Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

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RE: Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

Postby superreader » Mon Jun 21, 2010 4:16 pm

"So what do you think I should do?"

John was asking me this so seriously that for a second I really believed I could help him. "Well, you should--whoa, wait a minute. How on earth should I know what to do?"

"But you're my best friend! Remember second grade?"

That had been when we had made a solemn promise that whenever one of us had a problem, the other one would help to solve it. To prove sincerity, we had traded baseball cards; a binding oath.

"Yes, I know, John, but there are limits to everything! I don't know anything about this! Aren't there people who are experts at this kind of thing?"

"Yes, but they are all keeping away from this one. They prefer to stay on the sidelines, and whatever I decide, they'll go against it."

"I really don't know what to say."

"Please, Tim, I need you!"

This was new. John had always been the smart one, the savvy one, the charismatic, popular one who solved everyone else's problems. And now he was looking to me for a solution for his! Then again, it was partly those qualities that had gotten him into this mess.

"John, this is something that will directly impact the lives of millions. I can't make this decision for you. You took it on yourself by running for President."



Please give input on this story! Thanx!


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RE: Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

Postby Jenkololo » Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:56 pm

The emerald grass danced back in forth in the wind. Though the vast, endless sky occupied countless puffy clouds, the sun streaked through creating beads of sweat across my clammy forehead and palms. In the back of my spacious mind, I quickly noted that the sweat was not caused by the intense heat.
I stared at the cemented sidewalk and tried to swallow the words that poured out of my best friend’s, Jasmine, mouth. She sat, silently, beside me on the weathered park bench, absent-mindedly playing with her thumbs. I cleared my throat before speaking.
“So…now what are you going to do?” I whispered, barely audible.
Jasmine hesitated before speaking, obviously thinking things through before she replied. “I’ve considered abortion, but I don’t think that’s the best plan. If push comes to shove then…” her words trailed off.
“You can’t kill it, Jas. You…you just can’t murder a baby just because of your actions.”
“THEN WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO, BIANCA?” she yelled, angry tears flowing from her hershey chocolate eyes, “I can’t keep it, and not one single foster home will have it! I’m only 15! I’m screwed! I should’ve never gone to that stupid party!”
I sighed, running my hand through my pitch-black hair. I couldn’t answer her question, because I honestly had no idea. I closed my eyes as the reality set in. My best friend since kindergarten was now a pregnant teenager.
“Does your mom know about this?” I asked.
Her eyes fell to the ground. “I-I thought I would just go down to the Family Clinic and get an abortion, and she’d never have to know,” she whispered softly.
“You can’t do that, Jas. You’re going to have to tell her. I’m sure she’ll have the best advice of this…situation.”
She finally looked up at me, her eyes glistening with tears of sorrow. “Will you come with me? Please?”
I met her frightened gaze. “Of course,” I nodded, “Of course.”

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RE: Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

Postby t-sizzles » Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:26 am

"Good day Robin. How are things going?"
"Hi, I could be better. At the very least I'm surviving."
"You could be better? What seems to be the problem?"
"You see, before I considered getting a masters degree for engineering, I kept thinking about the impact it would have on Nate and me."
"What would happen between you two?"
"If I continue I would be away from him for 2 years".
"Where are you going for your studies? I thought you'd go somewhere close to home."
"Nate wants me to Australia. He says he wants to support me with everything I put my mind to and if it means going abroad."
"Except you can't stand the idea of being away from him for that long? It makes sense considering having gone through that already. What did you have in mind instead?"
"If I stay, I work without getting promoted."
"Let me guess. He wants you to be promoted?"
"In short, yes."
"Hmmm...don't think you that it's just as important making him happy as it is you being happy?"
"What do you mean?"
"You're ok with staying but your leaving means more to Nate than you staying. If he's willing to support you, knowing what the risks are, shouldn't you at least support him with his decision? When you think about it, it wasn't an easy decision. I'm sure you guys talked about it, right?"
"Wow, I never thought of it that way."
"You've been through it before, you can overcome it again. What matters is not how far you are, but how much closer together you're getting each day. It's not a decision made at the expense of your relationship, it's made through it! You guys are getting stronger because of this."
"Hey you're right! Thanks a lot. I'm so glad I spoke to you and have you as a great friend. I really feel so lucky to be surrounded by such great guys!"
"Thank you very much. May you prosper with all your endeavours."
"Thanks you too. Bye now"

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Re: Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

Postby candcross » Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:32 am

Jim, I am sorry, I should have shown you more love.


"The blood flows so easily." He penned before passing out.

Eighteen hours previous.

"But what about Janice and the kids."

