Power Outage - 6/15

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Re: Power Outage - 6/15

Postby whatevertheyaint » Tue Jun 22, 2010 7:41 am

Wow, I'm scared now, and it's not even the eigth:-)  Good read.  Love the ending.

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RE: Power Outage - 6/15

Postby Alessandra » Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:33 am

"This sucks." Jake said.
I scowled at him. His hair, which was, believe it or not, longer than mine, was always in a braid.
Jake is Hallie's boyfriend. I don't approve, but since Hallie really likes him, I allow it. I'd prefer her to go out with Jake's younger brother, who is her age. His name is Mark, and as I watched him, he stared longingly at Hallie. In the dark of the power outage, I didn't hide my smile.
We waited as Jake ran up the stairs. He came back down, holding the big old dusty book Grandma reads.
"Millie, why don't you read to the children?"
I could hear Jake scoff. "We're teenagers."
"Four fifteen year old kids." I said. "Not children, but kids."
I took the book from Grandma. The cover was in Italian, but I could read it. It translated to FEAR AND BONES.
"Read the story that's just inside on a different paper. It's translated English."
"Years ago," I read, deciphering her warbly hand writing. "There was a beautiful princess, but her heart was stone. The king decided that she would marry whoever could carve their name into her stone heart. He set a spell upon her. When she fell in love, she would be forced to marry. For awhile nothing happened. Princes tried to get her to fall in love with them. But the princess was being harsh and, in secret, cursing her suitors with immortality, a gift she'd accidentally bestowed upon herself.
"But a street orphan had fallen in love with the princess. He snuck to her window in the middle of the night and laid a kiss upon her head. She awoke with a start and cursed him immediately. When he realized what had happened, he left and stole a silver dagger, one that could kill an immortal. On the first night of the full moon, he lied in wait on her floor until he was sure she was fast asleep. Then he carved his name into her chest, killing her. He then stabbed himself." I paused, squinting through the darkness to see the others' reactions. Grandma looked pleased. Jake looked a little fearful, but it wasn't too much. Yet. I could see Rosie, one of Hallie's friends, stand and go into the bathroom. "The name carved in her heart of stone drove her body, once in hell, to return to earth and find the path to heaven so she may be with her love. The king hadn't meant the spell to be taken literally, but it was. She traveled through the body of another, but once on earth, her soul tried to take control of her spell. She did sins, carving her name in the chest of others, blood splattering her hands. And now, on the first night of every full moon, she carves her name into yet another's chest."
I looked around, surprised.
"Tonight's the-the first night of the full moon." Jake said, eyes wide.
"It is." Grandma said gravely."I wonder who will be the next."
That's when there was a shrill scream from the bathroom.

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RE: Power Outage - 6/15

Postby Writergir111 » Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:25 am

Sitting in the nice light of my Urban home, suddenly the jarring
sound of lighting hitting a electricty pole knocked on my ears
entering over and over and over again unwelcomed. Out of no were
the room turn's dark and the ruthless sound of kid's screaming
echoed down the stair, soon followed by foot steps stomping like
a heard of elephants.
"MOMMM" all three kids screetched
"Oh Shut up scardy cat's " Jenny said trying to start a fight
" Its ok guys come sit down let's do shadow puppets!" i said
hoping they would decline the offer.

"YEA" Dawson and Dusty Screamed at the top of there lungs.

"Sure beats siting in the dark." Jenny rudely remarks.

Trying my best to make animal shapes I can tell they are getting
bored fairly quick!

"Ok what do y'all want to do ? "

" How about a terrifying story "

" YEA " they boys screetch

" Are you sure you want get scared boys? " Who am I kidding they
are almost 10

"Why would I get scared ? Im almost 10 mom " Dawson replied. Exactly
What I was thinking.

"Ok Here it goes ! "

Taking a short break before even knowing what to say I decided to
re - word a true story about a Lady Called Lizzie Borden .

" Have you kids ever heard of Abigal Gorden ? "

How cheesy, as I guess they would say .

