Stop That Wedding - 5/25

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RE: Stop That Wedding - 5/25

Postby t-sizzles » Thu Jul 22, 2010 10:18 pm

"Don't say yes!", I screamed almost in desparation, as if it was about to be the end of the world. In fact, it was. It was going to be the end of My world had I not had my one and only, ever so special June.

After I stormed in a little wet from the drizzle, the whole room stood up swiftly in shock. Panting And nearly out of breath I continued, "Don't...say...yes. It's not the right time, the right place, and after you hear everything I have to say, you'll realize that he's also not the right person." I had a lot of guts coming up with something like that! I had no idea what was coming to me as my words were responded by silence.

I waited for her to say anything that she felt at the spur of the moment but it seemed like she was willing to hear me out. "Yes!", I thought, I managed to get her attention. Now comes the hard part. Without further to do, I began:

"June, remember those nights we spent at the beach only on special ocassions or holidays? You said you loved the peaceful surroundings and hoped that one day if there was ever a chance that if you meant anything to anyone out there, you would whisper part of your heart to them. You would give them the rest once you knew you felt the exact same way. You would do it if you were certain beyond the shadow of doubt that you were spending the rest of your life with them.

I know not being there for you hurt you. Trust me. It hurt me more than you'll ever know. If there is even the smallest chance of you considering forgiving me, in my last moment and opportunity to win your heart back-for part of it is still with me-this is what I'm going to say". As the tears fell I could only imagine that she knew what I was about to do. At this point I could only hope for the best:

In winters cold and harsh nights
Without a sign of joy in sight
A spark of hope may be just right
To shine the light of love so bright

June, losing you was so painful that I wrote a part of my heart with the hope that when we saw each other again, our hearts would merge and we would be one". Knowing that she probably wrote that poem to her fiancè I wanted to seal the deal with mine. Here were my last words:

The illumination of peace in spring
Comes and glows on everything
Love's radiance of hope can show
Winter's darkness has no hold.

"You...words (sniff)", she said, wiping her tears. "Complete my heart". Everyone applauded my successful attempt win June back. I knew was her favourite season. But she lights up the darkness of loneliness in my world with her gleeful and joyful company.

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Re: Stop That Wedding - 5/25

Postby lbooks93 » Fri Jul 23, 2010 4:15 pm

“Don’t say yes!”

I pause for a moment, realizing that these words did not, actually, come from my own lips. I’m the one standing in the middle of the ceremony, all eyes on me, and yet I said nothing. Hundreds of sets of eyes begin to search for the speaker, as their owners come to recognize this fact as well.

And then I realize who it was. The best man, John White, the best friend of the man I love, cried out these words. John glances down at me, and then looks back at the up until recently happy couple.

“Vanessa,” he starts, “you can’t do this. Rick is not the man for you. He’s-“

“For me,” I suddenly bust in. I hadn’t turned up for nothing, after all.

“Rick, this is not the right choice for you to make. Never in a million years would I imagine you getting married. Never in a billion would I imagine it being someone other than me,” I sigh and lose my nerve for a moment, but then find a way to bust back in, “This isn’t you. You aren’t supposed to do this.”

“And you’re supposed to be with me.”

Momentarily startled by these words, I soon realize this is John speaking to Vanessa.

“Vanessa, I love you. I told you just last night when we were together, and even then you were unsure about today. Why are you still here now?”

Vanessa and Rick glanced wearily at one another, unsure of what to say.

“I think it’s time for a short recess, eh?” Vanessa’s father, Ben, suddenly cries out, clearly afraid of the route this conversation will take.

“I-I think I’d like that,” Rick quietly responds, making eye contact with only me. Maybe he won’t take me back today, but at least I know he won’t be with her.

