Game Show Contestant - 6/22

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Game Show Contestant - 6/22

Postby Brian » Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:03 am

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Game Show Contestant - 6/22

Postby Brian » Thu Jun 17, 2010 11:03 am

You've been given an opportunity to be a contestant on your favorite game show. Write about your experience, your interaction with the host and how you made it to the final round with a chance to win. Also, end the piece with the line "And that's how I almost won (fill in the blank)."

You can post your response (750 words or fewer) here.

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RE: Game Show Contestant - 6/22

Postby closch » Tue Jun 22, 2010 3:07 pm

How hard could it be? I thought as I read over the announcement for upcoming Jeopardy try-outs. “Coming to your town,” it stated along with the dates and locations. A number to call for registration. I had spent countless nights watching that silly show, yelling out answers before the brainiacs even had a chance to hit their respective buzzers and phrase the answer in the form of a question.

I was successful. Airfare and hotel accommodations in hand I headed out to the Golden State to meet the famous Alex Trebek.

I was third to introduce myself on the show. The first contestant was a teacher from Idaho, she had three kids and a dog and loved cycling on the weekends. The second contestant was a Harvard rocket-scientisty something that enjoyed touring museums and reading history books. I said something about art galleries and archery and Alex asked me how often I competed and had I won any major completions lately. I responded saying “on occasion”, which seemed to satisfy everyone.

I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. I had thought this was going to be a whole lot easier than what it was turning out to be. Just talking to the great game show host made me quiver, not to mention the lights and cameras and studio audience staring at each of us, waiting to hear how brilliant we all were.

A quick break and then,

“Five, four, three, two, one.” The director said in a low voice. As soon as he hit one he pointed to Alex and we were on.

Don’t throw up, don’t throw up, don’t throw up, I repeated to myself over and over. Deep breath, eyes alert. Smile.

The categories came up. My smile widened. It couldn’t have been better. It only took me two right answers to get my momentum going. From then on there was no stopping me. I even scored big on the video daily double.
I made it to final jeopardy. First place. The final jeopardy category came up on the game board.

Holy Moly flashed through my brain before I could even stop to think. The perfect subject, one I was completely familiar with. I knew I could do this.

“Fade to black,” the director said, “Five minutes until air. A clock off to the side began counting down.

I was hoping that when the game began again they didn’t play that clicky little jingle that you hear on TV as the contestants are writing down what each hoped would be a dream come true; a chance at fame and fortune. That could be somewhat distracting while you are trying to come up with that million dollar answer so to speak. That sort of thing sticks in your head forever.

I made my wager, enough to certainly win, and wrote down my answer. I could feel myself vibrating I was so excited. I had this, I could feel it.

I had been practicing my winners smile for weeks. Looking in the mirror, tilting my head this way and that, working on the best angle for whatever camera was directed at me. Had to be prepared, after all, I did have a one in three chance of winning which was quickly increasing as far as I was concerned.

The teacher and the rocket scientist went first. Both got it right, as I then knew I had. As my answer was revealed and Alex said, “Correct,” I was just about to flash the well-practiced look when good old Alex added, “But you failed to phrase it in the form of a question.”

My winning smile froze into a grin that would have made The Joker proud. I know I swore, but to this day do not know if it was my inside voice or if they had to remove that lovely little phrase from the tape.

The parting gifts were nice.

And that’s how I almost won Jeopardy.

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Re: Game Show Contestant - 6/22

