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Postby Arcadian » Mon Nov 17, 2014 9:52 am

Today, on a whim, I decided to check out online creating writing forums. I've written all my life, self-published a book of poetry last year, and have a website, Herding Cats Here I share political thoughts and poetry, but my greatest effort goes into Thomas and George, an ongoing narrative that lets me develop writing skills. Thomas and George, essentially a "challenges-of-life plot," is posted chapter-by-chapter, and since I have not yet started editing the pieces together I have lots of rough edges to polish. I do work hard to edit individual chapters, though, and don't post until they meet my current minimum standards for "decent writing."

My biggest problems in writing have to do with plot development, and I sometimes end up writing a "slice of life" piece instead of developing interesting conflicts and resolutions.

I'm less interested in publishing at this time in my life than I am in strengthening my writing skills. This is easier in a writing community, so I'm signing in here for awhile. Looks like it might be helpful. If you visit Herding Cats, I'll appreciate any comments, especially regarding where the plot works and the characters are interesting. (Please note, chapters on this Wordpress site had to be presented backwards, from most recent to earliest. Chapters can be read independently, but later chapters rely on previous ones for plot and character development) --Tony [color=#008000](please use the forum PM function -pls.)[/color]
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