Introducing thing and stuff

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Introducing thing and stuff

Postby GalaxyKitten » Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:04 am

Hello, my name is Emily and I'm 22...blah blah blah and surprise, I want to be a writer! HAHA! But the thing is i dont actually write very often. I have ideas for stories and I know I'm not very good with my writing skills but decided too join this forum. Next year I may be doing creative writing at uni (if i can get in of course). I am currently doing a Foundation Studies and did year 12 twice (only cause i missed out on 20 credits and re did it 4 years later) Anywho enough of the bore, I hope to be posting here frequently, getting advice and hopefully giving some advice and input into other peoples work. Well, lets begin this little journey.

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