Publications, Contest, Submissions

It's OK to brag here! In fact, we encourage it. Tell your fellow writers about your most recent sale, a new market you cracked, etc.
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Publications, Contest, Submissions

Postby OccasionalWriter » Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:39 pm

Ok... so I've spent years of my life trying to get published. I started writing novels when I was twelve years old, and I started writing query letters to agents when I was in my twenties. No one would accept my work. So then, in 2012, I self-published. The Heart Grows Stronger, by K. E. Ward, came out in paperback. Then, when I realized I didn't have enough money to self-publish again, I decided to hand over some of my other manuscripts to a free e-book website, and not get any royalties for them ( I did get some exposure. This year, I submitted a blank book/ journal idea to a publishing company via email, didn't get an acceptance, submitted my four children's stories to a children's book publisher, haven't gotten a response back yet, entered a poetry chapbook contest, (and I will hear back from them next month about whether I have won or not) and am about to submit a children's story to a Christian children's magazine, if only I can find a stamp. Needless to say, I do not support myself with writing, but I had just wanted to share my talent and the beautiful creations I have made with the world. My mother is also a published author under the name of E. L. Ward, and she is a poet. I have a Word Press author page. I feel very good about myself today. I am very proud of myself for the work I have done. Who knows where all this will lead.

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Re: Publications, Contest, Submissions

Postby pls » Fri Dec 04, 2015 8:49 pm

Your rejection rate sounds about like what the rest of us have experienced. Since I'm an old codger, I gave up on querying agents and self-published, for free, on Amazon, Smashwords, et al. I'm not getting rich either (unless royalties about equal to the cost of a Happy Meal equal rich), but my stuff is out there.
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