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Back to the Beginning

Postby Misubaka » Thu Jun 29, 2017 11:40 am

Hello All,

I first started writing, believe it or not, when I was thirteen. My first real writing pieces were on forums about the Warrior Cat series (yes, my fiery passion for RPG writing about being a cat has since subsided- obliterated, more like it). From then on, my passion for writing reached a high peak all throughout high school. However, I have lost some of my oomph since being enrolled in college. I seem to have an affliction that both inspires and debilitates my writing skills; I am always starting to write stories and poems, but I never seem to finish. I lost my inspiration and touch somewhere during my rising teens, thus, bringing me here. Out of nostalgia and hopeful determination that I'll strengthen my skills and pursue the career in writing I've always envisioned, I've come back to my beginnings. I thank you all for any future assistance and support I may receive from you.


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