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Re: Stop That Wedding - 5/25

Postby reporternomore » Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:01 pm

"Don't say yes. Don't say yes." Those three little words swirled like a tornado dancing through a cornfield in the Midwest on a late spring afternoon. Catherine glanced up at the minister and back to her fiance, Kyle, and looked down at her white satin shoes. The words continued to swirl and spilled out from her lips, cascading over the coral pink roses and into the air.
The minister looked at Catherine with a curious expression. "Do you wish to continue?" he asked, placing his finger over the printed words of the ceremony in his bible. She stared at him, unable to speak, and handed her bouquet to her maid of honor. "What's going on?" Tanya asked as she grabbed the bouquet. Catherine started to shake and turned toward Kyle. For the first time in her life, the gregarious brunette stumbled over her words. She couldn't continue with the wedding. Feelings she had locked away returned. This scene wasn't right, but she didn't know why.
"Kyle, I ..."
"Don't say yes," a baritone voice thundered from the back of the church. A man, tall enough to play forward in the NBA, strode down the blue-carpeted aisle. The minister looked at Catherine and Kyle and then at the tuxedo-clad man jogging toward him.
Catherine turned to see Jaxon approaching the alter. Her high school sweetheart, the boy almost next door, her first love. "What in the world are you doing here?" she asked. "And why are you wearing a tuxedo? Not just a tuxedo, but the same tuxedo as Kyle with a flower that matched her bouquet pinned to his lapel.
"When I read your engagement announcement in the newspaper six months ago, I decided to go ahead and get married myself," Jaxon said, grabbing Catherine's hands. "I had been dating a girl casually for a few months, but when I saw the announcement, I knew that we'd never get back together. You had moved on."
Catherine stared and stumbled toward him. "We broke up nine years ago. Nine years ago. You told me at the time that if you ever dated anyone again, you would find me. You never did. I waited. I dated a few guys casually in college, just so I wouldn't have to attend sorority formal alone. But when I graduated and found a job, I gave up, moved on and saw a blurb in the paper that you had taken a police job in some small town seven hours away. What was I supposed to do?"
Jaxon grabbed her hands and drew her face into his hands. His fingers traced her laugh lines. "We used to have a lot of laughs together. We were happy, but I had to end the relationship because I knew I wanted to marry you one day, but I was scared and young, too young to even consider marriage," he said. "I watched you from a distance on campus and wanted to reach out to you, but I couldn't. My life was a mess, and I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. You seemed to have it all figured out, with a seven-year plan for college, Congressional internship, law school, and a federal court clerkship."
Catherine paused. "But I didn't have it figured out. I wanted a life with you and the fantabulous career," she stammered.
Jaxon had planned his own wedding ceremony for the same time and same day as Catherine's, trying to focus on his bride and not the bride standing in front of him now. "I didn't realize I continued to chase you, or the illusion of you, when I met Pamela. She looked so much like you, luxurious brown hair, hazel eyes, a year-round tan, and an hourglass figure. I tried to make her into another version of you, but ..."
The back door of the church opened, and Pamela, the spurned bride, walked toward Jaxon. Pamela took off her white gloves and handed him back his great-grandmother's ruby-and-diamond ring. "I think this would look better on Catherine's finger," Pamela said, bowing her head so that he wouldn't see the tears beginning to swell. "Once I realized that Catherine shared our wedding date, my heart started breaking. I knew you were only marrying me because you were too afraid to find her again. I want you to be happy, so please, give her the ring. Make it right."
Jaxon turned to Catherine, held her left hand in his and pulled her emerald-cut diamond ring off. "This doesn't look right on your finger, but this ruby ring does."
"I don't know," Catherine said. "I waited and wished for years that you'd walk back into my life, but not this way. It's a bit much to handle right now. I need time."
She turned toward the minister and Kyle, shook her head and walked toward her parents to ask them to cancel the wedding and send the guests away.
"But will you say yes?" Jaxon asked.
"I can't give you an answer right now," Catherine replied and started walking toward the back of the church, mascara staining her face and leaving zebra tracks on her gown.
"Please let it be yes when you decide," he muttered.

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RE: Stop That Wedding - 5/25

Postby AllAmy » Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:32 pm

"Don't say yes"

Her veil moves with my breath. It's a tiny whisper- almost a sigh. My eyes slide to the ancient preacher, still plodding ahead with a sort of snoring rhythm.

"Don't say yes"

The silk veil shudders again. I close my eyes- every curve of her back is burned into my brain leaving smoky memories of each tender moment we have stolen.

"Don't say yes"

Her veil tilts, ever so slightly dipping down her smooth shoulders. I think she heard me. My hands shake, it's almost too late. Opening my eyes I take a long deep breath, the smell of her strawberry shampoo racing through my veins.

