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Hello, fellow writers,

My name is Annie, and I've been putting stories together for nearly as long as I can remember. I can't write short stuff; my stories always turn into novels. I've finished 5 novel-length works, and have a fair start on at least two more. Genre is kind of hard for me to pin down; I write low-tech fantasy (few swords, no orcs, elves or the like - just people possessing magical skills, getting by in a world that looks upon them with fear and distrust) and supernatural fiction set in the modern era. I also write essays about life here in northern New England - seasons, gardening, nature, history, etc. The list of authors I admire and enjoy is far too long to list here.

I work in retail in a resort town...so it's a wonder I don't drink. That's my part-time job; my full-time job is looking after my elderly parents, and making sure they have as good a life as possible despite the limitations and infirmities of their age. My family and I are all close -my brother and sisters and their spouses and kids all rally around one another, and get together for food and laughter as often as possible. One of my sisters is a writer and artist like me, and I hope she can set her words free into the wide world someday, as I hope to do with mine.

It's been a while since I put my work out there for critique...but unless I want all my words to languish in file drawers forever, I have to do something.

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