Postby Valley » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:21 am


My nerves were screaming at me. I had been selected as a contestant on"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" But I knew I could win on that show. After all, I watched that show and any trivia game show I could find. I was hooked on game shows. That had to be good practice. And I had grandkids in elementary and high school and a brother in college. They could help me practice. My confidence began to rise. I bought a copy of Ken Jennings' book to study. I survived on a diet of hot coffee, bologna sandwiches and trivia for the next few weeks.
The day befor being on the show my throat felt a little scratchy, but I chalked it up to sinus and allergy problems, lifelong nuisances for me. However, the next day I was having a lot of trouble communicating. I had laryngitis. About every other word or so actually was above a whisper. But hey, no prob! I could get through this. And with my super winnings I could go to a good allergy doctor. Ha, ha!
Meredith Vieira was charming and compassionate about my laryngitis. She was my favorite person on The View. During the first break she had her assistant prepare tea with honey and lemon for me, and told me about some of her problems with various health issues that had crept up on her just before she had to be on the air.
I sailed through the first few questions, then the harder questions caused me to use up all my Lifelines. I was beginniung to lose confidence. The pep talks I gave myself mentally didn't seem to be helping. I gave up in them, but I remembered what a friend had nick-named me because of my habit of not giving up on something I was trying to learn until I had exhausted every means of help. "Pit Bull, because you get hold of something and don't let go until there's nothing left for you to do," she'd said. I hung on to that and began to feel my confidence returning. Now I was up to the $500,000 question!
Phone-A-Friend had helped me get the $8000 question. Fifty-Fifty had helped me get the $16,000 question. And Ask The Audience had helped me get the $25,000 question. So there I was, all by my lonesome, facing the $500,000 question, with laryngitis, a tension headache and butterflies the size of cats in my stomach!
"Alright Brenda, are you ready for the $500,000 question and your chance to be a millionaire?" Meredith asked.
Visions of island vacations, professional chef cookware, a new car, all flashed through my mind. My husband was going to be so excited. I choked out a nervous, "Yes, I'm ready," I think the "I'm ready" was actually audible to the audience.
"Alright, here's the question. For $500,000 and a chance at the million dollar question, "Which of the following is a product name, (a)Alopecia, (b)Yum-o, (c)Scram or (d) Bazooka?"
Oh my, oh my, oh my. I couldn't believe it. I knew this answer. I was going to get a shot at the million dollar question. This was too easy! I croaked out, "Yum-o, final answer."
Meredith looked stunned and I heard the audience groan. "I'm sorry Brenda, that is not correct."
I protested, "Wait a minute, that is correct. Yum-o, Rachael Ray..."
Meredith gently took my hand and said, "Brenda, the question was which of these is a product name. Yum-o is Rachael Ray's signature expression, alopecia is a form of baldness, scram is an expression, but they are not products. The correct answer is Bazooka, the bubble gum brand. I'm so sorry Brenda.
And that's how I almost won a crack at the million dollar question.

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Re: Game Show Contestant - 6/22

Postby mammamia1803 » Sat Jul 17, 2010 6:29 am

"Lily Forbes."

I widened my eyes and curled my lips. I was leaving? What, was my performance not good enough? I tried to convince myself all was still well, but it really wasn't. I had been having so much fun, but I could no longer be a part of the insane excitement that was American Idol. They asked me to sing for one last time. I reluctantly did. It was all really a blur. Not that I was suprised (I'm not that stuck up), but I was so depressed.


I thought it was fate, but as I look back on those few precious moments, it was probably luck.

Ryan had parked right next to me.

I thought that I'd never see him again after I left the auditorium (that parking lot is monstrous), but apparently, I was wrong.

I wanted to give him my last goodbyes. I wanted to shout out his name to grab his attention. But I didn't. I just stood like an idiot in front of my car, watching him clamber into his. He turned the key in the ignition. he hesitated at shutting his car door, though. Instead, he casually got out of his car and stood as I did, us both staring at eachother.

And then he did something absolutely shocking.

He grabbed my shoulders and pressed his lips to mine.

I savored those few mintues (that's right, minutes!) in which he had kissed me. I had wrapped my arms lazily around his neck and took it all in. Ryan Seacreast had really done it! He had kissed me! Of course, he eventually stopped. We stared at eachother for a while.

"Okay, this is really cheesy," I admitted after a few minutes of staring. "What's going on?"

Ryan looked at his feet.

"If that was cheesy, then I don't know what you're going to think about this, but I really like you. I mean, a lot. Ever since I first saw you, and--" i cut him off with a peck on the cheek, our arms still around eachother. I slipped him my phone number, shortly before he gave me his.

"Just don't share it with anyone. I don't want any maniacs calling me. You know they will." He laughed. Before I climbed into my care, I mentioned how he had nice teeth. He laughed. If this is what it's like to be voted off American Idol, then I love it!

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RE: Game Show Contestant - 6/22

Postby t-sizzles » Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:16 am

Don't Forget the Lyrics!

