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copywriting opportunity

Postby Jakub TR » Tue May 16, 2017 6:30 am

Copywriting EN – we are searching for new copywriters!

We are constantly looking for new EN copywriters for external cooperation!
We do not require anything special - simple transcripts of articles and texts easily traceable on the Internet.
We can offer you either big or small assignments on different topics depending on what you like to write about and how much time you have.
Just write to us and let us know about your hobbies, knowledge, skills and experience. And most importantly, about which topics are you willing to write.
Assignment offers will be sent directly to your email through which all the communication takes place - it is only up to you whether you accept the particular assignment or not ...
Job description:
PR articles
Marketing / Advertising texts
Cooperation form:
Periodical / occasional assignments from which you can choose what you want:
Home & Living
Fashion & Clothing
Finance & Business
Marketing & Advertising
SEO / website creation / PPC
NO long-term contracts! Only non-binding cooperation within individual assignments
Self-employment (IN) not needed! Cooperation possible according to a simple Work Agreement Contract
Payment right after completing the assignment by transfer to your bank account
Wages raise possible

Excellent knowledge of English language
Absence of grammatical and spelling mistakes
Ability to search the internet for relevant information
Active communication
Compliance of deadlines

We offer:
Basic wage for 1SP (standard page) of EN text:
• 120 CZK (4.5€/4.9$) - PR article
• 140 CZK (5.2€/5.7$) - Advertising / marketing text
The possibility of raising the basic wage if you can write really high quality texts!
If you act as a reliable copywriter with a sense for english language, we can even offer you the opportunity to become our external editor!

Who is copywriter:
The copywriter's work lies, in the overwhelming majority, in the transcription of information found on the Internet.
The copywriter should be able to independently search for the online literature and identify its relevance and credibility. The gathering of information should not be restricted to the first source found but to at least 2 or more different sources to verify the correctness and completeness of the information contained in the first source.
The goal is not to write revolutionary text. Just take the information from elsewhere and interpret it originally. The result should be content-quality text beneficial to the reader.

Whether you want to make a lot of money or just a little, contact us ((Redacted - feel free to contact the advertising department here at WD for all of your promotional needs -pls.)) and join our team!

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