Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

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Re: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby BethMorey » Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:12 am

Dear Depression,

I am writing to inform you that your services are no longer required. Your client -- well, let's not put too fine a point on it, for I am your client, your victim, your parasitic host -- I am displeased with the functions you have performed in my brain and am duly letting you go. Please have my synapses cleared by the end of the day.

There is, I must admit, much to commend you. I do admire your work ethic, your diligence. Day in and out, and through each hour of the night, I find you toiling away. This high standard of performance, this nearly unbeatable productivity, does indeed set you above the rest. However, the fact still remains that your productivity is the drain down which my life, my essence, and my most basic cares are washed away anew each morning. You steal my days. You steal my very soul. Thanks to you, I no longer know who I am. My breath is willowy and cold, and I have forgotten what I love or like.

As a result, please consider yourself severed from this affiliation, effective immediately. There will be no redeeming, no second chances, no severance fee. We are finished. Although your work is quality, your work is also insidious and unredeeming. Even evil, some might say. So I say and, as head of this operation by name if not in actuality, I refuse to employee so dark and convoluted a created as yourself.

In truth, when I can separate you and your foul works from my brain, from my being, I can sympathize. You are a pitiable thing. Mothered by disease, loved by none, sustained by any withering human that will tolerate you, you are a sad one. If I didn't know better -- and now, mark me, I do, too well I do -- I might feel tempted to rock you in my arms, to soothe you with my body's heat.

But we both know where that would lead and while you might enjoy it -- of course you would, sick beast of a thing, you love-drinker, you thief of originality, you murderer of expectation -- I certainly would not. Your methods, while effective, repulse me. In addition to bringing me to my knees metaphorically and physically, you have smeared my true name. Now, to those who even remember me, know me as Unreliable, as Lazy, as What's-Wrong-With-Her-Just-Shake-It-Off. As if your work itself was not enough, you must heap insult to my mental injury.

You are a tick. You are a snake. You are soft as velvet and cold as the grave. You are no longer needed. You are no longer wanted.

Forever farewell.

Your former host

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RE: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby moose2010 » Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:05 am

Dear Fear of Failure :

I hate you. Your insidious voice weaves barbed wires of fear through me, ready to catch me at the slightest hint of risk.
I sit at this job because of you. I am alone because of you. I stay silent because of you, and I have things to say.
I posted something for all to see. One point for me.

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Re: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Buttered_Toast » Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:05 am

Dear Irrational Feelings of Paranoia,

I kindly ask you to cease making me overly cautions, inhibited, and uncertain. It would be very gracious of you if you could stop giving me doubts and forcing me to second-guess everything around me. While I appreciate how you share with me an antidote for taking too much for granted, the constant expectation for the sky to start falling has me a little exhausted, both spiritually and mentally. How about we go our separate ways for a while? I know we could both use a break once in a while. We can shake on it or pinky swear on it, if that'll minimize your own paranoia. (Can a sense of paranoia be paranoid of itself?) Anyway, if you leave me alone, I'll return the favor.

You've already done your worst, I think. When you have me question what this existence's purpose might be, I'm ready to admit defeat and ignore you, hoping you'll just go away like some bully at recess. Your worst stab at my sanity may have been: "What if we find out that everything has been a big joke and that all our serious preparations and worry over our lives on earth have been unnecessary? What if we find out there was no divine and majestic Master Plan and that the playing in this realm really was all there is to it? I bet all this paranoia and frantic activity is going to ruin my highscore."

Sincerely butter and cheese,

Your Victim

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RE: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby VanishingBeauty » Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:44 pm

Dear Loneliness,

You have haunted me my entire life since the age of five. Why you want to attack a teenager I'll never know. You cause me to be overly catious of everything. Wether to get close to people just to see them leave or to get comfortable in this new home just to get up and move again only talking to my friends through an over crowded social network. You are the thing that births all my fears and heartbreaks. Funny, to think that I could have possibly stopped everything from happening had I at the age of five understood I was being tricked and taken away from my mother, but then, would I have been happier or even more alone? You, I hate You.
You are evil and blinding. I see nothing behind this dark veil you have sheilded my eyes with. I'm walking blinded wondering if I should second guess the step I just took making me triple guess everything over again. Ha, Pointless. Exactly what I am. Now understand you, in no form or fashion, have caused me to be suicidal and have not taken all my will and strength. I do love life, maybe not to the fullest, but I live it none the less. And honestly I think one day
I'll overcome you.

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RE: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Aquawoman25 » Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:32 am

Dear Darkest Fear,

For almost the past twenty years I have been petified of broken glass.Ever since my father pushed me out the family room window. I wouldn't pick up a small piece a glass until six months ago. Someone told me I'm going to be around glass my whole life. I"m sick and tired of being afraid. I want to go on my whole
life. Oh, one more thing I don't want to be afraid of driving a car either I seen all of my family and people I know all have licenses. I don"t want to go though life having to depend on rides or can't go to certain places because I don't have a car. I need to get over it and drive. Please let me do it.

