Need Editing And Proofreading? We Can Help.

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Need Editing And Proofreading? We Can Help.

Postby JustEditing » Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:52 pm


I’m Justin and I run JustEditing Services!

You’re probably reading this because you need editing for your document. Maybe you just finished it and you need an editor not to just look it over, but to make your words stand out and make your book come to life.

It’s understandable!

We at JustEditing can do that. We help clients by making their words go from good to GREAT—and we can do that for YOURS!

We offer proofreading services to catch all your misspellings and grammar mistakes; line/copy editing to make your words shine and to convey your message; and developmental editing so your book will feel complete and be something your readers can read over and over again.

Working with us will not only help your document but will save you money! We offer 10% off any editing project—but if you talk to me today you can receive 15% off. Also, we’re the only editing company that offers a money back guarantee: if we don’t meet your deadline, your project is free.

I can prepare a short document for you with the details of our services.

Does this sound like something you are interested in? If so, email me a simple “yes” and I send it right over.

Email:(Redacted. Please contact the WD advertising department for all your advertising needs. Also, why would anyone use the services of an editor who doesn't catch four errors in this post? -pls.)

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