Brotherly Love - 5/11

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RE: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby BonnyD » Mon May 17, 2010 8:37 am

He didn’t love her. He didn’t even like her. He just hated me.

In the movies, monsters are obvious and easy to hate. Real life monsters are far more difficult to spot. My big brother Ivan, Senior Class President, Captain of the Debate Team, All-American and two-time State Champion swimmer, hated me from the day I was born. I was small and sickly and required a lot of my parent’s attention. He couldn’t stand that and found ways to punish me for it. Little things, my parents wouldn’t tolerate anything more than that. He grew very sophisticated and subtle in his techniques. He actually seemed to enjoy my suffering and torment. When I found Erica, he found the perfect weapon to use against me.

She was so beautiful to me. Her chubby-cheeks always topped a big smile. Her green eyes twinkled with
mischief and her blonde curly hair bounced lightly around her shoulders. We hit it off instantly. I have never found anyone that I could so easily communicate and be myself with. Together, we were inseparable and unstoppable. With her, I found my confidence and learned to stand my ground with Ivan and the world. Ivan seemed to back off me, or so I thought. In reality he was just changing tactics, manufacturing an image so that he could more easily con and manipulate Erica.

I knew something was wrong with her. I just couldn’t figure out what it was. There was a growing distance between us and she would drift away in thought as we spoke. Her once bright eyes faded and that beautiful smile rarely lit up her face anymore. Her personality changed with her appearance, almost like she was possessed. I tried to get her to talk about what was wrong, but she wouldn’t say what it was. I thought she had some family problems and that they would pass. But they didn’t and things got worse between us. Though I still loved her, my heart grew hard. It was so obvious; I should have seen it coming.

The day of my 18th birthday party was a surprise. Ivan brought a date. A big, trashy slut he had found in his crawl bar. He sauntered around with her on his arm, showing her off. Erica looked as if she had been slapped. I suppose I did too. She went to him with tears in her eyes and said “Please, I love you. Don’t do this to me.” He just looked at her with contempt and then at me with a malicious smile and laughed as he shouted, “Happy Birthday, Bro!”

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Re: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby shelleigh9 » Mon May 17, 2010 2:51 pm



“What?” Peter threw his twin brother a bewildered look.

“Oh, I saw you staring at the pink tank-top and white short shorts.” His tone was taunting, daring Peter to act. Peter and Dave were identical twins but couldn’t be more different. Dave was bold and assertive. He was always ready to try new things, a real risk taker, he was never afraid to go up and talk to a pretty girl. Peter was the exact opposite. He hated taking risks and would never go up and talk to a pretty girl. He only tried new things if Dave did them first. That’s how he got the nickname “Re-Pete”.

“So!” Peter snorted back. He wasn’t in the mood for Dave’s teasing.

“I saw her too. I propose a game of H.O.R.S.E. to settle this. Whoever wins gets the girl.” He gave Peter a smile that said ‘You afraid I’ll win?’

“Oh, really?” Peter shot him a challenging look. Dave was better than Peter at a lot of things but basketball was one activity where they were equals. “It’s unlike you to give me a chance at a pretty girl!”

“I’m in a giving mood.” Dave rolled the ball between his hands and then twirled it on one finger. Showing off his skill with the ball.

“My lucky day.” Peter said as he knocked the ball from Dave’s hand.

“Only if you get lucky!” They chuckled at the double meaning behind his words. Peter knew that he maybe lucky enough to win the girl but he wasn’t that lucky.

Peter walk confidently to the foul line of the basketball court. He turned to Dave, “You go first” and he tossed him the ball.

“Cocky!” Dave said with a smile.

Dave started with easy lay-up shot with his non-dominate hand. Peter thought he was going easy on him. He gave Dave a curious glance, wondering what he was up to starting off so easy. Dave noticed and replied “Just warming up.” That was the end of the easy stuff.

With each turn, the brothers tried to out do one another. Shooting half-court, full-court, behind the backboard, lying down, eyes closed and backwards, anything to win.