" My older sister told me a version of the story . The one I belive
is true! Do you think you can handle it? "

" Duh mom " Jenny rudely stated

" Ok. Ok. Some say Abigal was mentaly unstable, some say she just
had way to much anger building up inside her. She just never showed
it !. It was just a normal Saturday morning. Birds chirping to the
flow of the air, chores , breakfast was the last meal though sadly"

Jenny's face showed a smirk. Im guessing she got what the story
was about.

" Abigal's Stepmother, was said to be a cruel mom to Abigal. Though
some say she was the sweetest mother one could hope for! I guess
Abigal didn't think so. About 10:30 she grabbed an ax. Gripped it
with all her strength and searched the house for her mother.
Her mom was laying siting on her bed when Abigal Swung the axe Forty
times instanly killing her mother "

Jenny grabbed her phone texting some one ? Ignoring me i guess.

" Think shes done? Nope."

Dawson and Dusty phone start to ring . They both stare at there phones and answer at the same time

" Lizzie borden took an axe and Gave her mother forty wacks when she saw what she had done she gave
her father forty - one " their phones sing

I gave Jenny a look knowing it was her. In return I got the * What * look .

" Who's Lizzie borden ?" Dusty squeals .

Suddenly my flashlight batteries turn off and nothing can be seen .

" Lizzie is Abigals first name ! Stay here let me go get batteries guys ."

Finding Batteries I quickly return trying to think of a way to frighten the kids .

" Ok " I flip the flashlight on shing it on my face

" Abigal Gorden aka Lizzie Borden is said to Hate it when her stories told. Why? you might ask.
She thinks its unfair the way her story's told she' told to come to you exactly 15 minutes after
the story's over and attack you Exactly the way she did he parents . Except her new victims have to
sit for exactly 40 minutes slowly dieing . "

" Sure you do mom Not so scary sorry! " Dusty mocks me

I flip of my flashlight off. And on. I shined the Flashight where Jenny should be .

" Where is your sister! " I say knowing what she was doing .

" O NO ! " Dawson and Dusty cried at the same time .

" AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" a mysterious voice from up the stairs screeches .

We all Dash for the stairs . When we reach the top Dusty's bare feet turn red

" Oh My, MOM what's that ? " Dusty cries'

As I glance at his feet Dawson Screeches ITS BLOOD!

" Jenny ? " Dusty begs for a response

" He..." The voice turns weak

" The bathroom ! " i say .

We reach the door staring in Jenny Laying on the floor Covered in blood Dawson drops to the floor
crying. Obviosly falling for the prank Jenny must be playing .

"MOM " Dusty Points To Jenny's head

An Axe laying beside her? We don't have an axe ... ? Where did she get that ? Then the lights flip
on . Jenny . She's . It's not a prank ?

"JENNY! " Boys call an ambulance.

10 minutes later. No one came back up the stairs. No ambulance. I rush down stairs to See whats the
matter. Reaching the bottom of the stairs. I see my kids lying there dead. Axe's inside them .
Word's written in blood on the wall * I don't like the story *. Turning around wondering what to
do suddenly a Face appears out of nowhere. An axe flying towards me . I. I . i. I can't breathe!

As my spirit hovers over my body Dawson, Dusty , and Jenny all run to my body their Dad taking off
the Halloween mask and setting down the fake axe and Immediately call 911. I don't understand! They
Killed me ! Accidentally though . Why . Why such a Harsh prank . Why. A light appears before me
and I see my creators hand reaching out for me . I grab it and head for the Golden Gates of Heaven
Leaving Earth Behind. R.I.P.

( Idk if it's less then 750 word I didn't count : )

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Re: Power Outage - 6/15

Postby adeptula » Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:23 am

“Okay I guess the shadow bunnies aren’t working huh?” Tim said. He could tell by the kid’s faces that they weren’t too intrigued. “Alright then gather around kids. I’ll tell you a ghost story about the old Victorian house. This is how it goes….”

