Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

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Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

Postby Brian » Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:07 am

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Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

Postby Brian » Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:07 am

Create a new human-esque race and describe it as thoroughly as possible. Be sure to describe appearance, culture, values, beliefs, etc.

You can post your response (750 words or fewer) here.

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Re: Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

Postby LittleEden » Tue Mar 01, 2011 11:25 am

It’s been over thirty years since I first stumbled upon the Allalopi clan living deep in the east Texas pine forest. I lived with them for a year, learning their language, history, and customs. When I left I promised to honor their desire to keep their presence unknown.

I have received a letter from their new chief, H’nPoa, their old chief H’nPoai has passed into the shadows, and his dying wish was to release me from my oath of secrecy. Now I am free to tell the world about the clan. Chief H’nPoa assured me that no harm would come to them by their story being told because they have relocated, and this time they are certain they will not be discovered.

Before I publish all of my notes of the year I spent with them, I will introduce them on my blog. I have shifted through my notes and the following is an outline of what I will post.
1. History: The clan’s oral history tells of the ancient fathers and mothers living in the far north before the Red Man crossed the land bridge. As the land was populated the clan was forced further south till they settled into the piney woods of east Texas.

2. Race / Description: They are human but when I had their hair and blood tested DNA showed their genes were 98% human but 2% unknown. The men are over 6’5”, lean but muscular, angular face with flat nose, strong thin lips, and narrow eyes. Red hair worn in long braids. The women are opposites of the men – 5’, round but not fat, oval face, pug nose, full lips, and large almond hazel eyes. There are no variations in size or physical traits – all men look alike, as do the women. The only distinction is that everyone has their own voice. No two voices are the same. The men’s are low and booming, the women’s are high and bell like. I never saw babies, or young of any age. When I asked about them I was told that they were safe, and would join the adults at their ”time of leafing”. I never learned the meaning of ”time of leafing”.

3. The men weave their clothes out of grasses with the feel and the look of fine linen. The women spin silk out of un-known source. Both men and women wear boots out of soft deer leather, silk laces, and beaten gold eyelets. Women wear silver earrings in each ear – the wear one gold earring in the right ear. The chief wore his in the left ear – other than that he dressed as the other men. They grow a variety of herbs, green and root vegetables which supplies 80% of their diet. Deer, rabbit, and wild boar are eaten one meal a week and on holy days.

4. They believed in one god, his son, and a spirit. They have no name for the three but burn incense and sing to them on Sunday mornings. They are intelligent with a rich oral history of songs, poems, and stories. After the coming of age they add their own words to the old ones or create new ones. They marry at the coming of age – 40 years for men; 50 years for women. Marriage is for life and they are content to live alone on the death of their mate. The oldest man was 144 years and the oldest woman was 173.

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Re: Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

Postby kangmandi » Thu Mar 03, 2011 6:39 am

“Mommy, what’s that one called?” Lila said, pointing at the cage.

Clara studied the thing, a species that she studied in elementary school. She remembered doing reports on the discovery of the five, a pivotal point in history. Unfortunately, reporters got wind of the detection of this species almost immediately. The discovery broke the colonies.

It was a bipedal creature like her own species, Dradis, found nearly one hundred and fifty years ago on a routine space mission that orbited the twin moons of the planet. How or why they got there was anyone’s guess. Since that time, scientists have had the chance to study them. They were very similar in appearance to the Dradis, although approximately twice the size. There were differences, of course. Their skin tones were varied and their eyes were smaller, while everyone she knew was the same blue gray hue and large, round eyes. They also had more teeth and larger jaws. Apparently, the lower facial structure meant that they had smaller brains, which also suggested they were a lesser species. But still sentient. Still life outside of their solar system. The 32 teeth suggested that they were an omnivorous species.

For a very long time, her people thought that they were the only beings alive in the universe. This creature proved that life on other planets was not only plausible, but that it was capable of travelling to their worlds. As such, the five planets that made up the colonies went into a full scale uproar. Many people thought it was a gift from the gods. Others thought they were proof that the three gods didn’t exist. Religion was questioned. The holy scriptures were denounced false. Temples burned and hallowed land was defiled.

