Here's what's going on in my head tonight

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Here's what's going on in my head tonight

Postby Hidden Grandfather » Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:17 pm

My junior year of High School was the year I first learned about transcendentalism. You know, Waldon Pond, Therough. I had never been more invested in an English class. I was always one of those kids who was good at math and science and just tried to pass english. I’m not going to write a book or go into any career where I need to know the opening to Cantebury tails or about how Huck Finn was not an adventure but instead an alegory for racism in the United States. My life would likely be no different. But for some reason I was really invested in this idea of transcendentalism which I’m not even sure I could give a cohesive definition to what it is. The way it was potraid to me was “do what you want to do, who knows you better than yourself? Don’t follow the crowd” you get the picture. But at the same time you can never get the full picture. Transcendentalism is so fluid, so undefined. Even with the core of transcendentalism being do it yourself, BE yourself, it is so simple to spin that and say that working as a team, in a group, is trancendental in its own right. This is especially true in American culture, with folk icons like cowboys and patriots, rejecting the norms of society at the time with a very do it yourself mentality. Wouldn’t working as a team seem to be thinking for yourself in this context? I’m not sure why I am sitting in my bathroom writing this right now, especially when this is a subject I stopped thinking about when junior year ended and haven’t thought of in the years after. I don’t feel lost and I’m not looking for answers to anything. I’m very content with my life right now. Starting at a very early age my family traveled all over the world. Now I have never wanted to stay home in America more. My thurst for world travel ended in Paris. Paris is the Disney World of Europe. If you ever visit the city, take a look around at all the buildings. They all look the exact same, everything is perfectly trimmed, there are flowers everywhere, beautiful bridges, amazing monuments and cathedrals from a long forgotten time. You know what there isn’t though? True blue French people, lots of tourists and lots of people trying to sell tourists knick knacks and authentic french cuisine. You won’t see a single French person getting up to go work at the big banks or companies because all of those french people are way far away on the other side of the river, in the real paris, a souless financial district with no character. I have no clue why this has been written and I’m definitely not going to edit it. Just my ramblings. Maybe someone will see this if I post this somewhere. Or maybe it will be lost to the internet like I imagine so many things are. An hour of my life documented on the computer that may never be seen by anyone else, even if its as public as anything. Who knows. Its an awesome feeling. Creating something, even if its just a wall of rambly unedited text, and giving it the potential to be seen by thousands, millions, billions! Who knows. Maybe I’ll even forget about this too. Check out my twitter, like me on facebook, and please please please donate to my patreon!! Just kidding. Sleep well and find something more productive than reading someones weird ramblings. HAHA

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