Ally was house-sitting for her neighbors down the block. She invited a couple of friends to join her at the old Victorian house. Within a half hour of Joe’s and Sarah’s arrival, the storm came on strong and the powers went out without warning. Ally thought this was a perfect gathering for ghost stories. She had a perfect tale to tell her friends and was scaring herself just thinking about it in the old house. The house was overcast with dark shadows as she walked. She felt like someone was following her every step. The door bell rang and she jumped at the sound.
“I’m glad you guys are here. This place gives me the creeps,” Ally said.
“This is a mansion!” Sarah beamed. “Too bad it’s dark and the power’s out. I would love to explore.”
“Maybe the power will come back on soon,” Joe implied with optimism.
“Come on let’s go into the living room. We’ll have more lights,” Ally said, handing Sarah a flashlight. “Sorry I only found two flashlights, but I lit some candles. That’s all the lighting we’ll have for now.”
They entered double doors into a massive room. “This it?” Sarah looked around, amazed. “This is more of a huge parlor than a living room.”
“Why didn’t you light the fireplace?” Joe asked.
“No time of course. I didn’t exactly know when the power was going to go out and besides, we need to find wood to burn.”
“There’s none around?”
“Hey what about in there?” Sarah asked, pointing to a door beside the fireplace.
Joe walked over to a door and opened it. “Whoa!”
“What is it?” Both girls asked.
“Thought this was a pantry or closet or storage of some sort, but there’s stairs.”
“Stairs? What do you mean? Impossible,” Ally said, then walked over to him. Sarah joined. Ally shone the flashlight. The stairs looked endless, overwhelmed by darkness. Cold air rushed by them, and a stench woke up their olfactory systems.
“Did you feel that?” Joes asked.
“Yeah, but what was that horrible smell?” Sarah pinched her nose in disgust.
“Help me…..help me.” A voice spoke from beneath.
“Crap!” Joe shut the door without notice. “Who’s down there?”
“I….don’t know. There shouldn’t be anyone,” Ally said.
“I don’t like this. We should get out of here,” Sarah said, looking at Ally.
“I can’t just leave. I’m responsible for their house. I’m house-sitting remember? That’s what you do. You stay here and watch the house, not leave.”
“Well, we can’t deny that someone’s down there. And if they need help, we should help,” Ally said. “Joe--open the door and ask who’s down there.”
Slowly, Joe opened the door. “Hello? Is someone down there?”
Silence. “Maybe we’re imagining this. There’s no one down there. Like I said, impossible,” Ally said, then sighed.
Just when Joe closed the door, they heard a cry. “You hear that?”
Sarah, startled, grabbed onto Ally’s arm, standing closely next to her. Joe opened the door again and this time they heard the voice cry out for help again, an eery voice.
“Maybe we should go down. There’s clearly someone in need of help,” Joe said.
“How bout we call the cops?” Sarah suggested. “Something creeps me out about that, just even looking down those stairs into complete darkness gives me the jitters.”
“I have a bad feeling too,” Ally said, then walked over to a tall hutch. She picked up the receiver of an old-fashioned dial phone. “Um guys…..there’s no dial.” Then a loud screech came. Ally slammed the phone down and ran toward her friends. “There was no dial and then I heard someone whisper my name! Forget what I said. Let’s get out of here.”
The three friends ran to the front door. Ally was first. She grabbed the door knob but it wouldn’t budge. She unlocked all of the locks, but they turned and went back into locked positions. Then some unseen force grabbed Joe. He was screaming and flailing his legs and arms; he was dragged down into the darkness, to the voice that was calling for them. Both Ally and Sarah froze, grasped each other, now crying at the bloody explosion.

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Re: Power Outage - 6/15

Postby silverweed » Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:37 am

I shuffle blindly through the dark room, my fingers fumble over a stack of papers, typewriter, mug of hot cocoa—splash—flashlight. Click. I shine the beam at the knocked-over mug, it's contents seep over to my paperwork and drip off the side of my desk. Sighing, I quickly head into the kitchen for a rag. Crunch. Slam. Someones in the kitchen. “Kira?” Cautiously, I step into the room and shine my flashlight at the fridge. My daughter looks up from her late night-potato chip snack. “Hi mommy, did you hear da thunder?” I breathe a sigh of relief, I get jumpy at night. “Yes I did, but you have to go to sleep Kira. You have ballet in the morning remember?”
“I don't feel sleepy though!” she protested, “I tried goin to sleep but I couldn't.”
“Fine, I'll let you stay awake a little longer and then you have to at least try to lie down, okay?” Kira reached up to the counter and set down the chips. “What are we gonna do?”
“Well there's not a lot to do in a power outage, Kira. Want to make shadow puppets?” I tried, “look a rabbit!” I lamely attempted to make a shadow of a rabbit on the wall with my flashlight. “How about this...A rock. Tada!” Kira wasn't impressed. “Lets do somethin' else mom.” I drop my rock hand and put my hands on my hips. “I told you there's not a whole lot to do when the powers out.” Kira started bouncing up and down. “I know—a scary story!” she said. “I don't know about that, I don't want you scared before you go to sleep.”
“Plllease!” She continued bouncing. “It doesn't have to be too scary.” Once again I let in. “Alright one not-to-scary story, then you have to go to sleep.” Kira eagerly agreed, “okay!” I shined the flashlight up under my chin for emphasis, then began.

