I'm Gregory - a director following his passion.

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I'm Gregory - a director following his passion.

Postby gregorydirector » Fri Oct 30, 2015 2:15 am

Hello there :)

My name is gregory and I'm a young director from Germany.at the moment I'm in Vietnam to shoot some stuff for my directors reel. I graduated two years ago from film school and since then trying to climb up the ladder, which is quite hard and stressful. Besides doing normal paid jobs I'm very passionated about my "own personal" projects. I'm trying hard to improve my writing skills and the process of developing an idea, but it's really not my strength. That's why I registered here to get inspiration and learn from other members. Of course I am highly interested in writing collaboration - mostly i like to do 60-90sec Storytelling Spots/Films. But i like Short Movies and musicvideos as well. Also on the website I found a lot of helpful information and I think here in the forum there is a lot more to read and to discuss, that's why I would love to be a long term member of the community :)

Best regards

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