Soon the game was tied, H.O.R.S to H.O.R.S. “The next one to miss loses the game and the girl.” Dave taunted. Peter didn’t need the reminder.

Peter lay on his back at the top of the key, facing the opposite hoop. With his arms over his head, he tossed the ball as hard as he could, SWOOSH! “Your turn.” He said with a ting of shock and anxiety in his voice.

Dave assumed the position and took aim. SWOOSH! Peter couldn’t believe he made it. He grabbed the ball and threw it hard at Dave.

Dave caught the ball with a huff. He took one last peek at the girl in pink. “This could be it, baby brother.”

“Baby brother?” Peter gave a sarcastic laugh. “By 4 minutes.”

“It doesn’t matter, you’re always second.” Dave smiled, enjoying how Peter squirmed as each word bit into his pride. Dave did a dance with the ball, weaving it in and out of his legs and finished with backwards lay-up.

Peter watched with a look of confusion on his face. Why would Dave do such an easy shot, NOW? Brushing it off, with a thankful nod, Peter began his dance. As he made his lay-up he had no fear that he wouldn’t make it. He landed his shot with a proud ‘take that’ smile. The ball ricocheted off the rim and bounced off the court.

“E” Dave said and threw his arms up in victory. Peter just stared at him with an annoyed and shocked expression on his face. “See, ya loser.” Dave said as he turned and started to walk toward the pink tank-top.

Peter watched him as Dave schmoozed the pink tank-top, observing his practiced player mannerisms. The girl laughed and tossed her hair flirtatiously at Dave's pathetic jokes.

Peter noticed a silver Audi dive in and park. A well dressed man in an expensive suit got out and started walking toward the newly formed couple. Even from a distance, the man gave off an aura of money and power. If the man wasn’t with the mob, Peter would be surprise. As he approached his carefree expression turned ominous. Dave quickly jumped to his feet and coward to the man, falling over himself apologizing.

As Dave retreated, Peter smiled to himself, “It is my lucky day after all.”

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RE: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby Candice7858 » Tue May 18, 2010 8:31 am

She wasn’t even pretty.

“Man, she’s not even your type,” said Troy’s best friend, Bo.

Troy laughed. “Have you seen that body? Tell me who wouldn’t wanna hit that?”

“Well … me for one. That’s Rick’s girl, you know dat.”

Troy laughed again, licking his lips slowly, savoring the taste of his brother’s futile desire. “She ain’t Ric’s girl … yet. He jus’ want ‘er to be.”

“Whatever, man. You know your brother’s totally into that girl, so why you wanna go mess things up for ‘im?”
Troy shrugged. “Why not? He messed stuff up for me enough times.”

Bo shook his head, giving up. He knew once Troy started going on about how Ric was their parents’ favorite because he was the first born and because their mother had almost lost him when the umbilical cord got wrapped around Ric’s neck during delivery, there was no reasoning with him.

And it was that train of thought that led Troy to devise a plan to steal the girl of his brother’s dreams.
Her name was Leonore, but everyone called her Leo. She had moved to town six months earlier, in the summer. Ric had fallen in love at first sight. He had been bagging groceries when Leo and her parents came through the line.

“Ouch,” he’d exclaimed as five cans of chicken noodle soup crashed into his idle hands, bruising the bananas still held in his grasp.

“Pay attention, Loverboy,” snapped the cashier, a leggy brunette with perfect teeth who refused to call him by name. “Anybody’d think you’ve never seen a girl before.”

Leo smiled kindly, then looked down at the skirt of her flower print dress. Her parents, who were helping her get settled in to her new apartment, were nonplussed, despite Ric’s movie star good looks and athletic physique. But Leo appeared to be impressed.

She applied for and got a job as a cashier at the grocery store, as much to get closer to Ric as to earn money for rent. A close friendship developed but Leo never seemed to fall for Ric the way other girls did. Troy, on the other hand, who was a little taller with a more wiry build, though equally attractive as Ric, had a completely different affect on her.

