Hello, I'm new to the forum

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Hello, I'm new to the forum

Postby poysen » Tue May 09, 2006 8:15 pm


Hello, I'm new to the forum

Postby poysen » Tue May 09, 2006 8:15 pm

I figured what better place to start out, than the intro forums? :)

Well, I'll keep this brief so as to not bore anyone.. I'm a 28 year old married stay at home mom of one (I work online for supplemental income, though) I've been writing for the better part of 12 years (with the exception of a section of time that I suffered writer's 'block', a result of becoming stale on the current series I was working on at the time.. which I've since gotten past.)

I'm currently working on a procedural crime/mystery, which only seemed logical to do since I'm a big forensic buff and CourtTV fan. I'm enjoying it immensly and almost preferring it to my other favored genre, Horror. I have yet to get to the point where I've found something I deem worthy to try to sell, though I suffer, like many writers, from an overly critical inner critic. Eventually I should find something I think is good enough to try with. In the meantime I'm enjoying challenging myself and honing my skills.

My idols would have to be Anne Rice, whom I met back in 1996 at a booksigning, and Stephen King, who's book On Writing was both entertaining and inspiring (I also saw his home on a family vacation in 1995)

I hope to meet some other like minded writers here and just share and learn with you all.

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RE: Hello, I'm new to the forum

Postby loudermilk » Wed May 10, 2006 3:52 am

Allow me to be the first to welcome you into our little corner of the world.

A suggestion to improve you're own writing: critique the writing of others. It will help you and them. Just don't touch my stuff. It's been touched so much that I can't read anything for the finger prints. Oh, wait. Finger prints are on my glasses and my brain is the only thing that's touched.

Actually, everyone here takes critisim very well. Even me.


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RE: Hello, I'm new to the forum

Postby jasipper » Wed May 10, 2006 6:48 am

Hi, Jennifer.

My wife also works from home and we're about to have our 2nd little boy in August. She's a freelance artist who does layout and graphic design.

Anyway, it looks like you're off to a great start with your writing! Keep it up and tell us all about it!

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RE: Hello, I'm new to the forum

Postby cherryblossom » Wed May 10, 2006 8:52 am

Wow, stay at home mom and a writer. That must be tough. I don't have kids, and I'm not married and I still have a hard time finding the time and energy to write some days. My hat is off to you! Also, I absolutely LOVED Stephen King's On Writing! That is actually the first writing book I ever read that was enjoyable for me and helpful. I've read it twice and have it so dog-earred and underlined that you would think I'd had it for years instead of 6 months. It's a really good book. Welcome to the forum! I've only been here a few days, but its a pretty cool place to be!


P.S. Ann Rice is the bomb! I can't believe you got to meet her! I'm so very jealous! :)


RE: Hello, I'm new to the forum

Postby poysen » Wed May 10, 2006 11:18 am

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and suggestions.

loudermilk: I've actually done some critiquing on another site (Neopets, lol -- hey we all need a place we can go to have some fun, don't we?) Granted most of the users there are younger, there are some older adult users I've befriended on the writer forum there as well (one being a published mystery author that I enjoy speaking with.)

I do, however need to peek around at more of those forums as time allows.

jasipper: Congrats on the soon-to-be bundle of joy. Graphic and layout design sounds like a great profession, though my art isn't as strong as my other interests, it's still a nice past time to do now and again.

cherryblossom: Yes, I need my own copy of On Writing for my shelves. I plan to read through it again as well when I get my own dog-eared copy. :) I read my copy from the local library and there's so many pages I had noted had valuable information on that I wanted to copy down for my files. (The poor man's way to have a file of things you need lol. I handwrite passages and articles out from some library materials for future usage in addition to my own collection of books and magazines.)

Yeah, it is a bit tough being a stay at home mom and looking for time to write, especially when my son is up until 4am.. I just have learned to accept that the days of pounding out 10 pages a day in high school is over and I'll take what I can get, even if it is deciding if I use flashbacks or not.. every small step is a step toward progress..

Don't be too Jealous I met Anne. I was so tounge-tied that all I could do is look at her in awe. LOL. (We were told we could ask her questions) I remember when I went up there she looked up at me and just gave me this kind, warm smile and asked if I'd been waiting a long time. I was just so glad to have been there. I wasn't supposed to even be allowed to meet her because you got a ticket to see her with the purchase of Servant of The Bones, which I had no money to buy... we got lucky and were given a ticket to see her by someone in line that had a spare! (I only learned this when I asked if someone would be kind enough to take my book up and get it autographed.. hoping they'd not run off with it..) well, they thought I was just not looking to wait in line and I explained I wasn't able to get the book or ticket and I just wanted to see if someone would be willing to take my book for me... lo and behold there's a spare ticket someone had and was kind enough to give to me.) I think it was fateful that I was to meet her. I have some photos of her bus and when we saw her (The pic is bad.. we were not allowed to take photos -- only the employees could.) and I have a scan of her signature as well up on a side website of mine.

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RE: Hello, I'm new to the forum

Postby Miggy » Wed May 10, 2006 2:02 pm


I met David Hasselhold at a car show once. Please try not to be jealous.

Miggy, the Thief


RE: Hello, I'm new to the forum

Postby entropy_happens » Wed May 10, 2006 7:05 pm

Welcome to the forum, Jennifer! Hope you enjoy it here. Silence that inner critic and get to writing! ;) And if you ever want a gentler advice (your biggest critic is usually yourself), post on Critique Central! I like that genre.

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RE: Hello, I'm new to the forum

Postby PaigeVonLiber » Thu May 11, 2006 8:39 am

From 1 to another newbie-glad your here


RE: Hello, I'm new to the forum

Postby poysen » Thu May 11, 2006 10:05 pm

Thanks again everyone for the suggestions and warm welcome.

entropy_happens: I'm trying to send that inner critic on an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas. I figure 'they' might want to relax before I set 'them' loose on the finished manuscript. 'They' seem to be fighting the idea. What 'they' don't know is I'm stronger than 'them' (I think, lol).

It's good to know there's a place to get critiques here as well. Looks like a pretty well-rounded community. I only wish I had found this place sooner! Alas, it's better to find it late than to never have found it at all.

Paige: Welcome to you as well! :)

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