Brotherly Love - 5/11

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Re: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby nise_0316 » Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:24 am

Many people fail to realize that there's a difference between what's right, and what's right for you. The right thing to do would be to tell him that it's wrong for us to be together; that his brother is the one i need. But the truth is, it's not his brother that I want. Michael has every quality a woman should want in a man: he's sucessful, polite, sweet, gentle, he'd give up all he has for me... My mother loves him. The problem is, I don't. His brother, Craig, is full of excitement; spontaneous; generous. He's reckless. He's fun. Craig, is exactly what I want. But how do you tell a man that you've been married to for 10 years; a man you've spent your life with; a man you've cried a countless number of tears for; a man who thinks you've given him your all, that you're leaving him for his twin brother? How do you tell the man you thought you loved, that you were wrong?

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RE: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby kelssmag » Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:12 pm

Nathan began to tenderly run his large hands up her muscular legs, which she, contrary to everyone else, found grossly unattractive, as he lay her back on the warm, cream down comforter and begans to crawl over the top of her. She eased the process that was beginning to unfold by gently flicking the back clasp at the waist of her floral skirt. As he slipped off the skirt, she began to graze her lips against his; willing him to kiss her but never daring to make the bold move. He pulled his face away in what would seem to be rejection as he coolly unrolled her light brown tights down her legs, meeting her tender, lively feet flicking with excitement. He smirked. The child in her was what he loved most. As he met contact with her creamy, olive skin and large, doeish, brown eyes a door slammed at the front of the apartment. The two paused with fear in their eyes. Elle had had interest in the two boys since the moment she met them in the school's library just a few prior.
She was lying on her stomach at the foot of a two-story wall of books swiveling her legs in circular motions and vehemently brushing through a pile of books that lay beneath her, forming a nest on the library carpet. Two boys began to walk down the aisle. Sorry, Elle whined as she had about fifteen times before that night. She would have sat in a chair but there were too many books on the development of Autistic adolescent females for her to carry each of them over to a table. The study had sent her into a frenzy of interest as she strove to unveil the needs of female Aspies like the ones she had seen at the Best Buddies program meetings and video postings online. You haven't seen any books on Autism have you? Crooned one of the boys. Elle sat up with her board-like posture, in offended shock. "Hey!!?" 'Good comeback, Elle', she thought to herself. The two boys turned to realize that the girl sprawled across the floor was not just any old nerd, she was gorgeous. She had a thick collection of curly brown hair cascading down her back and even with the lime glasses perched on her nose, the intensity of her cat-like eyes was undeniably apparent. The two boys developed smirks. It was evident to Elle that they had known each other for a long time, based on their twin-like reactions. 'Probably roommates. Grew up together. No, not siblings; too chummy...', Elle surveyed. "You know, there are plenty of tables in here", Tate added. In the future, Elle would always think of Tate as the more kind and reserved of the two. "Yes, but then I wouldn't get the pleasure of tripping guys like you all day", she countered. 'I'm back!', she thought. The boys laughed. "You really should get a table", Tate added as he cocked his neck towards Mrs.Crimbley, the librarian who had been glaring, unbeknown to Elle, at the pile on the floor all night. "We were just getting a table over there", said Nate,"why don't you come sit with us, I mean if there's room for us with all these books!" Elle smiled, caught between her longing to acquire more male acquaintances and her passion for the nest she lay above at the moment. "Okay, but I'll warn you, I'm probably gonna be here all night." "Perfect," said Tate," Nathan here has a Spanish test tomorrow morning and he hasn't studied at all. We'll probably be pulling an all-nighter too."
Elle began the night quietly looming over her books but Nathan's poor Spanish lingering in her presence began to consume her thoughts. "You shouldn't use Imperfect tense there." "What?,"Nate flipped his blond head of hair up, making eye contact with her for the first time since that first glance of her one the floor. "Oh...," Elle paused, embarrassed,"Well, just saying, but you should be using Progressive". "Okay thanks smarty pants!" Nate laughed. Tate continued to flip through the spanish texts, checking my theory. From there, Elle's efforts to study were ruined. The three chatted for about thirty minutes, until Mrs.Crumbley waltzed over to the table and loudly requested that they leave. The three exited the library doors in a slew of laughter at 3 am with a craving for every college student's late night go-to; Taco Bell. As they walked across campus and down the busy city streets, the boys explained to Elle that they were twins on scholarship at Vanderbilt for Lacrosse and that they shared a large apartment next to the library with two of their best guy friends.
The friendship had bloomed from that night on and the four boys became her best friends, along with Brantley, her roommate. All four of the boys were attractive but something about the twins was special. Perhaps it was the confidence they exuded or maybe it was the enchanting way that the two stuck together and stood up for each other as twins although their appearances and differing personalities made them very different. Nathan had medium-cut blond hair and hazel eyes. He was fairly tall and slender but had particularly cut calves. Tate had short brown hair and hazel eyes. Splashes of moles danced across his tan body including one of particular attraction placed just above his lip. Elle had no intention of pursuing either of the boys but as time marched on, she identified an attraction for both of them.
But here she was, months later, sprawled across Nathan's bed with a shocked look on her face. Tate was supposed to be working out with the other two roommates but as he stomped through the apartment and into the bedroom Elle began to see that she was wrong. Very wrong. It was not that she had more interest in Nathan. Nathan was just more forward. If asked to choose between the two she wasn't really sure which she would take. She liked them both and had had a suspicion that they both liked her.
"You scum!!" Tate shouted as he came upon the scene.
"I told you that if you didn't discuss it with her I was gonna make my move..." Nathan reasoned.
The quarrel seemed to play out as a sequel to which Elle had not seen the first. She had no idea what they were talking about. She stood up in fear and began to button her skirt, quickly exchanging a sorrowful glance with Tate.
"I wasn't ready yet!"
"Glaciers melt faster, Tate!!"
"Then why didn't you tell her?"
"It's her decision. I didn't want to bother her with all this!"
"Well look how great that one turned out!!!"
"It was turning out fine until you barged in!"
"Yeah, because once again you got to steal the girl!!!"
Elle felt that she was putting the pieces together but was still full of confusion. She wiped her sweaty palms on her crooked skirt and tied her hair up above her head.
"Guys, I'm sorry. What's going on?" she interjected.
All anger instantaneously left Tate's face.
"Elle... it's just that... we just both love you so much. We caught each other talking about you in admiring terms and quickly realized that we had fallen in love with the same girl. We didn't know what to do and certainly didn't want anything to come in between us so we decided to let you choose. Nathan didn't want to scare you off with all the pressure so I was going to sit you down and tell you how we felt."
The anger quickly seized hold over him again,
"Until you went behind my back and broke all the rules!!!"