"Don't say yes"

This time it's not a whisper. My breath- my pulse- stop. Slowly, as if she's wading through an ocean of water, she turns. Her veil lifts over her face revealing eyes awash in tears.


Her embrace knocks me back and lets me breath again. One kiss- chaste but forceful and suddenly I realize there's chaos exploding all around. Yelling- crying- Grandma Francis fainted. I may be the worst Maid of Honor in history- but she's worth it.

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RE: Stop That Wedding - 5/25

Postby OG_Simpson » Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:43 pm

"Don't Say Yes!", I screamed to my reflection in the mirror.
"It's too much", I sighed to myself.
I had been practicing this for about four weeks; ever since my ex-girl friend, Jenn, invited me to her wedding to my ex-best friend Mark. Pretty heartless right? You see, she figured that my friendship with the two of them would outweigh my pain and grief. Boy was she wrong. But my pain and grief had gone and in it's place was anger, and from this anger came a deep desire for revenge. And it was this desire for revenge that birthed Operation: Sabotage the Unholy Matrimony of the Two Biggest Back-Stabbers Ever.
The basis for this Operation was to ruin the parts of the wedding that each of them was looking forward to the most. For Jenn, that would be the actual ceremony, where all eyes would be on her, and her friends and family would see her complete a major milestone in her life. For Mark, it would be the Bachelor Party.
Phase One of the plan was to sabotage the Bachelor Party. I proceeded to do this by arriving to the party with the intent to make the night as memorable, for all the wrong reasons, for Mark as possible. I started by consuming as much of the nachos, pizza rolls, and buffalo wings as possible, and washing it down with a large share of the beer, in hopes of leaving Mark hungry, and with the most intense case of "cotton mouth" as humanly possible.
As these tasks were completed, I continued the plan by ruining the most anticipated event at the Bachelor Party; the arrival and dancing of the stripper. This was tricky, but I figured the best way to ruin this would be to insure that the stripper was either hideous, or a no-show. And since I did not hire the stripper, and kidnapping is illegal in fifty states, I figured the best I could do would be to vomit on the stripper; a small casualty in the war against Back Stabbers.
She left the hotel room before she could even start her "routine", and Mark was still obligated to pay her. It was a success. I had the worst hangover, and by far the worst case of diarrhea from the excess of mixed foods that I had consumed, but it was worth it. Later that night, I sat on the toilet triumphantly like a Porcelain Emperor.
“Don’t Say Yes!”, I screamed to my reflection in the mirror.
“ I’m ready”, I thought to myself.
I threw on my rented tuxedo and shiny shoes, and walked out of the door. As I drove, I sat in my seat in deep focus, like Kobe Bryant at the free throw line, listening to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”. I knew what I had to do. The time was coming to ruin the wedding and get my revenge on the two that had broken my heart. I was ready, and filled with a fiery nervousness that could only be settled by the looks of shock and awe on the faces of Jenn, Mark, and the wedding guests as I interrupted the ceremony that they had all so eagerly looked forward to…
…As we all sat in our seats looking at Mark and Jenn express their everlasting love to each other, I realized that the time was coming to complete the sabotage. Just as the priest ushered Jenn through her vows, I jumped up and shouted, “DON’T SAY YES!”
Everything stopped, and all eyes were on me. I froze. I had been planning this for weeks, and it just hit me that I hadn’t thought of what I would do after my outburst. I improvised.
“Mark has a foot fetish!” I yelled.
I suck at improvising.
But this provoked a response. Jenn immediately ran from the podium and into the bathroom, weeping as she ran past the confused guests.
“Success”, I thought, until I saw Mark storming towards me.
I guess the fact that Mark and I were friends clouded the reality that Mark was 6-foot-four. He was a big guy, and I realized that I had never realized his size because I had never before been approached by the challenge of an actual physical altercation with him.
“You jealous idiot!”, he yelled as he punched me square in the chest.
The force from the blow took all of my wind, and I think my shoulders clapped.
When I came to, my torso was in a cast, and I was in the hospital.
I take it I lost this round.

