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technical writing problems

PostPosted: Sat May 20, 2017 10:58 am
by williamadams
Just bought several books to learn a couple new technical topics.

They are all a BIG FAIL.

Every one of them started talking about things they had not defined.
Which pretty much made what they said useles to me.

Push button < x > . Which one is that ? Where is it ?

The index only points to the page where you used it , but not where you defined it.

On screen < y > . How do you get to that screen ??

Tap symbol < z > . What symbol is that one ??

Sometimes they defined the item a couple chapters later.
Then you have to make your own glossary and re-read the entire book.

Sometimes they never tell you. If you are lucky the other books did.
If not then you find some kid who already knows.
How did they learn it ??

Otherwise you do without that feature until maybe some day you do something by accident and that magic screen appears!

Is it really intuitive to pinch shrink a specific display and expect to find a link to the widgets hidden there?
The book just say use the widget. Never told you where they were or how to get to them.

Do vendors not care about decent documentation any more? I guess so. Many don't provide any at all.
Their answer is that you can find it on utoob if you google your question.

How do you learn new tech topics when there is no decent documentation in writing ?