Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

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Re: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Hannah-Lynn » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:34 pm

Dear Armageddon,

Could you, for once, keep your big trap shut? I realize you're always right there, hanging over humanity's head, but you really need to give us some breathing room. Every year there's a new foretelling of when you're just going to "pop" up and I'm really tired of the deadlines and elaborate ways you're going to come about. Maybe it's global warming or pollution or a zombie virus or aliens or plagues. So what? You're making it really hard for us to live our lives when all we're busy doing is waiting to die. Worrying about how we're going to die. If you hit us in our generation, will it be fast and over in a blink so that we don't know it even happened? Or will it be slow and horrible so we know every agonizing detail about it? I'm so sick and tired of being afraid of when you're gonna drop in and eradicate us all so do me a favor and either do it now or never. That's right, I'm daring you to cowboy-up and get it over with or swallow your own bluff and move on because I am. I'm moving on. I'm moving on and away from the darkness where you lurk, from the prophets that you send our way who are so far gone mentally it's not fair to us or them, from the movies that spread your word and the fear, and finally, I'm moving on from you. Yes, I am breaking up with you, Armageddon. You're irrational and have been dragging your feet for the last couple centuries and I'm so tired of hearing about you. You're not everything you think you are. And, best yet, you are no longer my problem because, guess what? Yeah, I'm moving on to something scarier. I don't know what yet, but I do know it won't be half as obnoxious as you are.

Suck it,

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Re: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Eilasmin » Thu Jan 06, 2011 5:46 pm

Dear abandonment,
I am writing to you because quite frankly I have had it up to here. Let me just tell you that you have become a tyrannical force of nature and I will not stand for this any longer. No, this simply will not do. You, sitting there persuading me that I must agree with what everyone says and like what everyone likes or else. I’m beginning to develop an identity crisis and it is most unbecoming of me, you know. For some time now I have been making bargains with myself explaining that if I just do exactly what you tell me ‘no one gets hurt’. But I have come to the point where I am almost too afraid to move which has proven to be quite unpleasant. So in knowing that, I ask that you take your things and be on your way. As they say, all things must end and your services are no exception. I hope one day you find yourself in more appreciative company and in a much healthier state of mind.

all the best,
your former slave

Rudolph Hernandez
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Re: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Rudolph Hernandez » Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:52 am

Dear Love,

I remember reading of your conquests in fairy tales as a boy, and the joy you filled me with at the thought of another. You inspired with faith, which overflowed onto everyone within my path. You made the spirit of life warm when its body was cold.

But as I grew so did the thorns of disorder, unchecked, and the fruit of your word was devoured. I had forsaken you, and those whom I touched in your name.

And so came the day, after many days without you, I was reminded of your justice; and out of spite ignored your mercy. In despair I resented you, and grew dismayed of your passionate presence.

So I sat alone, idle, and defeated. Fear was there to comfort me, and oh how it comforted the wounds with salt; cursing you for my sake. Where love leaves vacant, fear finds rest.

I am still afraid, but call you old friend. Rather than complain I just want to let you know how grateful I am to have been your friend, and soon hope to befriend you again. Forgive me that I may fear nothing, and bask in the light of grace.

Mary Lizzie
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Re: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Mary Lizzie » Tue Jan 11, 2011 9:51 am

Dear Dr. Death,
After many years of trying to stay a step ahead of you I have finally realized your not on everyone's heels as some imagine. Oh, I know you like to spread around your fear causing many to only exist in this life, always looking over their shoulder as if the grim reaper were on their heels. I choose to live... Whether it's for a day, a decade or many to come! At the end of the journey what matters isn't how long we're here; but, what we accomplished before we left. So, maybe you're not so scary after all! Maybe, there's something more sinister than you--lying in wait to see what we do with the time we have. I for one intend to do it all, see it all and face the monster head on. The monster that waits for us all, is in our head, is in our future... It's called REGRET!

Not afraid to Live,

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Re: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Trissa » Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:50 pm

Dear Time:

I feel the need to write this as soon as I can because you are passing rapidly.

It seems like only yesterday that I lived at home surrounded by my family: mom, dad, my two sisters, and two brothers. I blinked and you passed by as memories were made and forgotten. Time, you stopped briefly at intervals, I call them speed bumps, in my life. My graduation from high school, then graduation from college. The moments when my parents passed. My marriage and births of my own children. Yes, you seemed to slow down briefly so I could feel deeply the sorrows and joys, but sped up once again. I tried to make you slow down myself as I hugged my children closely, wanting to savor the feeling. But I must have blinked again. They are now adults living their own lives. The strangest thing is how you speed up even faster as the years pile up. Another year has disappeared never to be retrieved.

Time, you keep taking every second, every day without adding anything. You just continue taking. They say you can't see Time but I can see your effects in the growth of my children, the trees we planted in our yard, the lines in my face. I hate you, Time. Yet I can't escape you. I can only hope to spend whatever time you allow me doing the things I enjoy most with those I love best. We will never be friends, Time, but we are constant companions.

