You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

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You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

Postby Brian » Tue Mar 15, 2011 6:30 am

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You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

Postby Brian » Tue Mar 15, 2011 6:30 am

You always look out the dark windows and wonder if something is out there. One night when you look, a small face with bright eyes appears at the window. Write about what you do, who/what it is, and why they are there.

You can post your response (750 words or fewer) here.

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RE: You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

Postby ewesleyx80 » Tue Mar 15, 2011 1:51 pm

The thunder outside made me jump; damned near spilled my beer. It was late. Being on vacation tends to rob me of sleep. Having no obligation to hit the sack to rest up for the stresses of work the next day had me watching Netflix most of the night. I looked outside the bay window in the family room across the foyer. Hibiscus trees flanked the outside, framing in the flashing vista of the woods beyond. I often find myself staring out of that window at night, wondering what could be out there. Of course, it was nothing but deer and rabbits, with the latter checking to be sure that no human was going to interrupt their feast of planted landscaping. Little bastards.
I adjust myself on the couch, turned up the TV to get the gist of what was happening on the screen. The lightening flashed every few minutes accented by crisp reports of thunder. The rain hadn't begun to fall yet. It was late August, and the humid heat was usually enough to bring about a sound and light show every evening. I can hear wind picking up; I hope it wasn't the beginning of a microburst. I had to have my roof repaired after the last one.
In spite of Jet Li flipping and kicking the crap out of some poor dude, I keep peering out that big old bay window. Galaxie Windows, 399.99 before the labor and tax. I dropped a pretty penny just to get spooked by a panorama of nighttime. Ha.

Taking a sip from my Coors Light, I glanced at the TV as Jet broke the same dude's arm. Damn, that looked painful. Back to the window I go. I clench my teeth and my gut knotted up.

Something there. Not a Hibiscus either.

I sit up, placed the beer on the coffee table. Jet Li was playing a deep role in The Warlords, but the window had my complete attention though. I thought that maybe the lightening was tricking me; a way the shadows played on the glass in those brief seconds before the darkness returned. When the lightening flashed once more, I saw it. I could feel sweat on my forehead as I could see its eyes even as the world beyond darkened. They shimmered with some aura. I thought that it was from the light in here, but it wasn't glare making those eyes shimmer like that. Damned eerie, eldritch. Whatever it was, it was small; it was barely visible over the sill. I could see its fingers pressed hard on the bottom of the sill, it was hoisting itself up to see in. What I could see in those flashes of light made me get up and reach for the phone to call the police. I wasn't going to be one of folks who just had to go see first hand what unholy thing was in the dark. Not me, man. This story ends here. Police comes, arrests Mr. Imp from the Netherworld, and I continue getting drunk. The end.

An Imp. I remembered seeing pictures of Imps from medieval literature. No sooner than I turned the phone on to call, I cussed. Phone's dead...from the lightening, I hope. I don't have guns, unless the old light gun from the 8 bit Nintendo I still have counts. Yeah, right. I go to the kitchen, grab a knife.

The Thing in the Window was still watching. I cursed myself for owning a house with an open floor plan. I wasn't taking my eyes off those spooky orbs for one second. The moment it made a move towards the doors, I'm out of here. A fine time to be Agnostic, too.
"Better beat it," I called out to it. "Don't make me dice your ass!"

Mr. Imp just stared that eldritch stare. Then it bobbed its head, and I jumped. It fell aside and a blonde woman stood up, she was laughing. She tossed the doll or whatever toy it was to the ground.

My silly girlfriend.

"Sandy, you ass," I yelled, laughing, "you're fired!"

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RE: You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

Postby Bellaisthename » Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:57 pm