Because the government founded by the church, people also began to question the leadership. The head of the church, the ruler of the nations, was executed, followed by his disciples and many more priestesses. Civil war broke out amongst the colonies. Thugs and mobs rules different areas of each planet. Every faction fought with each other. Disease, starvation, orphaned children were rampant. It was a dark time of anarchy.

All civilization has a way of turning itself around, of course. From the ashes, a victor is named. History books proclaim this hero the savior of the people, any who oppose him is called evil. It is like this in all change, all evolution. The recent histories are no different. The different factions merged, forming a government of free thinking without religion or gods, or even extra terrestrial aliens, where every Dradis is created equally in the eyes of another, everyone has a vote and a say. These were dark times, too, as the government has only a slight grasp hold on the present situation, and an explosion could mean another solar system war. But for the time being, there was peace amongst the colonies, and everyone has accepted that other life does indeed exist.

It was also an exciting time, and Clara smiled to herself. The next hundred years would see advances in technology, as her people would find a way to travel the universe farther, faster. They had a purpose now. Rebuild. Explore. Idly, she ran the six fingers on her left hand through her hair, smiling to herself. She was happy that she lived in this time.

“Mommy,” Lila urged, tugging on her mother’s sleeve.


“What’s that one called?” Lila said, clearly exasperated by Clara’s distracted answer.

“Sweetheart, it’s called a human.”

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Re: Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

Postby weetot » Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:23 am

Deep inside the hills of Oregon lives the last remains of the Dragon-Kind. Their history is quite remarkable, because they and the dragons have been run out of every civilized country on Earth because of fear. The Dragon-Kind are a fairly human race, having come down from the genetics of Orions and Earthlings who had mixed centuries before.
Since the Orions had webbing between their hands and feet, you can sometimes tell you've come upon a Dragon-Kind by a slight webbing between their fingers or toes. Also, their ears tended to be slightly pointed, but was usually covered by their extremely curly kinks of hair. There are a few Dragon-Kind that have straight hair, but they are rare. The girl I met, Kiza, was a rare example with white blonde hair as straight as an arrow. Kiza's facial features were petite as was usual with their race. They were telepathic because of their communication with the dragons.
They served the dragons, who remained hidden these days, except at night when they would fly around the mountains where they couldn't be seen by anyone. Kiza said they revered the dragons for their great intellect and wisdom and most people thought they worshipped the dragons, but they did not. The Dragon-Kind believed in a system of good and evil and that you were rewarded for your service with the dragons by reincarnation into a dragon (if you were good). If you chose an evil path, you became an infamous black dragon - the dragons to the South - that would steal and loot and shoot fire on their enemies. They were extremely rare and one hadn't been seen in a few hundred years. This was because of the basically good nature of the Dragon-Kind people.
Kiza was not mated yet, but her betrothal had been set when she was born. She knew who her mate would be and there were no problems in their culture with dating and finding the right mate. They accepted their betrothals with eagerness and looked forward to becoming a family unit in their society. But their population is dwindling, since the dragons aren't having as many offspring and there are fewer and fewer positions to serve the dragons. Some of the Dragon-Kind have taken to wandering around to explore the human race. They are amazed that our race has survived as long as it has. Their hope is that some day their race will be accepted by humans before it's too late and they disappear altogether.

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RE: Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

Postby eternoxamante » Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:20 am

I’ve been studying one of their kind for the past few months, and he’s been more than willing to share everything about his race with me. I will not be claiming that Kwan-Sueng and his race are consisted of saints; I assure you, they are truly, in Kwan-Sueng’s own words, “Monsters.”