“Once upon a time, there was a man named Willy—” I stop as Kira giggles at the name of her pet bunny, and then continued. “ Willy was a very tall man with a long hook nose and black eyes. His eyes were so black because he never thought of anything happy. He only thought of mean things. He hid next to his neighbors front steps at night with a phone and called their house to see if they were home if they picked up he would know that they were home and he would sneak into their bedroom. If they didn't pick up he would wait until the next night to see if they were home.” I brought down the flashlight. “This isn't too scary Is it?”
“Nuh-uh,” Kira shook her head. “Okay...well anyways—“ I straightened up as I heard my cell phone ring. Kira ran over to the kitchen table and reached for it. “No Kira!” I joked. She flipped open the phone, grinning. “Hello?” I waited. “It's dad,” she said. “Can I talk to him Kira?” I ask. “Okay” She handed me the phone. “Hello?” I waited. “Hello, are you there?” I shut the phone. “He must of hung up,” I said. “Let me finish the story. “ Kira sat back down. “So, Willy would wait until the neighbors went to sleep and then he would creep over to their beds and....Tickle them!” I scooped up Kira in my arms and tickled under her neck, she giggled and squirmed then gradually started to calm down. “That was a short story mom,” she said. “But I liked it”
“It would have been longer but I want you up early tomorrow so you can have a good breakfast before your dance lessons.” She looked up at me, and gave me a thumbs up. “Okay mom.” I carried her up into her bed and kissed her goodnight —then I remembered the hot chocolate spill. After wiping up the sticky mess, I headed up the stairs to my bedroom and tucked myself in. eventually I fell asleep under my warm bed sheets....

A chill rushed through my body as I felt something brush across my hand, then creep up my arm. I suppressed a shudder. Fingertips tiptoed up my neck to my ear—I sat up. “Kira what are you—“ I gasped. The tall man with black eyes that stood over my bed was definitely not Kira.

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RE: Power Outage - 6/15

Postby ralphthesilverbag » Fri Jun 25, 2010 10:04 pm

this story is amazing!!!! it had me on the edge of my chair the whole time!!! very creative plot as well

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RE: Power Outage - 6/15

Postby heathermoreland » Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:49 am

LIFE. :o

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RE: Power Outage - 6/15

Postby Cassy » Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:19 am


“Mom it's raining pretty bad” Dean said, standing nervously at the window with his arms crossed over his chest gazing out.

The lamp post outside sizzled and flickered off and on again sending a monstrous glare through the room.

From where Laurie sat she caught a quick glance of Dean's reflection and jumped.

“Dean sit down. You're scaring mom!” Penny said.

“Come sit down with us honey,” Laurie said as she got up and made her way to the kitchen. “Its very dangerous to stand at the window during a storm.”

“But I'm worried about Dad. He should've been home an hour ago.”

At the window Dean stood silent, listening to his mother fumbling through the utility draw.

A sudden bolt of lightening flashed and a strong wind blew through the room sending the curtains flying into the air and scraping the big Oak tree in the front lawn against the window where Dean stood with a monstrous screech.

Dean jumped and tried to back away put he tripped over his toy train and toppled to the floor. The room went dark.

“Mom!” Penny screamed.

The wind swept through the kitchen forcing the back door open with a clutter. Laurie grabbed the flashlight, pushed the door closed and propped a chair against it.

“Is everything alright?” Laurie said running into the room.

