New Middle-Grade Fantasy Author

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New Middle-Grade Fantasy Author

Postby » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:27 am

Hello, all!

My name is Jonathan J Bowerman and as the title states, I am a new author for middle-grade-aged children and above (10+++). My first book was released in early June 2017 and so far it is a HIT! I mean...of course I feel that way (doesn't every author?), but to hear it from others that have read it is super motivating and uplifting. I began writing The Secret Realms of the Hidden Elves: The Beginning in March 2016 and between writing, editing, formatting, publishing, and cover art work it took a little over a year to complete. I am published through and what an amazing process it has been; I learned SO MUCH.

It all started as a fun, quirky, brainstorming session between myself and my two daughters around the kitchen table. We talked about fun little elves that lived in hidden realms all around our house: under the couch, in our bathrooms, and even behind the refrigerator. From there came everything that is inside book one of The Hidden Elves series. So that is what has been taking up pretty much every free moment of my life for the past almost year and a half.

I am excited to be part of Writer's Digest forums and I look forward to connecting with other authors in the future!

Jonathan J Bowerman

Moderators, I most definitely would like to be able to post in the future across any and all boards/threads. Thank you!

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Re: New Middle-Grade Fantasy Author

Postby ejhalling » Fri Jul 21, 2017 9:43 pm

Sounds fascinating! Just what I used to dream of when I was little...and still sometimes do...

Can you tell me more?

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