Kwan-Sueng looks like your typical Korean nineteen year old; he’s got a round facial structure, a small nose and small, slanted eyes, (or, should I say eye?) and he’s got a thin, not-so-muscular frame. But when one takes a better look at him, his singular eye is reptilian; his pupil is long and slanted, and his eye is yellow with a flecks of gold dance, almost literally, around his eye. His hair is dual-toned; at it’s roots, it’s the typical chocolate brown that can be assumed belongs to most other Asians. But as it grows, it’s a straw-blonde color all the way down to the base of his neck. He says that those features that are considered “odd” by our standards are typical of his. He’s six foot even, and he says most males are taller than he is. He says that women are only an inch shorter or his size. His teeth - as the cut on my left hand demonstrated - are sharper than a dog’s teeth; I would go so far as to say they are razor-sharp, and with a simple scrape for a test I’ve got a slice on my hand. His claws are sharper, (though, I’ve only taken his word for this; I don’t want to test the theory out of fear of losing a limb or getting cut too extremely this time,) and he claims that his are growing back from years of filing them down. When asked about his eye, Kwan-Sueng claimed that it’s not uncommon for his kind to be missing eyes; if they don’t have twenty-twenty vision, their weaker eye falls out. He says he had twenty-twenty, but circumstances led him to lose it. I have yet to get him to admit what happened.

As you know, Doctor Vincent Markus Haggles came out in his reports a year ago and claimed that there were beings that could warp the space-time continuum. He described someone similar to Kwan-Sueng, and I’m afraid that I believe that he’s one of them. This is truly frightening, because - as described by the young man - they use that ability to catch their prey. “Now,” I asked, “what do you all consider prey?” and Kwan-Sueng’s reply was, “Humans.” They consume humans! I asked if all of them consumed humans. “Children don’t,” he informed me, “Our fathers kill our mothers and for our first five years, we feed off of them.” Other than this, though, he claims that they have similar religions and customs as humans! Can you imagine? And he claims that they avoid eating too much in order to fit in with the rest of humanity. I asked him, “Can you eat anything else?” “I don’t know about the others,” he replied, “But I’m allergic to every other meat. I can consume some vegetables, but not many. I vomit anything I’m allergic to back up.”

I hope to gather more information in our meeting today. Perhaps, he’ll show me how he warps space and creates what he calls an “Empty Space.”

I was asked to determine if he was safe to let back out into society. My verdict, as you can guess, would be no. I wouldn’t release him back into society even if -


“Doctor, doctor!” A young assistant rushed into Doctor Karina Lovell’s office with a panicked look on her face, “He’s escaped! Kwan-Sueng escaped! I went to check on him this morning and he was gone!”

“Oh God…” Doctor Karina Lovell stood from her desk slowly, “Call the police. Call the government. Call someone! If we let him go...."

"Doctor Lovell...?"

"Oh God..."

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Re: Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

Postby AlmostAlice » Sat Mar 05, 2011 8:57 am

kangmandi, love your little twist on the prompt. It's very good.

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Re: Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

Postby rosebud » Sat Mar 05, 2011 1:00 pm

About a century after humans colonized Mars, a new species began to evolve. Atmospheric changes caused by terraforming, and the resulting bacteria in the planet’s water gradually affected the offspring of the colonists. As a result, physical and neurological anomalies started to appear with alarming frequency.

Although this new generation of Martians resembled their human parents as youths, puberty brought some surprising telepathic and intellectual abilities. At first the proud parents considered this a natural evolution of their species, but as the children approached adulthood their hair began to fall out, bodies thinned and grew tall. The darkened eyes created unease among the founding families, fearful of loosing their standing to this new breed.

Demonstrators demanded the expulsion of these “freaks” of society to the other side of the planet. Because the Martians anticipated this reaction, they complied. With little assistance from the current government, the parents managed to supply food, clothing, tools, tents, and transportation for the voyage.

It would be twenty-five years before official talks between the two cultures opened. Curiosity and forming a trade pact were the initial reasons for the meeting, but both groups missed their relatives on the other side. The human’s decided to send an ambassador, his entourage, and about a hundred new Martian refugees.

All were welcomed with a parade of hovercrafts decorated with hybrid orchids, and floats carrying crossbred animal species resembling dogs, cats and horses. The festivities ended at the great hall constructed of indigenous raw materials and a new metal characteristic of platinum.

