Hello fellow writers, take me in as one of your own.

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Hello fellow writers, take me in as one of your own.

Postby iBluefoot » Tue Jan 24, 2017 12:31 pm

My name is Isaac Bluefoot. I am an illustrator/writer/playwright/puppeteer in northernmost California. My work focuses on tapping into real life magic and metaphysics in a playful way. I believe it is never too late to have a happy childhood no matter your age. In turn I write for children and adult audiences simultaneously, aiming to inspire a common connection between both parents and children as they share in a story.

I have a few picture book manuscripts and most of them are only partially illustrated. Currently I am in need of the thoughts and opinions of other writers so that I may learn how to navigate the publishing world.

I would love to be a regular member and contribute to the forum. For instance, I really want to know what goes into a "dummy book". Is this a fully illustrated mock-up, or is it acceptable to just illustrate a page or two and use thumbnail sketches for the rest? Questions like this and more are running through my mind and are dearly in need of answers.

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