorothy, sent by your friend Jock, but unfortunately my time here is limited, and I'll have to leave soon."

"But you just got here!"

"I know, but our date was set-up for two purposes.  One, knowing how much you love Oz and two, I'm to deliver a proposition to you."

"A proposition?"

"Yes.  Jock would very much like a date, or better, marry you first, since he already loves you.  If you feel the same?"

"Yes, Yes, YES! She gushed.

"Oh my, here I go.  Love is so beautiful."  Tears dripped down his shiny silver face, splattering his legs.  She quickly handed over her napkin.

"Thanks Dorothy, of course you know I rust easily."  He blotted the tears dry.

"I must go now.  I'm so glad we had this date.  I'm sure I'll being seeing you in Oz soon.  Goodbye Dorothy, good luck."  She planted a kiss on his cheek as he faded away.

The following day "Jock the Great Illusionist" asked for the first date.  A few months later they were married,  And that's how she ( I ) met your father and the Tin Man, who, by the way, was our Best Man.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4 (I know it's late, but I couldn't resist)

Postby Ramses » Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:53 am

“Come on,” my friend said, “I know you’ll like him.”

“I’ve never been on a blind date,” I stalled, “And I’m not sure if I ever want one.”

“You will like him!” my friend urged, getting annoyed, “I’ve already set it up! Just go!”

“Alright,” I sighed. “But if I hate this date, you owe me.”

I was a little nervous, understandably, getting ready for my date. Seeing that it was just the mall, I didn’t worry too much about what to wear, but I was concerned about meeting the guy--I mean, what if I hated him? What if he turned out to be a weird stalker type who wouldn’t leave me alone? With these comforting thoughts running through my head, I rode the escalator up to the food court.

I looked around for my date. My friend had said he’d be holding a red flower…I stopped dead in my tracks. That is NOT him!

He saw me and walked…well, limped towards me.

“Hello,” he said, handing me the carnation, “My name’s Greg House.”

“I…I know,” I breathed, my voice higher than usual.

“You ARE my date?” He asked, looking down at me gravely.

“Yes,” I cleared my throat and told him my name.


“Nice to meet you,” he said.


“…Are you going to monopolize the conversation this way all evening?” he asked.

I laughed nervously. “Uh…No. I’m sorry...What do you want to do?”

“Weeeell…I thought we’d eat, since this is a food court, and then go see a movie.”

“Okay,” I agreed.

“What’s your poison?” he asked, gesturing at the restaurants lining the food court.

“Chinese?” I said hesitantly.

“Excellent choice. I hear that dog is good this time of year.”

We got our food and sat down. After several seconds of awkward silence, House cleared his throat.

“So,” he said, “what do you do?”

“I’m a student,” I replied tersely. “English and History.” Silence.

“Aren’t you going to ask what I do?”

“Uh...sure. What do you do?”

“I’m a doctor,” he said grandly, “I head my own department at the hospital.”

“Very impressive,” I smiled, getting into the game.

“That’s not all,” he continued, “I have people to do my job for me. All the rest of you people have to do your own work like suckers.”

I laughed out loud. “What d’you do when you’re not working all day, then?”

“I spend most of my time avoiding work, actually,” he said around a mouthful of beef lo mein.

We finished eating, continuing the conversation along similar lines, then headed downstairs to the theater.

“What d’you wanna watch?” I asked.

“Seeing that this is the first date…” he said, “I…don’t care. You pick.”

“Why?” I asked suspiciously, “What would you normally suggest?”

“Well, either the horror movie or the chick flick, of course. Either way I get in your pants.”

I laughed, “The comedy it is then.”

Dr. House was a very gentlemanly date, no matter what he said. After the movie, we went our separate ways. I don’t think I’ll accept anymore blind dates, though…I prefer my limping date.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby Tayla » Sat Jun 16, 2007 1:22 pm

Mourners silently wept the passing of their city’s beloved hero. Moisture even gathered in my eyes listening to the police captain's eulogy. Sniffling back the unshed tears, I glanced at the gathered crowd and was met with the accusing glares of several people.

Everyone was thinking the same thing: It was my fault he died. Thank God the autopsy proved it was a heart attack long in coming…though it didn’t help me by his dying in my home.

I glanced guiltily at my mother, my biggest supporter and dearest friend. The poor woman shouldn’t be here.

It didn’t seem that long ago, sitting at her kitchen table drinking coffee, when she broached the subject of my poor housekeeping and how embarrassing it was. I had told her that when I met the right guy then I would clean up the house. I lived alone for so long that I tended to become neglectful; I didn’t have anyone I particularly wanted to impress.