"They are all set. Janice inherited ten million dollars from her grandpa. My grandkids will be able to live off that."

"But why?" I pled. "Do you know how selfish this is? We all have to stay here and suffer and you are taking the easy way out. Don't you think that Janice, Berry and J.R. will miss you?"

"They will get over it."

"Do you remember when Joe died?"


"Do you remember what happened to Betsy? She still hasn't recovered and that was three and a half"

"Betsy and Janice are two different people." Jim said, interrupting me.

"How do you think Janice is going to feel when you leave her?"

"It's not like I am moving in with another woman." Jim retorted.

"So when she thinks 'he would rather die than live with me' you want me to tell her, you said, "You'll get over it".

"Now, come on Chris, you are going to far with your words."

"I believe those are your words. Don't you think you're going to far?"

"This will be the second time I will have to go through Chemo. I am not doing it again."

"What about Berry? You have pushed her hard to play soccer. You know how she loves it. What do you think is going to happen to her, when she takes the field, for a sport she worships, and now she can't play because you gave up on her?"

"I told you, keep your tongue in check. She is strong-willed, like her mother. She will survive."

"Is that what you think? What if surviving is the only thing she does? She is only sixteen. Do you want her to just survive for the rest of her life? What kind of life is just survivng? What if she were here and you were sitting in my seat right now? What would you tell her? How about J.R.? Do want him thinking that you chose death over him? He is only 3."

"This is the last time I am telling you, watch your tongue. You saw me the last time. All the chemo treatments. Not being able to work for six months. Having Janice wait on me hand and foot. It was hard on her too. I don't want to put her through that again. I used to listen to her cry at night, from the bedroom."

"Yeah, that was hard. But it was temporary. The chemo worked and you got better. You are only 34."

"And the Chemo aged me 20 years or did you not notice, I am not like I used to be."

"Look, I don't know what else to say. I have tried everything I know and you don't want to hear it. And I am tired of argueing with you. So go do what you're going to do, I don't care."

I got up from the table fuming from the conversation and did not look back.

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RE: Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

Postby Alina » Sun Nov 21, 2010 5:51 pm

Jason was in love. Would his best friend understand? Would he get the advice he wanted to hear? He decided to state his case plainly and hoped for the best.

"I know we've been the closest of friends forever, but I've come to realize we should be more. I know it may sound crazy to you. I've even given you advice to help in your relationships with other men. But now I think that we are destined for each other. Now I know why no other woman makes me as happy as you. Because you're the only woman I was made for. And I think you were made for me too. So I need your advice. Am I crazy, or should I pursue these feelings I have for my friend? For you. I worry that if I'm wrong, I lose my lover and my best friend. But then if I'm right-", the big grin on my face made him stop.

I was astonished that I had never seriously thought of this, even as attractive as I think he is. But I started to see the possibility of my whole life with this wonderful man. A life full of laughter and support. I loved him. And now I wanted only him.

"My advice to you is to go get your woman and let me know if she's ever a jerk to you because I'll set her straight - with your help."

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RE: Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

Postby mantczak » Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:30 am

Pleasant day uh friend?

What's pleasant about it?

I find the sounds of this world to be pleasant. The best orchestra in the world if you ask me.

Can't you see man, I have no legs and one arm?

No I can't see. I was born blind.

Listen man, I am sorry about that. But who the hell are you?

A friend.

Well friend, I'm 21 and I'm alive but dead, mostly dead. If I had my weapon, my grenade, my knife, my real friend death and me would meet and he is the person I want to meet most. But they won't kill me and they won't let me kill myself. I hate them. I do feel for you. I feel for all these guys. But we're no good anymore. We're used up. Sitting in this bed, day after day, watching these young nurses, still having the same urges as any other 21 year-old, and I can't do anything. Not a goddamn thing. And they tell me, the priests tell me, the doctors tell me, the psychiatrists with their pills, I'm alive and I should be grateful for that. Grateful, I mean when they say that I want to to rip out their guts. When I was in basic and they're telling you that you are the best, the most elite, the most fearsome fighters in the world, you believe it. They don't bring you to places like this because you might just start thinking it's all poop unicorns and rainbows what they're telling you.

Is that what you think now?

Hell yeah that's what I think now. I give em one arm and two legs and they give me a ****ing piece of medal with a nice ribbon. Not my idea of a good bargain.

How the hell do you get through without seeing? That's almost as bad as me.

Just fine. Like I said, the world is always singing, but rarely do people take notice.

I don't hear anything but doctors poop unicorns and rainbows me.