I could not believe my eyes. I was chosen as a contestant on one of my favourite shows! As I walked to center stage I almost tripped a few times because I was focusing on the appearance of the room! It feels completely different from watching cameras circulate the room. I was excited and anxious at the same time!

"Here's your host Wayne Brady". I had only one goal in mind. "Do you think you can win the million dollars?" asked Wayne, "Yes, definitley" I replied with a confident tone and look. After he explained the rules and how the backups worked, I was on to the first category. I chose "pop songs" and the choices were "Rose Royce-Car Wash" and "Rick James-Superfreak". I picked superfreak and had to fill three missing words. Did that with ease.

R&B and Rock were two other categories I chose and I managed to fill in the five missing lyrics for both. I was on a roll! I was glad that I hadn't used any backups yet. The next two Love songs and Country were a little difficult but I wasn't tempted to use any backups. When I made it halfway my heart was racing. To my surprise the next four categories were fairly simple. I was in shock to think that I made it this far.

At this point Wayne asked me, "You can either carry on to the million dollar song or go home with $500 000. Your choice." I decided to go and take my chances with the million dollar song! My backups were gone except for my good friend Lisa. The song displayed was "I Can't Explain" by The Who's. I needed to fill in seven missing words. I asked Lisa to help but she only knew one word and couldn't figure out the rest. I wished at that moment that my other backups were still around. I guessed the missing words as best as I could but unfortunately they were wrong. I was that close to winning a million dollars. And that's how I almost won Don't forget the Lyrics.

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RE: Game Show Contestant - 6/22

Postby WRV3 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:50 am

The commercial break ended. I jumped a little when the theme music blared over the speakers. The audience applauded before going completely silent. The lights went out. The only people visible now were me in the hot seat, and Meredith sitting across from me.

My heart was racing. I had just gone through the commercial break from hell; waiting to find out if I had made the right choice.

Meredith looked into the camera and said…

“Welcome back to ‘Who Wants to be A Millionaire.’ Just before the break, Gill Radcliffe from Reeves, Ohio had won $250,000, and said ‘final answer’ to a question worth $500,000.”

“This was the question:”

A drumroll started as she read:

“Which of these names has belonged to more than one British monarch?”
A. John
B. Stephen
C. Anne
D. Mary”

“Gill used his final lifeline, ‘Phone A Friend,’ and was told by his aunt, Donna, that she was almost positive the right answer was ‘Mary.’ After much deliberation, he decided to go with his aunt’s guess, and knowing he would lose $218, 000 if he was wrong, he said ‘D. Mary,’ and made it his final answer.”

Meredith went silent. My heart was ready to explode. A downpour of sweat was coming from my forehead. Then Meredith said:

“Gill, give me your check for $250,000”

My heart sank. I pulled out of my pocket the check she gave me after the previous question, for the amount of money I no longer had.

She took it and said “You no longer have that.” She ripped it to shreds, and threw the pieces to the side. She paused for a moment before declaring:

“You’ve just won $500,000!”

I threw up my arms in victory. The audience cheered and applauded. Meredith got out of her seat and hugged me. I wanted to strangle her for keeping me in suspense like that, but hugged her back anyway.

Everyone eventually settled back down. Meredith showed me a new check, in my name, for a half-million dollars. I was ecstatic.

But I wasn’t done yet. Meredith explained to me:

“You’re one question away from becoming a millionaire. You have no lifelines left, so you’re on your own for this one. If you give me the right answer, you’ll win a million dollars. If you’re wrong, you still have $32,000, but you lose $468,000.”

I cringed at that idea.

“Here it is Gill,” Meredith continued, “The final question.”

The question and answers appeared on my screen as Meredith read them out loud:

“Who was the first woman to receive an Academy Award nomination for Best Director?
A: Lina Wertmuller
B: Cleo Madison
C: Mary Pickford
D: Jane Campion”

Movies were my favorite subject. As soon as Meredith finished reading, an answer popped into my head:

A: Lina Wertmuller

She directed “Seven Beauties” in the ‘70s, and earned a Director nomination. I knew that Campion had directed The Piano, but that was in ’93. Pickford was a producer, not a director. I had never heard of Madison before. After thinking for a moment, I told Meredith:

“I think I know it.”

