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Postby Harshavardhan » Wed Mar 02, 2016 2:39 am

To whom it may interest,

Name is Harshavardhan. I am an aspiring architect but at heart, I am an artist and a budding novelist. My works can be found on my website below.

Azure - Integral Designs

I am writing illustrated novels, and whilst registering aboard, I hope to learn and improve my writing skills and ideas.

My current project is writing a series of illustrated novels titled Azuris. The same project in sneak-preview can be found on the above-mentioned website. Its distinctive genre is imperialistic fantasy. It is its central Kingdom Azuris that I intend to manifest as the universal apotheosis of humanity, adventure and innovation.

In these illustrated novels, I endeavour to synthesise my past experiences, values, imagination and knowledge about various issues including human condition and ideal civilisation, and tweak it to suit its contemporary readership of all ages and from all walks of life. On the whole, I will indulge in crafting these illustrated novels that are adventuresome, 'interactive' and 'architecturally versatile'. That is, I would like it an artefact.

I only hope that the above novelistic aspirations are worth the approval.

Kind regards

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