eBook success: funding all my overseas adventures

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eBook success: funding all my overseas adventures

Postby jetsettingcopywriter » Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:37 pm

When I think about my successes as a writer, I guess a few moments stand out:

1. Writing a book called 'Attracting Frogs to Your Garden' (yes, believe it or not) in 1996 that has sold over 30,000 copies, made its way into Australian Geographic stores, helped me pay off a good chunk of my mortgage, earned a literary award (Best Book in the field of Practical Zoology) and got me 15 minutes of fame on a high-profile Aussie talk show.

2. Writing a book called 'Australian Bush Survival Skills', which led to me being invited on a free four-wheel drive expedition across major Australian deserts in 2001, which was filmed for The World Around Us TV program.

3.Opening my laptop one day while sitting on the shores of Lake Bled, Slovenia and receiving an email from a new client half a world away, which subsequently led to over $60,000 of writing work (that was just one of several clients I had at the time).

My favorite success of all is happening right now. My new eBook 'The Jet-setting Copywriter: How to Fund All Your Overseas Adventures through Freelance Writing', only came out in July but is already flying off the (digital) shelves. It seems to be striking a real cord with writers, travelers and aspiring digital nomads alike, so I'm very excited about how many people are loving it! It's pleasing to produce something that is making a difference in people's lives. And the best part is, I wrote most of it while hanging out in an AirBnB apartment in beautiful Cordoba, Argentina earlier this year, while simultaneously invoicing $6700 worth of writing work for clients (and my entire 5-week stay in Argentina only cost a little over $4000)!

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Re: eBook success: funding all my overseas adventures

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