Self-Edit or Hire Professional editor?

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Re: Self-Edit or Hire Professional editor?

Postby plughmann » Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:58 pm

[quote="rawkinreads"]Hey guys, I am a writer of quite a few self-published books and I have a question.

Would you hire a professional editor for your self-published book (if so, what are you some low-cost options) or just do it yourself?

I am wondering if you think it is worth it or not?


Depends on your budget and your goals.
If you are serious and trying to make money I would hire an editor to line edit the final mss.
If you are not experienced then it would make sense to hire a development editor, else just diy.
Likewise hire an editor to polish the verbiage if you are not skilled, else diy.
Everybody needs that final independent edit no matter how good they are.

If you are not trying to make money then it depends what quality you want to have.
And how much do you want to spend. You can publish raw for free. You might publish okay if you have the skills.
But to look like a quality project you need at least the final copy edit. And if your skills are undeveloped you need higher levels too.

If you just want to publish what you wrote and dont care about how it looks then just send it to kindle and publish it there for free.


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