Seeing that was a perfect opportunity, she set me up on a blind date - much to my chagrin. You’ll have fun, she said, he’ll be waiting for you in the food court at the mall. You’ll recognize him when you see him!

I recognized him all right. I remember rolling my eyes as I watched him for the past fifteen minutes obsessing over the artificial flowers on the table’s vase. I thought I could cut my losses since he wasn’t paying attention and walk out the mall. At that precise moment, no sooner the words fleeted through my mind, he looked up.

Plastering on a damn cheerful smile, I walked toward him. He jumped to his feet and reluctantly shook my hand saying, you must be… but I quit listening as I watched dumbfounded as he took out a hand wipe from his pocket.

Needless to say, it was one of those blind date experiences. After much debate, since he had caught a ride, he finally agreed to go back to my place for a nightcap before I dropped him off at his house.

We entered my place through the kitchen and I fumbled for the light switch. I told him to make himself at home as the lights flickered on.

He shrieked and pointed. I figured something worse like a burglar. I turned my eyes to the direction he indicated. I didn’t see anything. He grabbed his left arm and dropped like a sack of potatoes.

Now, here I stood at his grave site mourning. I flicked my eyes guiltily at mom again. I can’t bear to tell her that the man she set me up with died because he saw my dirty dishes piled high in the sink and counter, empty pizza boxes scattered around, and dirty laundry strewn about. I guess it was enough to give anyone a heart attack. I know it finally made me realize I needed to clean my house.

Rest in peace, Adrian Monk.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby guusebumps » Fri Aug 17, 2007 11:57 pm

"Why are you doing this?" I said to my good friend Simon. "You know I don't like to meet people I don't know."
"C'mon," said Simon, "I guarantee you won't regret it, you'll even thanked me for this."
"Geez, Simon. I won't go."
"Just this once, Mike, please go, have a good time, you need it!"

That was Simon forcing me to go on a blind date he had set up for me. He knew that I was in a really stressful situation in office this last couple of weeks due to the deadline I had. But actually, I prefer to spend my time napping at home. But this time, Simon really pushed me to go. He won't take no for answer.

"Alright, alright, Simon, stop hazzling me, I'll go, I'll go. But remember, this is only because you are really excited about this. I am not. If I don't like this girl, I'll go stright home."
"Ok, Mike, do as you wish but go, okay?" said Simon giggling.

So I went to this restaurant to meet this blond girl wearing white tank top and a jeans, and, like Simon said, very sexy.

There she was, waiting for me at a table, her back to my direction. Then suddenly she turned her head.

Niki Sanders? What? Was this a joke? I knew that Simon knew I am a fan of "Heroes TV Show". Was he playing a practical joke on me? I was ready to turn around when she got up and walked towards me.

"Are you Mike Smith, friend of Simon Brown? I am supposed to meet you. I am Niki Sanders."
"Well... ," I stuttered, not knowing what to say. "Yes I am, how do you recognize me?"
"Mike discribes you well enough for me to know you with just one look."
"Well, it's nice to meet you but this is no way a good joke for me, you're definitely not Niki Sanders. Niki Sanders is not real, she is a fictional character."
"Want proof? Let's go outside."

We went outside and she lifted my car without any difficulties.
"Now you believe me?" said Niki.

I was dumbstruck but happy. Niki Sanders was surely my favourite character in "Heroes".

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby Author_of _Johnny » Wed Oct 10, 2007 6:36 am

OH MY GOD. i just walked into the mall and there was JOHNNY. in all his shirtless glory. I almost faint. Johnny, Johnny. Johnny is my Character. i check around the bushes to make sure there wasn't anyone watching. this had to be fake. a joke. Johnny is pretend. PRETEND. just a figment of my imagination. from my HEAD> holy moly. i feel the doritos id scarfed for lunch come up. Maybe it wasnt Johnny. nobody, could look EXACTLY like the person of my imagination. if there was ever a time to panick it was now. i walk up to the boyish form of what was secretly myself. i touched his face. he couldnt be real. he wasnt real. he couldnt be. no. no. no. i love this pat of my self. if hes out whats to say his part of me isnt gone? no. no way. no no no no no no no no no n on ononononononononono. NO. gasp . im on th floor. how did i get on the floor. and Johnny is standing over me. im ok im ok. the whole food court is looking at me. oh well im withJohnny. and thats all that matters.

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby jonathansocool » Fri Oct 12, 2007 6:07 am

wow i reli dislike this thing its bothering me and guest what it is. you...........................

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RE: Blind Date 5/29-6/4

Postby jonathansocool » Fri Oct 12, 2007 6:07 am

wow i reli dislike this thing its bothering me and guest what it is. you...........................


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