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Re: Brotherly Love - 5/11

Postby Trissa » Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:52 pm

Jason's hand caressed the luxurious leather of the machine he and his brother, Jacob, had created. It didn't take up much space in the garage. No more than a Honda Gold Wing. In fact, that's exactly what it was. A modified Gold Wing featuring two side cars and encased in a durable plastic bubble. It was a Time Machine. The two young executives of a world renown computer company had decided to delve into the realm of Science Fiction. The "Winged Wonder" as they called it had been Jason's brain child. As usual, Jacob followed his older brother's lead. The two all but abandoned their computer business as they put months of time and effort into the creation of the "Winged Wonder".

That had been three years ago. Now after hundreds of "vacations" into the past, Jason stood alone in the garage with their machine...contemplating. It had been two weeks since he had last talked with Jacob. It had been a heated argument.

"You're a cruel man, Jason," his younger brother screamed. "This is just a toy to you. A plaything like the people you meet."

Jason grinned his lop-sided grin. "By 'people' I assume you mean the women."

"You ride in and out of their lives as if they mean nothing to you. One day you're in the days of the Gold Rush. Another day you're galavanting through Europe during the Victorian age. A turn of the throttle and you spend months wooing some poor girl only to return here...all in the matter of minutes at this end. It isn't fair."

"Knowing you," Jason leered, "You have someone in particular in mind."

Jacob, fists clenched at his sides, tried to control himself. "You left Livinia with child."

"You know me, Jake. I have problems with commitment."

"She doesn't deserve to be left alone. She loved you."

"And I loved her. It's just...I can't stay in that time period much longer. Remember, if we remain in a time period for any length of time we begin to age naturally. I can't come back here looking 45 when I'm only 35. People would talk."

"So you leave her alone in Victorian England. A housemaid with no prospects."

"I married her. She will now have all the money from my work as gentleman's gentleman. I left it for her on the dresser with a note."

Jacob went at Jason and pushed him hard. He gripped his older brother's shoulders. "You're foul, you know that? Remember our own great grandmother? She was a housemaid back then. She was pregnant when her husband left her. How could you do that knowing what she went through. She ended up drowning herself in the estate's pond."

Jason's eyes wandered to the "Winged Wonder". He sighed. "Sorry, Jake. It's not in me to sacrifice what I have in this era. And you know we can't bring Livinia here. She would age rapidly and die within weeks."

Jacob released his grasp, a strange look in his eyes. "Then I'll go back. I'm not afraid of commitment."

"You can't be serious, Jake? You and Livinia?"

"You know I've loved her, too. I just stepped aside because I thought this time would be different for you. I'll go back and care for her and the child."

"I can't let you do that. You'll age, maybe even die in the past."

"Give me the keys, Jase," Jacob said firmly. "I'll reset the time lock and send the 'Wonder' back. It will be as if it never left."

Jason reluctantly handed the keys to his younger brother. "Maybe some day I'll go back and check up on you."

"Give us a few years to settle in, bro." One last hug, the turn of a key. Jacob's last wave from the "Winged Wonder" faded into a mist as he disappeared into the late 1800s.

Two weeks later Jason was wondering if it was time to check in. But in a way he already had. He held an old family album. His great grandmother, Livinia, smiled from an old tin-type. Her handsome husband, Jacob, sat with a child on his lap as a boy stood at his side...a little girl by her mother...twins sat on the floor. the family had grown.


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