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RE: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby RenaissanceLuvr » Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:14 pm

Dear—uh, what should I call you?
If we are to become further acquainted whilst time progresses—that is, if our relationship should become more intimate and wholly immoral—I believe that you should be aware of a few important concerns. Firstly, I utterly despise you. In fact, I would rather not meet you if I had the choice. Alas, seeing that fortune and fate are compatriots in my demise, I can only prepare myself for our inevitable discourse. I truly wish that you would dissipate from the current thread of existence and human peculiarities. All you have done for this world, in fact, is inspire sadness and barbarism. You have been the subject of many fascinating works of art, however, and I am somewhat disappointed with myself that I am inherently intrigued and engaged with your ghoulish delights. I have written about you in various instances, none of which has proven particularly gleeful. I do have a request, however, although I am positive that you will refuse to adhere or honor any creed of loyalty. You are very vengeful, I must add. That is beside the point. My request is that when I have embarked on the road to embrace your filthy touch, could you ensure that our reunion does not take me by surprise? It would be wonderful if I were given the opportunity to impart some final words to my peers and relatives. I will be damned before I leave with you, not having wished my blissful past an honorable adieu. I know these are wasted, empty words, but I could not have lived with myself if I had not inquired. Do not take that statement to heart…
I will be waiting for your response. Well, actually, I will not be waiting for a response, but I am curious: How do you live with yourself, having caused so much ungodly affliction? As an artist myself, I must commend you on your work. You are immensely and boundlessly creative with your craft. Never have I met, read, or heard about a more original entity than yourself. Where does your inspiration come from? The sheer complexity and scale of your work is appalling and quite desirable. It would seem that you are so influential, in fact, that the very essence of your being permeates even the most ostentatiously flawless portraits, compositions, and literary marvels.
Did you know that even as we speak, my kind is busy formulating methods in which to defeat you? Can you fathom the incredulousness of their affairs! You have vexed the most well-refined and cultured physiologists in history, and I cannot imagine that my contemporaries would do any better than their predecessors. Do not mistake me. I want them to defeat you. Hail the day when the frigid opposition of immortality meets his Achilles Heel! Hail the victors of this glorious achievement! It would overshadow the triumphs of Roma, the ingenuity of Zurich, the economy of America, the democracies of Greece! All else would be negligible.
I do not believe I am the only one who fears you. In truth, most of my kind is repelled by your façade. Yet I write this to you so that you might consider that you will not defeat me. You may succeed in falling me, but you shall never destroy my legacy. Your instruments of silver, metal, iron, and gold do not stain the speckled white of my fleece of humanity. May Death tremble at the sight of a hardy man! May you tremble!

Billy Moon
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RE: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Billy Moon » Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:08 pm

Dear sickness,

Despite the abundance of fruits and vegetables in our home, you've managed to hang around. I salute your ability to stick, outperforming the most decent brand of adhesive. I would also like to add that you are doing a bang-up job at metastasizing and mutating. How did you get so gifted?

I am writing to complain about your stalking behavior. Your obsessive pursuit of my family's health has turned us into manic hypochondriacs. I've filed a restraining order, which stipulates that you are not to go near me and my family within a 50-meter radius. If you cross that line, you will be met by an army of Gingko Biloba, Choline, Ginseng, Gotu Kola and Bacopa Monnieri.

I hope you get my message. Don't reply.


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RE: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby Artesia » Wed Jan 19, 2011 4:27 am

Dear Loneliness,

Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said,“the most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.” If this is true I fear that I am in the worst way my friend. You have lived within me before I knew how to utter your name. A bottomless pit of darkness that knows no value of light even in the brightest of places. It seems that no matter how I've tried to evade you, you swallow me whole. Enveloped so deeply in my own disdain I'm helpless against you. From time to time I embrace you, only after you have turned your head and I have managed to sneak away. I join the others but I am rejected by them. It's as if I have a mark on my soul that destines for me to forever gain solace within myself. This is when I squeeze you tightly and dig my figures deep into your sides only to find that I am holding myself. You have never loved me but you have never left me either. A strange companion I must say. But for today the only one that truly under stands me and always will is you.


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RE: Complaint Letter to Your Darkest Fear - 8/31

Postby prking01 » Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:02 pm

Dear Department of Fear,

I have submitted dozens of letters to your department with absolutely no response. I understand your line of work is incredibly exhausting and time consuming, after all there are billions and billions of people in the world that you are responsible for instilling fear in. Perhaps with this enormous burden your department may have inadvertently overlooked the fact that I have received more than my fair share of fears. As such I would greatly appreciate it if you could please have some of my fears removed immediately.

The fear I would like removed the most is the fear I have of losing one of my children. No one should have to live with this type of fear. As a mother I should be permitted to live my life without the possibility of my losing the most precious beings in my life.

I would also like to mention a few other fears I could do without. The fear of losing anyone I love, the fear of dying, the fear of loneliness, of poverty, of unhappiness, of failure, of rejection, of pain, of assault, of financial ruin, of growing old, of wrinkles, of obesity, etc., etc.

As you can clearly see my list of fears is enormous and I've highlighted only a few. Kindly remove all of the aforementioned fears from my life and grant my family and I immortality and I will no longer disturb your office again.

With Deepest Thanks,


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