I have a knife. It's got a real nice edge to it. You could slice your femoral artery or jugular and end it all right now.

You do uh. Let me see it.

The man produced the knife. Peter examined it, opening the blade and testing it's sharpness with his thumb for much longer than necessary to determine it's cutting ability.

What do you mean about singing? The world is singing.

The man approached.

Close your eyes.

The man touched Peter's heart. Peter calmed down. He face became serene. His mouth softened. His muscles relaxed. He smiled faintly at first like a true doubter but it took hold. Peter grasped the man's hand not with a soldiers grasp but a lovers. He heard the music. He heard the ancient music and all primordial voices telling him to live. Tears swelled and streamed. Love filled him.

When he opened his eyes the man was gone.

Five years later.

Peter wheeled himself on stage. For five minutes the applause lasted. He took hold of the microphone and the band played on. He sang his heart out like always. Peter took a bow saying a silent prayer of gratitude to his blind friend, like always.

The End.

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RE: Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

Postby elessarswife » Sun Dec 12, 2010 8:10 pm

“Thanks for meeting me on such short notice, Austin.”
“Uh huh.”
“I mean it.”
“Yeah, whatever. What do you want?”
“Look, I’ve- I think…no, I know what I’m gonna do now.”
“Great; I can finally start sleeping at night.”
“Knock it off, smart***.”
“I’m here, aren’t I?”
“Yeah; you came through for me-“
“I always come through for you, Dean. No big surprise here.”
“Yeah; I know.”
“Okay, so what’s the life crisis now? You and Nina have another blow up or did she kick you out? Again?”
“How can that be possible?”
“I’m leaving her-“
“What the hell-?”
“I can’t take it anymore. She goes through money like water, she can’t cook worth a damn and all I hear is how ‘Austin would never’ or ‘Austin always does this’ and it’s driving me bat ****!”
“What about the kids?”
“I’ll split custody with them or something.”
“Suck it up, Dean. You made your bed, now you gotta lie in it.”
“Austin, man; I can’t deal with this crap anymore.”
“Oh, you bet your *** you will.”
“Look; I know I messed up by-“
“Stealing my girlfriend in the first place?”
“I didn’t mean to-“
“You didn’t mean to but you did.”
“We thought you were dead over there, man.”
“It must have been quite inconvenient then for me to’ve been found alive by my regiment, huh?”
“Man, why are you bringing this up? You know I wouldn’t of done anything had I any hope that you were alive somewhere. You know that. When are you ever gonna believe me?”
“I honestly don’t know, man.”
“Hey, where’re you going?”
“To help you.”
“By leaving?”
“Trust me; it’s the best way I can think of.”

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RE: Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

Postby loganatr » Thu Feb 03, 2011 7:09 am

Yes, dude, definitely talk to her.
How do you find that there's room for interpretation??? Go. Talk. To. Her.
Well, maybe she is looking at Me. So what? Hook me up, brah!
Look, quit dwelling on the negatives- just go over there, say, hi, offer to buy her something. She'll like that. Trust me.
Because- drinks are, like, two dollars! It's not a contract, it's just a way of breaking the ice.
Okay, holy cow, I can't believe I'm out here with you. I'm literally never coming out with you again!!! Friendship over, I can't believe you have the gall to call me out for being irresponsible and all that poop unicorns and rainbows you were saying the other day if you literally cannot go over and talk to a regular, warm-blooded, good-looking American girl who's wearing that repulsive t-shirt that you like. What's the good of “being a respectable man” and “not being hungover for church” if you can't even get a girlfriend who doesn't spoonfeed you?
Why am I not hitting on her, then? Okay, dude, I hate you. I'm finishing my beer and then leaving... Oh, look, she's coming over here. This is just great. She's gonna talk to me because I'm the only one making eye contact with her... you're going to assume that she's still intended for you because once I do all the work, Lord knows you're going to summon the courage to cooly light a cigarette and start acting wise... when I try to leave with her, you're going to tell that one story about me puking on your couch... and for what? So you have the chance to chat her up for a few days before you decide that she's “full of herself?” Christ, I hate you, if I ever make literally any money at all I'm building a moat and you're never coming around my house again. Dude, seriously, if it wasn't between you and the juggalo crew, I'd let you know which ones were “jokes” and which ones weren't, of the things I've been saying over the years. Dammit!
All my friends live out of state. No, yeah, we've known each other forever... and we're “friends,” and I know I'm your best friend, and that I'm the only action in this town. But haha, see how she's here now and I'm smiling at you now? You're too stupid to know this, but that's not friendly. Look at how she's leaning in toward me! Look at how she's smiling! And the initiative she took in coming over here! But good Lord, you have to ruin that by letting her know: a) you're emotionally unavailable and mysoginistic- great joke you broke the ice with, there, papi; and b) I can't, for whatever reason, seem to shake you off.
Okay, best thing I can do is get her number and tell her unfortunately we have to leave... oh, wait, you're staying? That's great! But you're going to get her number, too? Oh, excellent, excellent. Yeah, might as well put her on the spot and make it tough for her to refuse. She's really going to appreciate that in a week or two when I'm trying to find my way around the basepaths... and the best part is when I bitch about THAT later on, you're only going to hear what you'd already decided: that she's a nut who's too hard to crack, and that it's her problem, and that you warned me once you were “done” with her, by which I mean she stopped replying to your text messages once she was sure that you weren't actually over my apartment all that much. What? You're further going to tell me that I'm only dwelling on my problems and reflecting them onto you when I try to correlate the baggage in our relationship with the awkward passes you made at its outset? Hey, thanks for the intended support, by the way. It's been a pleasure propping you up without any help from you on my end. You're dragging me down, bro. Anyway, I'm leaving. Have fun tonight, you two! I'll expect a call when she says she wants to have a couple friends over your place, and should she bring some games or anything?