“ It's dark!” Penny called “and I think Dean is dead. He was struck by the lightening.”

Penny curled up on the sofa and pulled her feet from the ground. Trying to find the switch on the flashlight, Laurie fumbled into the table, sending the lamp crashing to the floor.

Penny screamed.

“Dean?” Laurie called peering at the dark window. “Penny where are you?”

“Right here,” but she didn't move. Laurie made her way to the sofa. “Don't move.”

“Dean?” Laurie called but there was only silence. She flicked the switch on the flashlight sending a dim light through the room.

“Rrrraaaaaaa,” Dean jumped up as the flashlight's glare hit him, sending Laurie and Penny bolting and screaming across the room.

“Got you!” Dean fell on the sofa in a fit of laughter.

“How could you do that to your sister and I.” Laurie said, still clutching Penny in a huddle in the corner of the room. She walked over to the sofa patting Dean on the leg as she sat down and holding Penny still frightened, clinging to her. They laughed.

“You should've seen your faces.”

And then there was a pounding on the back door. Dean jumped into his mother's arms. They sat frightened and still in the dark room.

“What is it?” Penny asked frightened and clinging again but she was shaken by another knock on the door.

“Sshh. Where is the flashlight?” Laurie whispered.

“Here.” Penny quietly handed her mother the flashlight.

“What do you what?” Dean yelled.

“Sshh.” Laurie said grabbing Penny and Dean.

There was a crash and as Laurie listened to the foot steps racing toward the room, she pulled the children quietly toward the front door. As she turned to pull the door closed behind them, Phil called.

“Where are you going? It's raining.”

“Dad!” Penny and Dean shouted in relief behind the partially closed door.

“Oh. Phil! Hi honey!” Laurie said pushing the door open with a sigh of relief.

“The chair is blocking the back door. Didn't anyone here my knock?” Phil looked around the room.

“What in the world happened here? And why are you sitting in the dark?

Laurie and Dean looked at one another and laughed hysterically.

“The powers out!”

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Re: Power Outage - 6/15

Postby zbtnuco » Sun Jul 04, 2010 12:13 pm

“Once upon a time,” Dan whispered, “there was a young Spaniard named Don Fernando.” Bell shifted in my lap, and Timothy was distracted from his shadow puppets. They eyed Dan warily. The children were nervous—heck, even I felt a little bundle of fear in my stomach. Dan, however, relished this fear. “Don Fernando,” he repeated, licking his lips for moisture. “He was the best bull-fighter in all of Spain. Many people loved him, and many people envied him. Handsome, quick, fierce, young... he was everything a bull-fighter ought to be. This made Don Fernando very cocky.” Above us, the storm raged, howling and hammering at the windows.

“One night,” Dan continued, “Don Fernando was coming home from a bull-fight. He was walking cheerfully along, thinking of the wins he had achieved, when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It looked like a flash of red. He turned quickly, his hands grappling for the dagger at his belt. It was dark, though, and the thing he saw was gone. “Hola?” he cried softly, peering into the blackness, but nothing answered except a swish of the wind. Don Fernando continued his way, slightly less cheery. He kept peering over his shoulders, but nothing ever appeared. It wasn’t until he reached his street that he started to feel better. After all, he could see his house from here, and his young wife would be waiting for him with some fresh mole. However, two houses down, he saw something in the corner of his eyes again. Red, like the cape he used to distract the bull. He turned around quickly, his hands going to his dagger.

“Hola?” he cried a little louder, trembling. Nothing answered him except the swish of the wind. He peered into the dark silently, and then turned hurriedly around and headed home. The wind bit at his cheeks and tore at his ears, and he was happy to be so near his house. However, as he approached, he noted with mounting uneasiness that the house was pitch black: no welcome home lights, or a proud wife, or a bowl of mole on the table. He slowly walked up the steps and opened his door.

“Esmeralda?” he called hopefully, peering into to the hall. No one answered. He tiptoed into the family room and turned on the lights. Esmeralda was sleeping soundly on the sofa. “Esmeralda!” he cried happily, and sat down next to her. “Oh, my love, the night I’ve had!” He touched her cheek, and she slowly opened her eyes. However, as soon as she spotted him, she sat up in horror.