Aqua Woman :(

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Re: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Crystal_Clarity » Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:12 pm

To my darkest friend "Meaning",

I like to believe when I awake and fix my family chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, I'm giving my life a big plate of you. They say what you fear you must make apart of your life, and I've tried. Believe me, I've tried. But with every sweet bite I take in life you render yourself unknown. I got over you without you there! And when I wanted to confront you, I couldn't find you anywhere. I took a trip to Japan searching for you, but in all my reflective moments you were invisible. On Mondays, I wait for hours hoping you show up, and every minute that you don't manifest I'm left crippled as I go through the week. I mean what if you never appear? I try to infuse you in every part of my life but you seem to walk behind me like a shadow. And I'm starting to be deeply afraid you'll never be as close to me as my skin. Your sister, Random seems to enjoy my company, though she's a little weird. I've met your cousin Grace she drifts in and out from time to time but she's always there when I need her. And your mother, Inspiration is very pleasant. She assures me that you'll come around when it's the right time. She told me I have to have no fear when we meet, she says you come baring gifts and I have to be prepared for them or I won't truly get the most out of our meeting. Whatever that means.
You see, you're that thing that keeps me awake at night questioning. You're the thing that makes me break off relationships I am purely content with because you remind me you aren't present, and what's a relationship without you? Bliss? No it's unworthy. You're the erase marks in every literary notebook I have ever kept. You're my precious hope for tomorrow. But I seldom enjoy your gifts, because I have never met you. Don't you understand? There was once a time, I never wanted anything you had to offer. I was afraid you were going to make my life a rule book with too many stipulations. And though I know your name and see you ever-so-present in other's lives you seem to have done nothing for me.
I'm not afraid of you anymore, because now I am immersed in the fear that I will never know you. I spend my days chasing your invisible nourishment and I fear my last day will come and I will have never gripped the privelege of living with you in unity. Do you see that? I said privelege, I have come to my senses. However, as long as you hang over my life teasing me I don't think I can truly live. And my really deepest darkest fear is. . . that you don't even exist.
Yours for Now,
Dissolving Faith

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RE: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Cindy_The_Great » Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:34 am

Dear Dark,

Stop lurking around the corner every time i turn off the light, you cowering child. Face me in the light, in the open. Or do you not, because you are afraid of what you yourself might see? The shadowy thing that lurks in children's closets as well as anywhere someone just coincidently might be standing alone. Your in every horror movie, adding to the ambiance of intimidation, and don't get me wrong, you play the role well.... but can you keep your creepy skills for the movies only? You scare me when i'm alone walking into you at night, thinking I heard something, only to be tricked by my eyes, no... tricked by you, the dark. It pretty annoying also when I'm trying to find something and there you are again, surrounding me like a bad leak in a ceiling or thunderous clouds that won't suffice. It sort of hurts you know when i bump my toe trying to look for something and your just there (yet again) annoying me. So Dark, please give me a break a little, stop terrorizing everyone, your scary, and maybe if you met light sometime and see yourself for what you truly are, you'll realize what i really mean.

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RE: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby OhKaiSmilesGo » Tue Nov 09, 2010 7:28 am

Dear you,

You’ve managed to stand by me my whole life. And that’s really quite a feat, not many can say the same. You though, you’ve been with me the whole time. You’re there when I make decisions. You’re there when everything is crumbling. You’re there when everything is perfect. I have such mixed feelings for you! At times, I feel like you are keeping me safe. At other times, I feel like it’s you that is holding me back. You’re like this comfort blanket that I hold and rely on, but you’re solid and dark and sometimes when I wrap myself up in you I feel completely shut out from the world and comfort is the farthest thing away. Sometimes I see how much I need you. Sometimes I see the terrible messes I could get myself into if I completely stopped listening to you. Those times, I’m thankful for you. But sometimes, I see how much you hold me back. I see that you don’t want me to break free, to be me. You want me to live this sheltered, unadventurous life. You want to tell me who to trust, who to love. That has the potential to do more damage than I could possibly say. You’ve saved my life. But you’ve also destroyed it. I’ve been doing my best to live without you lately. I used to let you control everything. I had no say in my own life because I let you take it over for me. I decided about a year ago that I’m done with that. I’m living for me now. I still struggle. You’re still here and I still both love and hate you. But I’m trying my hardest not to let you control me. I’m cutting those ties with you. I’m not your puppet. I considered saying ‘please, just let me live my life,’ and then I realized ‘please’ is when you’re asking—I’m not asking. You’re going to let me live my life.The worst part of it all is, I’m scared I can’t do that. I’m scared you’re stronger than me. And that is the most ironic thing in the world.

I’m writing this letter to my biggest fear— and fear? This letter is to you.



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Re: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby AshleighElizabeth » Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:05 pm

Dear Darling,

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RE: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby thewritersblock » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:51 am

Dear Mathematics,
I just want to say, I hate you so much. You ruined my life so now I'd figure this letter would ruin yours. When I was in Elementary school, I nearly got held back a grade if it weren't for my extra credit. In Middle School, I got grounded for a month because I forgot to memorize the formula for finding the circumference of a circle. You are the worst thing I've ever encountered in my life. Do you know how agonizing it is to go to school and face you EVERY BLOODY DAY.
I swear, one day, I will get my driver's permit and run over your textbook. My point is: I hate you. I hate pi. I hate rational numbers. I hate scientific notation. I hate graphing intercepts. I hate fractions. I hate decimals. I hate Greatest Common Factor. I hate fractions. I hate decimals. Most of all, I hate you. You better watch your back, because I'll kill one of your mutant textbook babies one day.
With hate,


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