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RE: Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

Postby Depo » Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:41 am

“ This is awful. What do we do?”
“ I don't know. That's why I'm asking your opinion. Look, if you're not up to this or it's too much, I'll just....”
“ Whoa, hold on, OK? Don't get so defensive. This just blows me away. I'm trying to process it, alright? You know I'm here for you. I mean, what are best friends for? This situation is so surreal. How did you find out?” The two men sit and stare at one another for a moment, both silently acknowledging that there is no turning back after they start down this road. What has to happen, what must be done, is terrible and sad and necessary. “ I found out last month. I mean, it just happened. BAM! No warning, no signs, nothing. How is this even possible, is the question I keep coming back to.”
“ What was is it like?”
“ I already told you, I don't want to go into detail about this. It's already hard enough.”
“ I know, but, I have to have a good understanding about what happened, what's happening, so I can justify to myself what you're asking me to do. I'm not making this about me, and I would never put you in a bad spot, or hurt you, or cause you pain, just to satisfy morbid curiosity. Try to look at what you're saying, what you're asking, from my point of view. Can you do that?” Again, there is a long pause between the two of them and it is beginning to become uncomfortable to make eye contact with each other. “ I'm sorry. You are right. I don't know what I'd do, how I'd react, if you came to me with something like this. You know, the whole shoe is on the the other foot thing.”
“ It's cool, man. I can't say I understand how you feel or what you are going through at all. But, I know it has got to feel very scary and very lonely. So, I'll do what you want me to, but I have to feel like.... I have to be convinced that it's the right thing to do. Do you think there is anyway you can live with this? Maybe figure out a way to suppress it?”
“ I've thought about that, and I don't think so.”
“ Does it hurt when it happens?”
“ Yea, but, it's kinda like when you feel pain in a dream. It's gone as soon as it's over and I can't remember how bad it hurt. There's no lingering discomfort afterward. It's the way I feel inside, the thoughts that go through my head. I'm completely out of control when it happens. It's like a black out from drinking, except, for the overriding feeling that I have to not only kill, but rend, tear apart, to mutilate. Part of it's hunger, but for the most part it's just a red rage, the need for violence that takes over.”
“ And you think you may have actually hurt someone? It wasn't a bad dream or a hallucination?”
“ The blood on my hands was real.”
“ Any chance it could have been yours?”
“ I don't know.”
“ So, let me get this straight. In all your research of this, all of the stories and legends, come back to three common points. It has to be done by someone that loves you. It doesn't have to be a woman? It doesn't have to be done by a person that you are in love with?”
“ Nothing I've found specifies it in that detail. It says only that the person has to love you. It's not like the movies make it out to be.”
“ Whatever is? Alright, so, it has to be a silver bullet and it has to be done when the Moon is full? It's sounds like Hollywood got that part right.”
“ Maybe, but the reality around what it is, the true nature of this thing is wrong. It's pure evil. Demonic.”
“ It's a full moon tonight.”
“ I know, that's why I gave you the gun first. So you would have it, should you need it early. It's starting. I'm turning.” The man howled, scaring the other, surprising him, and changed before his eyes. They man's best friend said, “ I love you.”, and emptied all six silver bullets from the revolver into the creature that once was his best man and his brother.

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RE: Helping a Close Friend - 6/1

Postby Depo » Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:59 am

Oops. I commented on my own story. Lol.


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