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Re: Stop That Wedding - 5/25

Postby Sabs16 » Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:08 am

“Don’t say yes!” I cried, flinging myself into the room recklessly. I really should have thought this through. What point were they even at in the wedding? The vows? Oh, that’d be awkward. Then again, interrupting the wedding was awkward in itself. But that didn’t matter. I wasn’t going to let him get married to her! Some ridiculously slutty heir to some equally silly company.
The room, originally resounding with softened chatter and hushes pleasantries – formal affair indeed- went silent upon my announcement. I slowed to a halt as I stumbled my way into the grandeur wedding hall. I could feel eyes on me from every direction and I felt my throat drying instantly. Of course, that is when my stage fright kicked in.
I knew why I was doing it, of course. I loved him, with every fiber of my being. It was my fault, for everything. He needed to know that. He needed to know that I was the sole reason I left without a word, he had nothing to do with it. More like, I needed to know that he knew. But did I really have to do it at his wedding? I supposed I was taking advice from my slightly theatrically grandmother.
“If you’re going to do something bold, make sure it’s as showy and dramatic as you can manage.” She would wheeze.
Well, grandma, this was it. I was interrupting someone’s wedding.
Someone coughed. Loudly and awkwardly. I blinked, bringing myself out of my own little moment and into the larger one. People were gathered in small groups, only a select few sitting. No Priest stood at the head of everyone, let alone a bride and groom.
I swallowed nervously. “The wedding – it hasn’t started yet, has it?”
I got response from the guests. Everyone continued staring at me like I was the newest attraction to some circus freak show. I was starting to feel like it too. My eyes darted between the bewildered faces nervously. Has it started? Yes? No? Could no one answer me? It would certainly have spared the tension filling the air at the moment.
“Who are you?” A voice I didn’t know called out.
My face, slowly burning up throughout this entire spectacle, burst into metaphorical flame. “I’ll, uh, just be leaving then. I might see you in a bit. Maybe” I backed out the door, keeping my face towards the crowd. The silence seemed to follow me out the door, as I made my way down the church steps. I could feel tears spilling out, regardless of if I wanted them to or not.
I was about to leave the area, gather my bearings and maybe decide to try again later, or try to find the groom now, when I caught sight of a man sitting on a bench along the pathway to the church. Slumped forward and radiating a glum air, I took a seat next to him.
It was Carter, of course, the man I loved and the man whose wedding I tried – and failed- to interrupt. He glanced at me, surprise registering on his face. “I suppose you’re here to confess your undying love for me and tell me not to marry Heidi?”
There was something in his voice I didn’t quite recognize. Bitterness? Sarcasm? I didn’t know.
“Something like that” I chuckled, keeping my eyes on the ground beneath me. Oh sure, I was prepared to scream at him across dozens of people, but when in a face-to-face situation, I was rendered totally useless.
“I suppose I should tell you that we called off the wedding.”
I felt my heart soar in my chest, but I tried to keep my expression solemn. “What? Why?”
“She slept with my brother. And my best man.”
I truthfully felt speechless; I was selfishly pleased. but I felt utterly devastated for his sake. There were no ‘right words’ for moments like these.
He rested his head against my shoulder wearily. “I feel like a Jerry Springer episode.”
I chuckled under my breath, “I’m sorry, Carter, I really am.”
He was silent for a moment. “Thank you. I just- I can’t believe it. Who would do that?”
Again, I remained silent. As was he, for a moment. Until he pulled back, and looked me in the eye. “Listen, I really don’t want to be here when everyone finds out – It’ll- it’ll hurt too much.”
I nodded, waiting for him to get to the point.
“Want to grab a coffee?”

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RE: Stop That Wedding - 5/25

Postby Thorn Angel » Sun Aug 15, 2010 4:36 am

Here is my story :)

“Don’t say yes!” I cried and ran into the church. The music stopped and all eyes looked toward me. I saw Eric and my eyes flooded. I took three steps forward and collapsed to my knees. Blood covered my shoe less feet. Eric left the alter and came running toward me. I saw my parents and cousin. Until this morning, everyone thought I was dead. “Hey.” I whispered, smiling at Eric. Concern and shock consumed his face. Dizziness took over, and I collapsed on top of Eric’s lap, unconscious.