“My love!” she cried, terrified. “What has happened?”

Don Fernando was confused, but thought perhaps Esmeralda had noted his pale face and sweaty brow. “I have been chased by the devil, my love. But now I am home, and now I can eat. Where is—,“ but he was cut off by Esmeralda touching her hand to his face. When she removed her hand, it was covered in blood.

“Ah!” Don Fernando cried, jumping up. “My face!” He raced to the bathroom and turned on the light. And there he stood, looking terrified into the mirror. Across his face were deep slash marks, oozing with his blood. One of his ears was gone. As he watched, his arms and torso became spotted with blood. “What is happening?” he cried, appalled.
And then, he saw something in the mirror that made his blood turn cold. Behind him was the likeness of the devil... a red bull, ravished and torn apart by some terrible fiend. Don Fernando cried out and ran from the room, but not before he recognized the bull as the one he had recently killed... the one whose face he had sliced, whose ear he had cut off, whose body he had poked and prodded and sliced and stabbed.

“Esmeralda!” he cried. He heard a clank in the kitchen, and he ran there. His wife was standing with a knife, her eyes wild, her hair unbundled. Outside, the wind started howling and hammering at their windows. “Out! Out, Devil!” Esmeralda cried, banishing her cooking knife. “OUT!”

Don Fernando took one last look at his lovely wife, and then ran out with a howl into the raging wind. They say that he was marked by the devil that night, and never was seen again. However, sometimes, when the wind is howling like tonight, one wonders... was that a flash of red?”

For a moment, we listened as the wind howled around us. Timothy’s eyes were wide above the flicker of the candle, and Bell was gripping my arms tightly. Then, suppressing his laughter, Dan said, “So kids, how about some shadow puppets?” He smiled, and the lights turned back on.

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Re: Power Outage - 6/15

Postby t-sizzles » Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:27 am

I was over at my friends house and he had two nieces and and a brother. I enjoyed playing with them a lot and he could see that I was good with kids. We were on playing on the swings when it started getting dark and very windy. "I know, let's watch Looney Tunes" Jason said with excitement. My friend said he had some things to take cafe of so he left me with the kids.

Just as we approached the living room, the lights went out. This was followed by screams and footsteps running up and down. "Calm down everyone. Check this out," I said with slightly harsh tone. The kids watched as I did everything I could to be funny with the shadow puppets but not a single one laughed or moved. Stacey yawned and said, "I'm bored, there's nothing to do."

"Alright", I said, "How about a scary story?" The kids nodded and sat down I. Front of me. The wind blowing heavily onto the curtains. I ignored them and began. "It was a gloomy, foggy night, the captain stood by the edge of the ship. He and his crew had been told earlier not to sail late in the afternoon because they would never make it back. Legend has it that a pirate ship with a big black sail and a skull sign on it created the fog and took nearby ships in and made them disappear."

The wind made windows open and close, banging as they were swinging. "You hear that?" I continued, "That's the sound the pirate ship would make when it created the fog." I was silent for a few seconds. I could hear the uneven breathing pattern and knew they were quivering wig fear. A door squeaked shut. I carried on with my story, "That's the sound the pirate ship would make when it made other ships disappear. The captain ignored the tale and carried on sailing deep into the sea. "Captain?", shouted one of he crew members, "There I can't see what's ahead. It looks misty."

The captain ran to the edge of the ship and looked out with his telescope. He still believed it was natural. They kept going and headed straight into the fog." A door squeaked as it closed slowly. "There!", I shouted, the kids gasped and jumped in fright. "The captain's ship disappeared along with the pirate ship and the fog. That dark gloomy night with the waves rough and the winds blowing heavily calmed down. The captain, his ship and his crew, were never found."

The wind calmed down and the front door opened slowly with a long squeak and shut. The power was back but our room remained the same because I turned of the lights and sockets. I was very still and quiet. The room started getting foggy (because the smoke machine was on before the power cut). I stepped out stealthfully and my friend and I held a big wooden shield put a ball on top and we stretched out two planks diagonally. We slowly came into the living room and once again, the room was filled with footsteps and screams when the kids saw what looked like a skull in the midst of the fog.


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