This would be my first day after moving in. That's the way I tried to look at it- I'd moved in. Actually I'd been forced here by that god damn judge. She'd played so nice, treating me with such care, asking me stupid questions like "What's your favorite color?" To her, my mother was "better suited to care for me" than my father.
They'd just gotten divorced, my parents. My dad had caught my mom cheating on him with his brother. Classic story, right? Well, since my dad "couldn't be trusted" becuase of his recent DUI, the judge said my mom got full custody of me.
"Hey b****! Get your crap and go down to the basement! And grab me a beer you waste of space!" Ahhhh Chase. My mom's new boyfriends was such a charmer.
"Why do I need to go to the basement?" I asked, grabbing a beer out of the fridge and giving it to Chase.
"'Cause, that's where you'll be living from now on. We'll give you food and water, there's a bathroom down there, and a shower. It's like a small home. We won't have to talk to eachother but you can't come out. No school, no phone, no computer." my mom said, pushing me towards the door.
"W-what?" I said, shocked. "This is a joke right? That's child abuse!"
"Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?" Chase said, shoving me into the pit of a basement and locking the door.
It's been a couple days. I keep finding new things in here, an old radio, a crappy old black and white tv. I have to hide them though, otherwise Chase and mom will take them away. I'm being fed well, I guess it's not that bad.
Who the hell am I kidding? This is horrible! I just don't cry anymore- becuase I know nobody can hear me scream down here.
Every day I become more and more like an animal. The TV broke, so I don't even know what day it is anymore. I found something though- a tiny slit of a window in the back corner of the room. It offers a view of empty darkness- I guess its night time. I've stared out it nonstop for the past week.
Someone knocked on the window. It was pouring rain outside and I could almost taste the darkness outside. It was intoxicating. Then, I heard footsteps.
Desperate, I banged on the window, screaming at the top of my lungs. The footsteps faded and I felt a lump in my throat.
No reply. I sank down the wall, my nails digging into the concrete. Then- a tap.
I jumped backwards- a pair of blue eyes stared out of the blackness and into my room. They were slitted, like they were glaring. A face took shape. Frowning lips, sharp and angry features. Oh my god. Dad.
The eyes widened.
"Help me! HELP ME PLEASE!"
"Stand back!"
CRASH! The glass shattered and hands reached through. I grabbed them and let myself be pulled up and into the arms of the man before me. He rubbed my head.
That was my mother's voice. Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no.
"What the hell?" she said- then looked from me to Dad.
"Megan we can work this out." my dad pleaded as Mom approached with a knife.
She plunged it deep into his back and twisted it. He screamed and fell to the floor, lifeless.
"DAD!" I yelled.
"That's what you get." my mom said, admiring her handywork.
I ran up and punched her. I grabbed the knife and stabbed her as many times as I could until she stopped moving. Then I went inside and did the same to Chase who had been sleeping on the couch. I let the rain wash the blood off my hands but held the knife close. I didn't even try to run when the cops came.
I'm sitting in a jail cell. Prison. One window lets a miniscule amount of light into my room. Sometimes I peer out that window into dark nights and smile. Red. Red is my favorite color.

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Re: You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

Postby Tawmas » Thu Mar 17, 2011 8:38 am

I was in my room when I first saw it. I had turned my lamp off and laid my glasses by the bedside table ready to end another long night of browsing the web for anything to do with extraterrestrials, smutty spam, and the latest in video games. Actually by that time it was already morning. I could see onto the fog covered street outside through the huge double window that covered a third of the wall in my bedroom. My neighbor, Tommy, had been home from his shift at the plant for about thirty minutes and was taking out the trash.

My eyes started to droop and sleep finally began to work its spell on me when I noticed a pale grey face staring at me from the corner of my window. This was nothing new, as my eyes are always playing tricks on me, but it was the eyes of this face that shook me. They were large orbs of pale blue light barely bright enough to illume a small closet. After staring at its eyes for about thirty seconds I rubbed my own just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things again. When I looked back, the being had turned and was moving towards the trash bin where Tom was still standing. He could see it too.

As it glided across the lawn closer to Tom, it grew taller and thinner as if being stretched. As it came face to face with him, that pale blue light reflected in his eyes. They stared at each other for minutes. Tom’s expressionless face changed very little, but I soon realized they were communicating. The tall being lifted its arm and pointed a scrawny finger into the sky. A comet with a long pale blue tail suddenly shot across the face of the moon and began to curve towards the earth. As it drew closer everything began to grey, everything but Tom and the tall being. There was no sound as the comet made its way towards the spot they were standing; Tom never moved and never looked away. The air itself seemed to stand still. The giant rock ended its journey right in front of the tall being. It was frozen in place, but the grey-blue flames covering it continued to lick and wave. Tom looked back into those eyes of pale blue light and nodded. He turned and walked through the side of the comet as the flames engulfed him. The tall being took a step toward the rock, then turned back to me. I was staring once again into the orbs of light that had shaken me in the first place. The light grew brighter, more intense, and I realized I could see into those eyes. I saw things I had never seen before and can’t explain now. Then there was a flash of that pale blue light and the rock was gone. The color had returned and time was moving once again. On the horizon a blue trail began to fade as the sun rose into the sky.