All of this started because of Beth. If it weren’t for her it would have been me in that dress being kissed by Eric. She was the one that started our rivalry it in grade school. She hated me since I moved here and became friends with Eric. Three weeks ago, she tried to end my existence. Eric and I were standing by the trees talking like we used to.

“So, what are you doing with your life now a days Jess?” Eric asked with smiling eyes. I shrugged. There wasn’t much to do with college done.

“Buy a house I suppose. My job is going well so that’s good.” I glanced at Eric. There was something hiding in his eyes. A laugh was in that innocent smoky hazel. “I know you’re hiding something.” I flashed my crooked smile and he chuckled.

“You think through your busy schedule you could fit another wedding?” Eric asked, taking a sip of wine from his glass before setting it down. He knew I was a wedding planner for a part time job. Therefore, it was a stupid question and he knew it. I rolled my eyes. “I know someone whose going to need your expertise for their wedding.”

“Whoo hoo! More work!” I replied sarcastically. Eric smiled running his hand through his hair. “So what do they want for their wedding?” I asked, unprepared for the similarity to my own fantasy. When he was done, I stood in shock. Eric cupped his hand around my face, and kissed me. “Woah.” I whispered.

“Jessica Greyhen, will you marry me?” Eric asked opening a little box. My breath caught in my throat. I nodded in slow motion then frantically. My grin spread from ear to ear.

“Yes! Yes Eric Seckler!” I wrapped my arms around his neck and he twirled me in circles. We laughed together and I felt so much happiness that swallowed me up. I had been waiting for this moment for years.

“Listen, I have to go help Greg get everything put away before that storm hits.” He pointed to thick, black clouds swirling toward them. “But,” He leaned forward and brushed his lips against mine. “I’ll see you later.” He smiled and walked back to the people cleaning.

I smiled and felt like I could jump for joy. I began spinning in circles, until someone put their hand on my shoulder. I stopped and stared at the person who interrupted my little dance.

Beth stood there, obviously furious, her nostrils flared and she glared at me. I shrugged off her hand and stared back. I flipped back my hair and crossed my arms. She also crossed her arms and tapped her fingers impatiently.

“Do you need something?” I asked coldly. Honestly, I would have loved nothing more than to pick up something heavy and throw it at her head, hoping it might leave a mark, or even better, kill her.

“What was that all about?” She asked, her voice choked up and fury burning inside her. There was thunder crackling in the distance, and the wind picked up, blowing the flower petals past our feet.

“Oh that?” I smiled. “It was nothing.” I chuckled and Beth snorted.

“It wasn’t nothing. I’ve never seen you two do that unless it’s something exciting.” She stated in sharp words, her fingers tapping faster on her white skin.

“Oh, I have a great wedding to plan that’s all.” I smiled and flipped my bangs out of my face once more. “It’s going to be a beautiful celebra-”

“Who’s?” She asked, quickly cutting me off.

“Oh,” I lifted my eyes to the sky, enjoying every moment of torment this gave her. I slowly walked past her. When my face was close to her ear, I whispered. “Eric is getting married,” I heard her breath sharpen. “To me.”

The last thing I heard was her scream in rage, before I felt myself falling off the sea side cliff.

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RE: Stop That Wedding - 5/25

Postby OnyxLiar » Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:56 am

(440 words)


“Don’t say yes!” The doors hit the walls with a loud bang and she scrambled up the center row, tripping over the carpet that somehow wasn’t completely smooth, despite the otherwise dream wedding theme. She felt the eyes on her, like burning pinpricks and sweat bead at her forehead. She hiked her dress up above her ankles so she didn’t trip anymore and then she did. Trying to make it seem she did it on purpose she collapsed to her knees near the people standing at the front. Janie bowed her head and gasped in a couple of sharp breaths.

                “You can’t get married… You can’t do this to me…” Her voice came out choked and she hoped her desperation was enough. It was her last ditch effort. She was trying to keep the tears in, despite how tight and sore her chest felt. They looked beautiful. He in his dark tux, hair slicked back, gray eyes wide with curiosity and humor. She in her bright white dress, well aware of the irony, and long dark brown hair in tight curls, something Janie had never seen before, all the way to the curve of her lower back. Her blue eyes stared, shocked and embarrassed.

