Repetition of Scenes/Words/Actions and Other

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Repetition of Scenes/Words/Actions and Other

Postby HawkEliz489 » Sun Jul 17, 2016 1:05 pm

Hey guys. I hope the title is not misleading.
I've come to face a new problem in my story and I need your opinions and advises.

So there is this thing in my story: my Main Character is used to transform into a monstrous creature every night. When she transforms for the first time, I provide as much detailed description as the scene requires.. anyway, you could still say that the first scene in which she goes under transformation is fully described and the reader gets the idea about what's happening. And now here is the problem I face: she is used to go under that transformation every night, and if I repeat the description of that process it'll be really stupid, and I'm sure you'll all agree it is unnecessary too.

And here is additional thing: Yes MC is used to turn into monster every night, but in my story there is a cure which prevents that Cycle to happen to her, and actually as the story progress she faces her doom only for several times - when conflict arises, and at the end when story reaches the climax). But even so, I'm wondering how should I deal with the scenes which repeat themselves? Should I limit myself with words, or should I use more synonyms? Should I show them from new perspectives? Any tips or advises? I hope it's not very confusing question.

P.S. Anyway, it's not a werewolf or vampire or Beauty and the Beast style story, even though it sounds like it from my basic description :D
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Re: Repetition of Scenes/Words/Actions and Other

Postby cynicalwanderer » Sun Jul 17, 2016 2:40 pm

After that first detailed "show", any subsequent transformations can be summarised briefly with an expository "tell". You might even perhaps use the second transformation as an opportunity to linger on MC's thoughts and feelings about it - her horror about what's happening to her - whereas the first scene may have shown the physical side.
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Re: Repetition of Scenes/Words/Actions and Other

Postby shadowwalker » Sun Jul 17, 2016 5:08 pm

Agree. Once the detailed description is there, there's no reason to repeat it unless you want to bore the readers. If there's something significantly different about a particular transformation, then describe that - but keep the focus on that difference.
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