“He’s a dog,” warned the leggy brunette after seeing Leo talking to Troy one day. “I know. I had ‘im twice. He never stays the night and he won’t even say thank you once he’s done; he won’t speak to you at all.”

“He must. How else could you have him twice?” Leo challenged.

“Twice in the same night,” the brunette laughed.

Leo ignored the brunette’s warning and started spending more time with Troy. Ric didn’t treat Leo any differently, but he stopped talking to Troy completely.

“Over a girl?! You kiddin’ me? You gonna stop talkin’ to me - your own brother - over some dumb old girl? She’s not even pretty.”

It was summer once more and Ric was putting away unwanted groceries piled high in a shopping cart. “Why do you want her so bad?” he asked.

Troy shrugged. “Who says I do?”

Ric blinked, then grinned, and finally started laughing, so hard that his eyes watered as he doubled over, grabbing onto the cart, his hand pressed against his middle.

“Man, what are you laughin’ at? I stole your girl! Don’t you get it?”

“Yeah, I get it all right,” Ric answered, wiping tears from his eyes. “That’s why I’m laughing. ‘She’s not even pretty,’” he mocked in a falsetto voice. “You’re in love. Admit it,” Ric grinned.

“Man, I ain’t admittin’ nothin’. The girl gotta slammin’ body that’s all. And I’m gonna do whatever I have to do to get next to it. End of story.”

“That’s good to know,” said a small, dulcet toned voice from the next aisle.

Troy looked at Ric whose smile had changed from amused to something more sinister. Leo rounded the corner at the end of the aisle that would bring her face to face with Troy.

“Since you just wanted ‘to get next’ to me, you won’t mind if Ric moves in with me.”

Troy shrugged again, his eyes shining with the brilliance of unshed tears as he realized he’d been reduced to a bad cliché by a girl he normally wouldn’t have given the time of day if his brother hadn’t been in love with her … too.

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Two Brothers...confusing but you can figure it out haha

Postby gmugga » Wed May 19, 2010 7:57 am

I hadn’t been there more than three minutes before I saw her.

As soon as I walked in, I knew I liked her.

She had the darkest eyes I had ever seen. Black like coal, like emptiness. But she was not empty. She was…

Perfect. Long, dark hair that was teased in spots and smooth in others, with a small, almost unnoticeable braid on the side, I was sure no one else picked up on it but me. And in that trivial realization, I figured…

No one would be more wonderful for her than me. Those eyes, when they glimmered from the camera flashes or the Christmas lights that hit them at just the right angle, it was unlike anything I could remember, anything I could ever dream of.

I decided she was different. Maybe I was looking too far into the braid. It was such a small detail but so deliberate—she must be so…interesting. She liked indie music, I knew it. None of this poop unicorns and rainbows that Catherine played at all of her parties. She liked bands I had never heard of, she had been to concerts in venues that looked like my basement. I knew it.

There was something off about her, something so small that drew me in…I knew so much about her, I thought. She watched foreign films and highlighted poetic sounding words in the novels she undoubtedly read. She had a wall in her apartment covered in old postcards and magazine clippings, photographs, ticket stubs…she was so…cool.

These stupid parties that I never go to…and this time I decide to show up. The idea of fate toyed around in my head; like we were meant to meet…we were meant for so much.

And it sounded crazy as hell…but I felt like I was supposed to be here, supposed to be with her. It sounded so ridiculous in my head and yet so…completely true. I wanted nothing more than to be near her.

And somehow, my feet were keeping me locked in the awkward stance I was in. Not that I cared what I looked like. No one else mattered to me. I wanted to go up to her and tell her everything that had gone through my head in these minutes since I had seen her.

But I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t do anything but stare. Everything else was a blur, was nothing. I couldn’t tell if anyone was talking to me. Had anyone addressed me? Had Catherine come over to say hi? Did I respond? I didn’t know…I didn’t know anything…

So sick, I thought. You’ve fallen this hard for someone you don’t know. You can’t even speak; your mouth is so dry even as you drink this cheap beer…you’re an idiot.