                Janie inched forward, a hand out, pleading. He smiled.

                “Well, I appreciate the offer, but I’m really not into you that way, Janie,” he laughed and Janie shot him a glare. He knew very well she wasn’t talking to him.

                “Not you,” she snapped. Locking eyes with the bride, Janie just stared-trying to make every churning emotion in her chest come through the small connection. Amy’s soft lips curved up, in that familiar way, and then she shook her head slightly. Janie’s face fell and her stomach clenched in expectation.

                “I’m not gay! God, Janie, get out of here!” The words hit her hard. She knew it wasn’t true, but hearing her say it… Someone grabbed her right arm near the shoulder and yanked her to her feet. She didn’t have to look to see it was Amy’s father. She felt pathetic. Janie stared at the bride with wounded eyes and Amy stared back at her-trying to mask the sadness, pleading with her not to continue. Why? Janie couldn’t understand why she would deny her when she so obviously didn’t want to. Amy’s father practically tossed her onto the hard stairs in the front of the church.

                “You’re disgusting! If I see you near my daughter again, I’m calling the cops. God help you,” he snarled and slammed the front door behind him. Laying back, Janie stared at the sky and finally allowed herself to cry.

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Re: Stop That Wedding - 5/25

Postby Kedame » Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:11 pm

"Dont say yes" I muttered to myself as i strode down the religious hallway. "no, maybe 'take me instead'". I was about to make a terrible mistake, but sometimes, a person has to make the mistake to belief in it.

one of my closest friends was getting married, i only hoped that i had not arrived as the wedding was starting. that would be super embarressing and i probably could not go through with what i needed to do.

I had been in love with her since junior year of high school, and we had been friends since seventh grade. and i had seen her in many relationships, been in several serious ones myself, but marriage had never been on the table before. i was so shocked when she told me i just automatically responded with a "congradulations".

she hadnt even asked me to be a brides maid . . .

Taking a deep breath outside the doors to the church, I attempted to draw about any buried courage i had, to tell the minister to hold off the cerimony for a few minutes. i opened the doors and recieved a dirty look from everyone in the space, including the bride and groom. great. not only was i about to ruin our friendship and her wedding day, i now had the opportunity to piss off everyone at once.

"Myra." that was all i could get out, i wasnt sure i could do this . . .
"since you are here you might was well sit". well, i thought, here goes, let me just set my soul on a platter.

I marched up the aisle with purpose, not seeing the flowers and assembly, eyes only for Myra. I stopped about a foot in front of the groom and bride.

"Heather, what are you-"
"Myrah." i took a breath. "i love you." after those three little words the rest came without obsticle, "i have for years now. maybe i always will, i dont know. but i had to tell you, even though you may not appriciate it, especially the time-" the groom, whose name i never found worthy to remember, started forwarrd. "Look," i said "i'm sure u're a great guy but dont you want to have her say no way to me herself, or else you'll never know?" i turned back to Myrah. "i did plan on telling you this a little differently, but this way everyone here knows what is going on. i know if i was them i would rather this . . . please baby," tears were filling her eyes, that had been locked on mine, "please dont get married."

she gasped a little, tears spilling over her cheecks. "how do you possibly expect me to respond to that?"

"i dont."

i turned and calmly walked down the aisle, ignoring all the stares of family members. i opened the back doors, and left the space of worship with my chin held high. I found santiuary in the hall. as soon as the door behind me shut, blocking me from everyone's view, i slid down to the floor, reaching for extra breath i should have no lack of.

then the doors opened again and i heard the buzz of voices beyond. it was the groom. he did not notice me, but sped past and out of the building. "well," i muttered to myself, "i did mention that i understood it was bad timing, and i should probably move now." i stood up and realized as i was still bent over that the hall was no longer empty.

Myrah just looked at me, makeup running down her face. she was still beautiful.

"sorry i made your groom run away." she actually smiled at my comment.
"dont be. he left because i told him that the only reason i was with him is, i mean was, because i thought that i couldnt have you." our eyes, like magnets, connected.

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Re: Stop That Wedding - 5/25

Postby Kedame » Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:16 pm

Onyxliar: nice!


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