Hello, I'm ALShonce

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Hello, I'm ALShonce

Postby ALShonce » Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:31 am

I'm also known as InsaneXade on twitter, facebook, deviantart, and various forums. I chose to use my author's name here because I am in the process of getting published. For all I know someone might search for me and find me one day posting on the first writing forum that shows up on Google.

Anyway, my publisher adores my overall story but said the style needs some work. There are too many surplus words like "and." I did a tally of them and found over 3k for 119k words.I highlighted each one with a vivid blue, along with other bloat words in libre office and imported the book back into scrivener. Seeing all the colors on my screen, I realized that I need some help improving my style that books cannot provide so here I am requesting some assistance to bring Aden's Reluctant Wizardry (Or Aden Welex and the Dead King, I just came up with that title this morning) to life. I've bought numerous books and checked out dozens more from my local library but none of them seem to help me on my particular problem. And is the most used word in the world but some authors, like Rayne Hall, only has a handful of them, just 100 in her dark fantasy Storm Dancer. So, I have come to ask my fellow writers for assistance.

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