Ten Martian representatives entered the hall offering vegetarian food and red wine made from orchids. The humans were amazed at the rapid development of buildings, transportation, textiles and new species. This made their humble offerings pale in comparison.

As the first Martian spoke, he glanced over at the refugees. “I am called Ram,” he said. “And you are Ambassador Tucker. I see little has changed on your side of this world that you still exile your unwanted relatives.”

“No Ram, not exiled. This group wanted to come,” Tucker responded. “I’ve also brought messages from your families.” He held out a chest filled with letters and mementoes from home. “We came here hoping to reestablish relations. Evolution is inevitable and we must learn to adapt the changing circumstances of our world.”

Ram sensed sincerity in the ambassador and accepted his gifts. Sharing the initial struggles of forming a new society, Tucker realized there was nothing to fear from the Martians. Telepathy made it difficult to hide their true feelings, and their advanced intellect proved useful in developing new technologies. All this would become the foundation of improved relations with the humans.

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Re: Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

Postby Trissa » Sun Mar 06, 2011 10:46 am

"And on a local note, Sterling Hills' own Dr. Onya Primus receives the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Primus is honored due to her work in reintroducing many heretofore extinct species..."

"Dr. Primus, Channel 2 news, Ted Onslow. Describe your feelings to our viewers."

Onya Primus scanned the crowd before her. She could easily see the back of the room from her height of 8 feet. She held herself regally keeping two of her four slender arms tucked inside her caftan. Scanning the crowd, she widened the lenses of her amber eyes like binoculars to focus on those in the back of the room. Her eyes were double-lidded; the inner set sliding vertically while the outer set slid horizontally. This filtered pollutants and protected her eyes from harmful light rays. Onya Primus' smiled, her long, narrow lips parting to reveal the small blunt teeth of a plant-eater.

She raised one of her two exposed arms to tighten the bright scarf about her neck, closing the gill-like slits. These slits acted as vents to screen out pollutants, but when speaking to humans the gills waved. Her voice was tremulous. "I am very proud to accept this honor in the name of all Allusyians. As you know, my people had one purpose when we arrived on your planet 1000 years ago in your year 2012. Our mission has been to repopulate the earth with those species that humans let die off through neglect or wanton slaughter. As you may recall, at one time the Mayan calendar ended at the year 2012. Many humans believed that was when the earth was going to end or some other traumatic event would take place." She laughed as she proceeded. "I guess the Allusyians were the traumatic event. But instead of an end, we brought new beginnings."

"Dr. Primus, Channel 5. Sheila Quartus. Some people believe there are references to space travelers in Mayan art. Do you believe they refer to Allusyians?"

"Greetings, Sheila. I see you have some distinct Allusyian traits yourself," Onya Primus noted.

"Yes, Dr. Primus. On my mother's side. My human many- times great grandmother was selected for the initial cross-breeding studies." Sheila's amber eyes glistened with pride as she spoke. But while she had the double-lidded eyes, her gills were smaller. Sheila lacked Onya Primus' tall stature as well, being just six-and-a-half feet in height. Sheila's own four arms were the normal length of human arms and she displayed them openly in a teeshirt proclaiming "Sexy Kitten". As she held pen and clipboard with one set, the other set of hands were smoothing her short curly hair self-consciously.

"It is heartening to see other Allusyians and cross-bred humans expanding into other areas of earth society. When we first arrived, earth was in turmoil. There were religious groups preaching end-times, movies such as "Armageddon," "War of the Worlds," and others were showing other-worlders as violent. We were shown as creatures taking over this planet only to plunder it and wipe out the human population." At this Dr. Primus shuddered. "As you can see, we are nothing like that vision. We came only with the intention of repairing what was broken by human society."

"But Dr. Primus," Ted Onslow broke in. "By the cross-breeding experiments, was it not the Allusyian's intent to take over human society?"

"No, no, Mr. Onslow. If there had been any intent, it was to make human society more peaceful. More concerned with its environment and those we share this planet with. If we hadn't come...more species would have disappeared centuries ago. Perhaps even humans themselves."

