Aspiring Young Adult novelist

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Aspiring Young Adult novelist

Postby Alessandra03330 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:14 pm

Hello everyone,

Judging by my title, it's pretty obvious what my end game is. ;) I'm hoping to post my prologue and first chapter on Writer's Digest for some feedback. Get a little perspective, you know what I mean? Friends and family just don't cut it anymore. But before I can post the chapters, I gotta prove I'm not a spammer. So here's my introduction:

28 years old. I've been writing since I was 15. I like to think I'm pretty decent at it. I've got areas to work on but I've also got areas I excel at. Confidence IS key; cockiness is not. People need to learn how to own up to their awesomeness; stop seeking validation from others. It's great to have a support system, but at the end of the day, it needs to come from within.

I hope to make some great friends here like I did in my fanfiction community. I miss the tight knit group, the fangirling over our favorite genres, the constant up-lifting we gave each other. It was amazing. And that's all I got for my introduction. T'was lovely, right? :lol: Thank you for your time, everyone!

Alessandra out. 8-)

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