That was three weeks ago. I knew I had to blog this, but who would believe me? Tommy’s family doesn’t even remember him. None of the neighborhood does. It’s as if he never existed, but I remember him. I remember the tall being and everything that happened that night. I know Tom is still out there.

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Re: You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

Postby gabzgrl » Thu Mar 17, 2011 3:41 pm

I'd seen him before. This time, I was sure he was seeking me. Glowing eyes of red were enveloped in a fuzzy darkness. So I grabbed a flashlight, unsheathed my dagger, and headed out into the deep and wild night-time. I slowly crept along-side the edge of the cabin, only guided by my flashlight. The darkness seemed so much denser than usual, and then I heard a squeel. Quickly, I aimed my flashlight toward the source of the sound. I almost fumbled and dropped the flashlight. Before me was a hideous creepy thing. It was disfigured and completely alien to anything I'd ever seen. If I could give it a name, it would have been a Golem. His eyes bulged, and he shrieked again. I realized that my light was bothering it/him. I wasn't sure what to do, but I was almost overwhelmed with a mad curiosity about the strangest entity I had seen in my life-span.

Then I felt it, a low rippling as I lifted up. There was something large, and shadowy looming above me. I tried hard to regain my footing, but there was no footing beneath me. I was hovering above the pavement. I did all I could manage to do. I gave in to cowardice, and yelped that I was sorry. I turned the flashlight away from the Golem...but I did not fall to my feet, instead I was moved back and forth, almost as if by strings on a puppet. Something was taking hold of my senses as well, I was feeling sick to my stomach, feverish, and then there was this piercing shrill that seared my brain with electricity. I saw the world flip, reverse, and slide as I glided as if driven by a vampire toward this darkness...deeper and deeper away from my home. I slowly became overwhelmed with amnesia and drifted off.

When I came to, I was still nauseous. I could not sit up, as I was in mid-air hovering over some kind of beaming platform. That was when I saw them...humans---or seemed to be human. One took out a strange metal device and flashed a bright laser into my eyes....I looked around and I was alone in a walled room with no doors. I felt extremely claustrophobic. It felt like I was in there for years, immortal, unable to make out the reason for this isolation. I hungered not...I breathed not...I simply existed, as my mind dwindled before my eyes. Then there was a streak of light, I woke up with no recall of the cell, just a gnawing hunger in my stomach.

I searched through the fridge for a sandwhich, and then something seemed to pull me to look out the window. There, I saw a disc with circular beams hovering over the field. I didn't want to ask, I remembered....but I didn't care. I guess you could say I was "taken" what I saw.

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RE: You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

Postby Jadyx » Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:44 am

I felt a chill run down my spine. Motivated to find the cause, my eyes immediately shot towards that same window. And as i glared into the darkness of the glass, i saw something. it's eyes were glowing bright yellow, it's face was small and its smile was large. I glared closer, pretending that my fearless attitude was actually true. In the midst of my confusion, i pulled open the window and peered out into the darkness. Just as my vision started to adjust, the face was suddenly gone. my heart slowed it's beating, as i had maybe thought it was just an illusion. I started to close the window, when i had noticed something. Something bright. dull, but shimmering in a way that i almost knew it wasn't earthly. I started to see the ground, the grass, the trees, the sky. everything was blue, crystalline and shimmering. the air was warm, with a cold breeze. Something compelled me to climb out of the window, though it was probably my mind's curiosity. When i got out, i looked back at my house. The walls suddenly were swallowed by an overwhelming amount of blue vines. And as soon as it had begun, my house was gone. The vines that had swallowed my house had moved back into the ground, revealing an empty, lonely space where my house used to be. I bent down and felt the ground, it was as smooth as a baby kitten's fur. I looked around at the blue glittering atmosphere. It was beautiful. The chills in my heart were no match for my disappearing house, so I sighed and started to walk further. The air smelled of cool, crisp nature, and the temperature was as pleasant as you could imagine. Just as i had started to walk, the face that had first appeared outside my window stood right in front of me. It was nothing. What was it? what is this? My heart started to pick up the pace once again and my mind went blurry. the blue surreal world spiraled out of my sight and my vision shot to the view from my hospital bed. As i lay there panting, they came back. All those men in their stark white suits, approaching me. Another dose of sedation was injected into my veins. I saw evil in their gaze. My hands were still strapped down. They're going to kill me. I wanted them to kill me. I wish they would strip me of this pain and let me live in that blue world. I wish. I hope. I dream.

Kill me.

