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Postby havoc » Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:07 pm

Hello strangers and hopefully soon-to-be friends of WD! It's so nice to finally join the community after lurking around anonymously on the forums for quite some time now ;) . I wish I had half the talent and dedication that many of you on this site show towards writing, but, as Yoda once advised (although in a distinctly more object-subject-verb order), the only way to get there is to just go out and do it. So whine, I must not.

I look forward to the ideas, insights, inspiration, and laughs that we might share as we brave the literary world together. The tears, too; let's not forget about the tears. And, yes, the fights that we will have over the use or abuse of the dreaded semi-colon (to that I say: bring it). But mostly, I'm just excited for us to take a step towards our goals together. So, cheers! And happy writing :)

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