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Newbie from the UK

PostPosted: Sat Aug 05, 2017 4:46 am
by scottvsaunders

So what to say to a forum full of strangers? well, how about hello....

Totally new to this and don't even consider myself a writer - hell, I struggle writing a good email half the time so you be right is asking what I am doing here?

Truth be told, a good friend of me said recently that everybody has at least 1 book in them and it really touched a chord with me. Not that I am trying to write a book (yet).. but more so look at ways that writers structure things like blog posts or even forum responses to give me the help I need to move this ambition forward.

Looking for hints, tips and just general ways to get better - writing is always something that has appealed to me but never something that I have plunged into..until now.

Now there we have it -first forum post and hopefully the start of a long and rewarding (not necessarily financial) journey.