My fabulous intro

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My fabulous intro

Postby nicolew » Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:29 pm

Hello everyone. I've explored the writer's digest website and decided to make it official and join the forum. I've written technical stuff for 15 years and have decided to branch out to other genres. My day job is technical writing....lots of dry, dry, dry, technical writing. Imagine putting VCR instructions, a car owners manual, the wiring diagram for the space shuttle, and the entire Widows 3.1 download disc collection side by side and writing directions to explain how they all work together. Fun, right? It speaks to my logical engineer brain and pays the bills, so it's fun enough for me :D

At work I am forced to use Microsoft Word. It's fine for those technical purposes. But it just sucks the creativity right out of me. For my personal writing I use Scrivener. I absolutely love it. It has all the technical bells and whistles that let me customize everything so it works for me. The different views allow me to twist and turn my story to see various angles and stretch in new directions. Like flipping around a rubic's cube to see what to move next. Nope, I'm not selling it. I just really love it.

I look forward to exploring the forums and learning from everyone.

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