WriteMovies Winter 2016 Screenwritng Contest Opens Mon 17th

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WriteMovies Winter 2016 Screenwritng Contest Opens Mon 17th

Postby JohnatWrM » Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:47 am

Hi everyone,

With the Summer 2016 Screenwriting Competition closing, we are delighted to announce that our next main international competition is opening very shortly - the Winter 2016 Screenwriting Competition will open on Monday, October 17th!

But you can gain entry to the competition before then! By ordering one of our consultancy packages you can enter into the Winter 2016 contest for free. We will announce the entry dates, prices and results announcements for the Winter Competition next week when the contest officially opens, but you can get a head start by ordering Judging Feedback for just $99 , and Studio Consulting (only $129) , with in-depth feedback from Development Notes at only $199! And at a unique price of $399 you can get up to an hour of consultancy from a top studio executive with our Elite Consultancies. Finally, t he Deluxe Package consists of Development Notes, Studio Consulting and free entry to the Winter contest for just $229!

Of course, whenever you submit a script for a consultancy or competition your script will be automatically entered into the Featured script of the Month - at no extra cost! Winners of the Featured Script of the Month receive free Judging Feedback, the same publicity we gave our Monthly contest winners, and free re-entry for a new draft of their script into whatever competition they're entered in - some bonus, don't you think?


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