I mean, how could I let someone I knew nothing about get to me so badly? How could I make up a story about her…make up my own idea, so ****ing detailed, about what she was like, how she lived…I knew nothing about her, nothing. Nothing…yet.

It was that sickness that put my thoughts into action, and I finally felt myself reacting to what was around me. I felt like I could walk now, I knew I could talk to her, I knew it.

The feeling was overwhelming, I had some sort of adrenaline rush, some push to get me out of this…crazy internal monologue. She was that cool….I felt my feet move.

I took a step towards her.

…I grabbed some party mix. Catherine came up me.

“Hey boys. Julian, you finally convinced your brother to come to one of these things huh? Good work buddy. You look great. New shirt?” She winked. Ew.

“New shirt”, I smiled, “Nick you remember Catherine right?”

“Of course.”

“I have someone for you to meet, she’s great, I love this girl. Now she’s only here for the night so make her feel comfortable ok?”

As if we were notorious for making people uncomfortable. Were we?

“Jill!” She yelled too loud…everyone heard her.

I tried to find who “Jill” was before it was obvious, but everyone turned at the shrill of Catherine’s voice. Before I knew it, she was there in front of me…within reach...

“Kitty,” she said softly to Catherine, the words so smooth and romantic.

And then… I watched in horror as the two of them kissed…right there…in front of me.

“Nick and Jules, this is Jilly. They're brothers. How cute!”

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RE: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby BethMorey » Wed May 19, 2010 4:24 pm

    She laughed as the bundled roses fell from his hands into her waiting embrace.

    "Thank you, Dylan, darling, these are lovely."  Her face glowed in pleasure, mirroring the evening sunlight pouring in through the plush living room's bay window, and by Dylan's own satisfied expression. 

    Satisfied -- and smug, thought Henry as he watched his older brother fawn and preen.  He tried not to grimace at the sappy scene, mentally side-stepping the fact that, had he been in Dylan's buffed leather shoes, he would have exuded smug satisfaction himself.

    "I know they're your favorite," said Dylan. 

    "You're the only woman I've ever met who loves orange roses," Henry observed.

    Her mouth rounded into a shocked "o."  "Orange?  Vermilion, my dear, it's vermilion."

    "Right."  Henry clenched his jaw and avoided Dylan's gaze, hoping that his skin was not betraying him with a blush.

    "It's a world of difference," she went on, stroking the bouquet, her pink polish somehow managing to complement the bundle, "especially in official circles."

    "With serious rose connoisseurs," smirked Dylan. 

    "Right," Henry growled.

    "Oh, let's not argue, all right?"  She looked from one man to the other, the tension producing only a single tendriling wrinkle across her forehead.  Henry wanted to run his fingertips across it, to smooth the line away.  He bit his lip as she turned, planting the roses in an empty crystal vase, as if she had anticipated her gift.

    "Let me do that," Dylan protested, abandoning his perch on the settee and striding to her side.  Henry watched as the pair brushed shoulders as they jointly arranged the flowers. 

    She stepped back a pace, considering.  "What do you think, dear?"

    "It looks wonderful," Dylan replied dutifully.

    "Henry?  What do you think?"

    Henry blinked, empty of an answer.  What do I think?  They're orange flowers, for goodness sake.  How good could they possibly look?

    "Henry?" she repeated, a tiny frown tugging at her lipsticked mouth. 

    "Ah," he said, "they look orange -- er, vermilion."

     Dylan barely managed to disguise his derisive snort as cough.  Henry gritted his teeth and ignored him. 

    "I suppose they do," she chuckled, oblivious to the unspoken exchange.  "And quite a beautiful vermilion, too.  Dylan, you have such excellent taste, and you spoil me with it."

    "Only the best for you, especially today."  He beamed, clasping one of her hands in both of his strong palms.

    Henry rolled his eyes and glanced at his own hands.  They seemed more pale and skeletal than usual, lying limp in his denim-clad lap. 

    "Right, Henry?" Dylan said, voice sharp.