I heard gasps from the audience. When Meredith asked me what I thought it was, I told her “A” and explained my reasoning. I was sure it was the right answer.

Meredith asked, “Do you want to go with ‘A’?”

“Yes,” I replied.

Then Meredith asked:

“Final Answer?”

I opened my mouth. I was about to win a million dollars! I was going to say ‘final…’

...then I stopped. My mouth was stuck open.

I thought to myself:

“What if you’re wrong? You’ve never heard of Madison before. What that’s right?”

“College loans, your mortgage, your debt. You can pay for that now! What if you lose that money?”

After debating with myself, I changed my mind. I told Meredith I wasn’t sure enough, and wanted to stop.

She asked “Final Answer?” once more, and I said yes without hesitating.

The game ended, the audience applauded, and Meredith gave me a check for $500,000.

Before leaving the stage Meredith asked me if I still would have gone with “A”. I told her yes.

Meredith said, “If you had answered ‘A: Lina Wertmuller,’ you’d no longer have a half-million dollars…

…because I’d be handing you a check for one million dollars.”

The audience groaned with disappointment. I did too.

“Oh, well.” I thought.

And that’s how I almost won “Who Wants to be a Millionaire.”
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Re: Game Show Contestant - 6/22

Postby jagrova » Tue May 31, 2011 4:32 pm

It was Judith's idea to get tickets for the Price is Right. Being her birthday she got to choose the adventure we would have. We were settled in our seats with our pads of paper and pencils ready to keep track of our bids to compare our bids with the actual contestants just like we do at home when I hear my name called. Judith was so excited she clamped down on my arm with a death grip while screeching "Go up." It took some effort prying Judith's talons loose so I could run down front and take my place.

Drew Carey showed us the first item up for bid, a watch I think. Everything was kind of a blur. I turned and looked at Judith because I couldn't think but she was still screeching "Go up." Drew got to me. Some dollar amount came out of my mouth, I don't even remember what it was but I didn't win.

Item after item came up for bid with someone else on contestant row bidding closer than I did. One time Robby, the one to bid after me, bid one dollar more than I had and was the winner. Finally, it was the last item of the day. The last chance I had to get on that stage. I was going to be the last one to bid on this item. Drew pointed out I was the only remaining contestant from the first group to remain on contestant row. I just smiled knowing in my gut the other contestants had all overbid. I smiled as I told Drew my bid of one dollar. Drew announced the price and everyone but me had overbid. I charged the stage ready to show Drew just what I could do.

Once I was face-to-face with Drew I started crying. Drew gave me a hug while he said he was glad I was able to escape contestant row. I babbled something about loving him as the host of the Price is Right at least I think that's what I said. He smiled and thanked me before directing me to my game.

My game turned out to be the Cliff Hanger or what I like to call the Mountain Climber game. You know the one where the guy climbs the mountain taking a step for every dollar you are off in the price of something. I just love watching that little guy climb the mountain. I used sixteen steps on the first two items leaving me nine for the third item. I had my confidence back but would you believe I came within one step of going off the mountain? Talk about a cliffhanger.

No sooner had I won my game then it was time to spin the wheel to see who would be in the final showcase. I spun second since the trip I won wasn't worth the same as the car that had been won. They guy who spun first didn't win his game. The first guy spun 75 cents on his first spin and stayed at that. I spun 80 cents on my first spin and decided to stay at that. The third guy spun 60 cents on his first spin and almost landed on 25 cents on his second but he had a little too much heat on the wheel and went one space too far.

In the final showcase game I had to wait for Bob to either bid on the first showcase or give it to me. Bob decided to bid since it contained a trip to Paris and his wife has always wanted to go to Paris. The second showcase featured a brand new car. I was trying to stay calm and run the figures in my head but it was hard to concentrate on the items knowing I had a chance to win. I told Drew my bid.

Bob underbid his showcase by something like $1500 so I'm thinking I've got a shot. I have that tingling feeling I'm close to the actual price the same feeling I get when I'm playing at home. Drew reads the actual price of my showcase and would you believe I'm only off by $2. Unfortunately, I'm $2 over in my bid and that's how I almost won a brand new car.

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