You're My Inspiration

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Re: You're My Inspiration

Postby Beckie » Thu Jan 20, 2011 12:53 am

I have loved to write since first or second grade when we had to re-tell a classic childrens story in our own words. Forty years later, I still have that little cloth covered "book" that I "wrote" in a box in my bedroom. Writing is a fire in my bones, I can't NOT write.

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RE: You're My Inspiration

Postby readlorey » Fri Jan 28, 2011 3:27 am

Actually, I've always written even as a child. Once I learned how to read and write I started to write my own stories.

In high school my mythology teacher would have us write new myths that we had to make up and other stories with different subjects. I always received good grades in the class and my teacher told me that I had a real talent for writing.

It wouldn't have mattered though. I have to write. If I don't I get cranky. Even a blog will take the edge off. Writing is like a drug to me. I have to be happy, whether or not anyone ever sees any of my writing I would still have to write.

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Re: You're My Inspiration

Postby Bridget O' Brady » Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:07 pm

Really that is a funny question. I can remember writing my entire life I guess because I was so excited to learn how to read. I discovered writing in Kindergarten but never took it seriously until 7th grade. Part of my inspiration was in 5th grade when my class voted me "The Best Writer". I laugh when I look back at this because I was so embrassed for that award because all I did was do my essays. Now I'm glad that happened it almost foreshadows how I love to write. I think I owe it to TV and my family though. In 7th grade I became wrapped in the 80's drama Young Riders which focuses on the Pony Express which inspired me to write a book (not my first). I posted it online and became so excited about writing. My family has really encouraged me which I'm very grateful for. Then to anyone on Writer's Digest who has commented on my stories becasue you have made me a much better writer.


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