    Glaring, he replied, "Right.  You only get the best."

    Dylan stood staring at Henry for a moment, then cleared his throat pointedly.  Henry cringed, knowing what was coming, the moment that he had dread since stepping across the threshold, since the last-minute dinner invitation from his brother to commemorate the occasion that he himself had forgotten -- it was finally at hand.

    With a sigh, Henry stood, smoothing imaginary creases in his jeans with those weak and pasty fingers.  He shrugged and extended his empty palms toward the woman waiting with a puzzled expression on her genteel face.

    "Happy Mother's Day," he said, voice rough with shame.  "Happy Mother's Day."

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RE: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby Cana » Sun May 23, 2010 6:40 pm

Kenny and Logan glared at each other from across the dinner table, with me sitting uncomfortably in the middle. Being the little sister of two strikingly gorgeous older brothers had its perks. They often had equally gorgeous friends who were more than happy to take me out to dinner, and sometimes the girls that would traverse through our apartment would keep me company and give me beauty tips. The non-perks of being roommates with my brothers involved staring at their hands to make sure they didn't rip each others' throats out over, of all things, a girl.
"You should have told me," Kenny said, breaking the silence.
"I didn't know, she was THAT Gail," Logan returned cordially.
"How many GAILS are there in the city of Houston?" Kenny demanded, "Maria, I could understand. Elizabeth, maybe. But Gail. Really."
"Gray's Anatomy last night was awesome," I pipped in quickly.
"I should never have let you stay in my apartment," Kenny snapped, leaning forward dangerously, "You're a doctor. You make money. You should have your own place."
"You offered," Logan's voice was flat. They've always been like this, polar opposites. Kenny was blazing inferno, and Logan was slow burning embers. They even had different taste in girls. That's probably the reason why Kenny had been in such shock when he had come home from work to find his ex-girlfriend in Logan's lap on the couch.
I don't sit on that couch anymore.
"I'LL GET IT!" I ran to the door, hoping they would still be in one piece when I got back. Like an idiot, I had made friends with Gail when she was dating Kenny. Like an even bigger idiot, I had renewed our friendship when she started dating Logan. Just to win "Idiot of the Year" award, I invited her to dinner tonight. The look on my brother's faces when I told them about the arrangement screamed, "If you weren't our baby sister, we'd skin you alive."
"Allison!" Gail squealed, throwing her arms around my shoulders.
"Heeey," I returned her hug gingerly. She was a very touchy person, and she loved giving hugs.
"I know this is going to be a little uncomfortable, but I love hanging out with you," she said, giggling as I lead her to the kitchen.
"Hey, baby," Logan stood up when she entered and walked to her. "How are you?"
"Fine," she said dismissively. She darted a nervous glance at Kenny as Logan kissed her cheek. "Hi, Kenny," she said.
"Hi," he grumbled, "I cooked lemon-basil chicken tonight. I remembered how much you liked it when we were dating."
"And I bought cake wine chardonnay, our drink because we ARE dating," Logan began.
"Wow, I love cake..." I tried to say.
"FORGET THIS!" Kenny snapped, standing up, and I melted, giving up on keeping peace, "Gail, why are you here?! You knew this would be awkward!"
Gail stared at him, unmoved. Slowly, she backed away from Logan, and sighed. "I'm sorry, you two," she said quietly, "I knew shouldn't have... I know Kenny was your brother, Logan. And I know it was wrong to... string you both. But I know who I really am interested in."
Whoa, I thought, watching the drama unfold, She actually chose one?
"I've known who I wanted since the beginning," Gail continued, "Might as well come out with it now."
My brothers stared at her, each one tense. Their solemn expressions melted into shock as Gail turned to me and said, "I love you Allison."

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Re: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby TildeKay » Tue May 25, 2010 5:02 pm

Cameron's Conquest

Two days into summer vacation and the Cameron house was far from silent. Three siblings occupied the spacious living room. Two were arguing over what to watch on television, while the third was poised to open the front door.