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RE: You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

Postby Gladys » Sat Mar 19, 2011 2:07 pm

So many nights I’ve stood looking out this dark window, wondering what or who is out there and if they are looking in at me. The light behind me shows my silhouette I’m sure. If there is anyone out there they can see me but I can’t see past my image on the glass. That of a scared thin young woman, wondering how I got to this despicable place.
During daylight hours the beach infront of the prison is busy with people and animals but at night I have no idea what is going on out there. The noise is terrifying. The banging, flashes of light and popping of what sounded like gun fire. The sound of running feet then nothing for a while then it starts all over again. It keeps me awake most of the night, when I’m not standing here trying to see through the darkness.
Tonight is no different, I stand at the window wondering, listening for it to begin. Suddenly I jump back, a pair of eyes stare back at me just on the other side of the window. I regain my balance and creep back to the window. Should I turn off the light? Should I call out for the guard? What should I do? I’ve never seen eyes looking back at me except my own.
I reach for the light switch but as I do there is a scratching sound on the window. I slither along the floor of the cell to the window and lift my head just high enough to see a small animal head with bright yellow eyes. The small dog seems to want in. How do I let this dog in? I can open the window but the bars. He is a small dog; could he fit through the bars?
I raise myself up and open the window. The next thing I know his shoulders are caught between two of the bars. I’m hoping he won’t bite me as I try to dislodge him and bring him in to my meager world. He is a tiny thing, just skin and bone. He could be a Chihuahua but I’m not sure as he is so emaciated. I have a little water left over from my dinner so I give it to him. He laps it up with relish and wags his tail. He looks at me wanting more but there is no more until and if more comes in the morning. He doesn’t look like one of the dogs who run on the beach during the day. Those dogs are big and well fed. Joining me didn’t increase his life expectancy. We both have to wait now for someone to bring us food and drink. But that is an animals lot, is it not?
I wish he could talk and tell me how he got to this isolated island but when he whimpers and barks I can’t understand him. I have to keep him quiet as my guards may take him away if they find out I had a companion. This is a solitary prison.

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RE: You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

Postby Neets » Sat Mar 19, 2011 4:04 pm

Bright eyes and an impish smile, my heart rate slowed from the vision of the face at my

darkened living room window to recognize the face a child looking into my home.

I approached the window and called to the girl who appeared to be eight or nine years old, "Are you alright,

what are you doing out this late at night?"

The girl had moved away from the glass when I began to speak, and was now a vague form in

the darkness. I went into the kitchen and brought back my flashlight beaming the light to the

spot where she was standing moments before, she had moved on, and unsettled, I decided to

shut the drapes and returned to watching my movie.

The bloodcurdling screams from Steven King's latest victim were doing nothing to calm me

down after the girl's appearance. I began to suspect that her effort to gain my attention

might have been a ruse to lure me outside where her adult accomplice could then murder me

with an ax. When a tapping on my window began, I jerked the drapes back, and screamed at

her, "If you need help, you need to tell me right now before I call the cops!" The girl laughed and moved again

into the darkness.

I snatched up the phone and dialed 911. "What is it you want?"

"What? I have a situation here, I need help!"

"No, what is it you have really wanted all of your life?"

"Who the hell is this?"

"I do know what it is you really want, I know you aren't happy sitting home alone night after night."

I recognized the voice of a girl, perhaps of an age of eight or nine years old.

"You worked so hard to put yourself through school, made yourself stay focused the whole

time, earned every degree you wanted, paid off every loan, made some money to grow old with, but you didn't

want to grow old with just your money did you?"

"What is this? Some kind of joke?"

"No joke, a do over."

"I don't know how you tapped into my phone line, but I do have a cell phone right here and I'm calling the


"Because the cops are the only ones you have to call. Don't you think anyone heard you, night after night,

praying for someone to love? Why did you pray the same prayer over again for so many years if you didn't

think anyone was listening?"

I could not answer her question.

"Come and look into my eyes, for I am you, and your prayer was heard."

I moved to the window and pulled back the drapes, and saw that yes she was the image of myself aged eight

or nine years old. I dropped the phone where I stood. She moved closer to my face and our eyes connected.

The only one I had to call had answered, the only one I had to love loved me back - and sent me a mulligan.

I had time for just one question as I felt my body losing its form, flowing into her eyes.

"So what do I do this time?"


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Re: You See a Face Through Your Dark Window - 3/15

Postby Gladys » Sun Mar 20, 2011 12:45 pm

Good story, and I love your cat and location.


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