The beautiful blonde on the other side smiled vibrantly. “Hi, my name’s Brittany. I just moved in across the street.”

“Oh, hello,” the sister greeted cordially. “I’m Kristal Cameron. These two clowns are my brothers, Jon and Mike.”

The twin boys called a truce over the remote and flashed their guest a stunning smile.

“Jonathon,” said the charming one.

“Michael,” said the rogue.

“Oh wow,” she giggled. “I hope I don’t get you two mixed up.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem,” Jon assured.

“We’re nothing alike,” Mike added.

She giggled again. “’Kay, well, I have to get going. I just wanted to drop by and say hey. Maybe we can hang around sometime?”

“Maybe,” offered the sister.

“Definitely,” answered the brothers.

It was the cusp of the summer, and the Cameron boys had already claimed her.


Two weeks into summer vacation and the Cameron house was completely silent. One sibling occupied the spacious living room. She was reading undisturbed until her brothers stormed through the front door.

"Dude, how could you cock-block me like that?" the charming one growled.

"Come on, man, don't hate,” the rogue responded. “She wasn't really checking you out anyway. She thought you were me."

From across the room one of their sister’s ebony eyebrows crawled over the edge of the book she was reading. Her dark eyes followed. "What are you two morons fighting about now?"

Simultaneously the twins answered, “The new girl is totally into me. No, me!”

“You’re not even identical,” she deadpanned. “To confuse you that girl would have to have the mentality of a bobble-head doll.” Her eyes sank once again beneath the horizon of her novel and she was promptly forgotten. The brothers fought on.

"You're a jackass," Jonathon grumbled.

"Well how about we settle it?" Mike dared. "Let's go ask her."


"Why not? You scared?"

He was, but he lied. "That's not it. You don't just go up to a girl like that and ask if she was checking you out. Not if you want to keep talking to her afterward."

"Hey, you never know," answered Mike. "Some girls like that poop unicorns and rainbows. You just gotta be assertive."

"You could never get a girl like her by acting like that,” declared the charmer. “You gotta be cool, and inviting – not some macho jerk.”

“Whatever,” his twin snorted. “Hundred bucks says I can get her into bed with me before the summer’s over, all confidence and swagger, without all the sensitive poop unicorns and rainbows.”

“You’re on.”

It was the commencement of the summer, and only one of the Cameron boys would claim her.


Two months into summer vacation and the Cameron house was nearly silent. Two siblings occupied the spacious living room. The brothers, soundly rejected, had only just walked through the front door.

“That’s it,” said the charming one. “The last beach party before school starts and she wasn’t even there.”

“So what happens now?” questioned the rogue. “Bet over?”

The brothers nodded at each other in agreement and sighed. Together they stood in silence and mourned their lost conquest; and in that silence, heard something rather peculiar.

“Do you think maybe she stayed to keep Kris company?” asked Jon.

“Sounds like it,” affirmed Mike.

They could hear her voice carry from the hall, becoming progressively louder. Their sister’s name was being called out repeatedly. It was not the cry of a woman who was looking for someone, they discerned; no, it was the cry of a woman who had most certainly been found.

The brothers stared at one another in mortified realization.

It was the conclusion of the summer, and it was not a Cameron boy who had claimed her.

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Re: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby BethMorey » Wed May 26, 2010 6:17 am

TildeKay -- that was a fun and unexpected twist!

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RE: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby theSkilled » Sun Jun 20, 2010 4:06 pm

Billie stroked my arm, the way she always does when she knows I'm upset. We were sitting in our favorite coffee place, Brown Stone and Beans, and Billie was in "listening mode". She was a great listener, she cared so deeply for me. That was why she was my best friend.
"OK," Billie said, not smiling like she usually does, "you go first." The frames of her glasses were ten times too big, and it made her brown eyes look like a bug's. Her dark brown hair, pulled back in a tight ponytail with a purple fuzzy scrunchy, made me stare at her deeply. She never was properly dressed. No wonder Billie was single. Yet again, so was I.
"It's about Victoria." All I had to say was that and Billie rolled her eyes dramatically. I tried to keep a serious face and not laugh. She was so goofy. "Stop it. Are you gonna listen or not?" Billie nodded, then she took a long sip of black coffee. It was hot and she burned her tough, making her make an 'ah'ing sound. I immediately reached across the table and grabbed her shoulder. "Are you OK?" I asked. She smiled and nodded so I went on, resuming my position on my chair. "Kyle's going to take her out to Pizza-Italy. The new fancy pizza place. I think Victoria likes my brother more than she likes me! I just took her out to her favorite park yesterday!" I held back tears. I was always the odd one out. I was the youngest of the two of us (Kyle and I) and whenever I loved a woman, Kyle loved her. I met Victoria first, she was a model!, and Kyle just ran to her like a bee to honey. Kyle could have any girl he wanted but he chose Victoria.
Billie crinkled her nose like I always like her doing. I could tell she wanted to laugh so I had to quickly go on. "Victoria bought him a pair of sunglasses. They were two-hundred dollars! Guess what she got me?" Billie shrugged. "Nothing!" My eyes almost filled with tears, and I fought the urge to cry. Billie bit her lower lip.
"Well," she said, "Victoria-Model isn't worth it." She always called Victoria by the name of 'Victoria-Model'. I knew why, Billie was jealous. Not of me, but of Victoria. Victoria was a size zero and had long, luscious black hair. Victoria was tan, hot and always played hard-to-get. Billie was easier to figure out, she was so simple, like a girl should be. Billie had compassion, she was smart and she ate like a regular girl. In fact, Billie was perfect for a short, asthma-having loser for me. I knew Billie deserved a real man, guys always pushed her around, and I knew exactly how I wanted Billie to be loved. It seemed that nobody else did. Then it struck me. Billie was my girl! Billie and I were perfect together. I knew what I would do, I'd ask her to be my girlfriend. Right here, right now. Billie could see through Kyle and would never fall for him. We'd raise a respectable family, move out into the middle of nowhere, and die old together. I wanted to live my life with Billie.
"Can I go now?" Billie asked. I knew something amazing was to come out of her mouth.
"Go ahead." I said. A little too breathless? It didn't matter, I loved Billie. I probably would ask her to marry me.
"Well," she said with grin that made me smile, too, "I'm getting engaged. To Mark Hensen, from my work. Oh, Frank, he's just the nicest guy and he loves me for me! We're going to get married on the beach, which is funny because you've always wanted to get married there..."
I couldn't remember what Billie said next, mostly because I didn't care. I had lost my chance with Billie. The right girl was under my nose all along and I missed her. I missed my chance to be loved.

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Re: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby Ant80 » Thu Jul 01, 2010 1:57 pm

I saw't her standing over there with my vision clear. I mean, she could have disapeared the way she got here next to me underneath my skin as she began to say the words, "Have you seen your brother Rick"? She asked me as I nervously regrouped to forgive her intrusion on my social wisp forgetting the whirling of heartfelt emotion turning my world light and dizzy sickness; I explained to my brother Rick as he looked on nonchalantly obviously contemplating another matter altogether. My suras about the female whom, we have both met at an occasion caught his attention soon enough because he ceased seeing his own ideals and began to place breath into mine. He stated, 'do you know that I had that same sinking representation as you watching her opposite your person left me feeling the opposite of someone who has reached out and touched charisma'? 'I suddenly wanted to leave all places and time simulteanously but having swerve around in my stead granted me the nerve to take a second look at the one before me and silohuette the sketchy inkling in my mind, alike'. I looked up at my 5'8" black brother with the ceaser cut and thought what makes you any different from myself and what cards did you play to win the hand dealt when he continued on saying that he saw me pointing in his direction with my saddened eyes while noticing the angelic picture of color scheme within my borders. He then and there dreamt up a action in which to convey the bubbling, running, and heightened enevitable passion touching from our direction and spoke a composite likeness to her while I watched in the distance none the wiser, a last closing window of opportunity.


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