"My wife is part Allusyian, Mr. Onslow," said a male reporter from the front of the room. "And a sweeter, more calming natured person doesn't exist. She practices the Allusyian Meditations every day. I've even started calling on the Great Forces of the universe when I'm stressed out."

"Your planet has called upon the Great Forces since the dawn of your time," Dr. Primus nodded sagely. "Your ancients once called upon the Spirit of the Trees, Spirit of the Wind, Spirit of the Wolf, and so on. But as humans progressed, they wandered away from the earth-bound beliefs and forgot the wolves, bears, and other creatures were their brothers. They started tearing the forests apart and left mountains ruined to quarry metals. This planet is too small to sustain such selfishness and greed."

Ted Onslow raised his arm for attention once again. "But as generations go by it seems more humans are being born with Allusyian traits. Weren't the first cross-breeding experiments test tube babies?"

Dr. Primus laughed again. "Yes, they were. But Allusyians adapt quickly and the cross-bred Allusyian offspring bred normally with humans. But as you can see," she pointed at Sheila Quartus. "Allusyian traits are dominant."

"You mean one day earth will be populated by tall, gangly, two-lidded, four-armed, gilled creatures like yourself?" Ted Onslow seemed horrified.

"But, Mr. Onslow," Dr. Primus held her arms out towards the crowd. "That time has already come."

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Re: Create a New Human-esque Race - 3/1

Postby JohnXLSX » Sun Mar 06, 2011 12:01 pm

After weeks of traveling, I find myself nearing the end of this long and weary journey. Old James Waldo hasn’t changed a thing. Old coot still loves to live apart from any form of civilization, and in dreadfully cold weather I might add. As I clear through the dead and solemn treed area, I lay eyes upon the marvelous mansion in which he resides in, and approach it, wondering for what in God’s name he’s called me here for.
I knock on the beautifully crafted door and almost immediately James himself opens the door.
“Oh, it’s you. And here I thought the Chinese delivery boy at last found his way here.” James said.
“My God James, you haven’t aged a day.” We shook hands, and James gestured me to come in.
We walked through the mansion’s immense hall, walked past its main stairway, turned right, and walked for at least five minutes until we arrived to a passage that led underground. We did so in silence, but with a great deal of anticipation. Never had I seen James struggle so much to keep quiet. There was something he simply wanted to scream out, but couldn’t. The tension was brutal.
At last, we arrived in this fantastically enormous room with tubes, cables, lights, and what seemed to be hundred of computers, all around leaving no corner unfilled.
“Patrick, I’ve done it!” James finally yelled out.
“What exactly did you do?” I said.
“For centuries, human beings have always attempted to play God. NEVER however, have any of them succeeded.” He stood in silence for a moment, and tears started to stream down his face. “Where they failed, I will prevail. Patrick, I have found frozen specimens of what I believe had been the inhabitants, of Atlantis.”
If it had been anyone else I probably wouldn’t believe them, but James wouldn’t lie—not to me, and not about this.
“So what, you found the little mermaid?”
“That’s it! That’s the thing that blew my mind!” He walked over to where laid a large sheet covering a cylinder tank. He snatched off the sheet, and said “No mermaid, no merman. Nothing at all like anyone could have possible even imagined. This—thing, this Human Magister, THIS is what populated the forsaken city.”
Within the tank was what one could have mistaken for something human, but distinctively different. Its eyes were shark like, no lids, and no distinct color but black. Its skin was transparent, and you could clearly see every organ, vein, and muscle within it. No nose, but gills on the side of its neck, and instead of a mouth it possessed four tentacles. Underneath no doubt was an opening leading towards its visible esophagus. Its hands and feet were the only things that were human like, except complete webbed. Fins extended from the skin and muscle covering its radius in its arm, and it was at least 6 ft. tall.
Bewildered, I started to ask “Wher—“
“Where I found it doesn’t matter, and it certainly doesn’t concern you.” James said annoyed.
“I requested you to help me decipher what exactly this says, and then aid me in delivering the shocking news to the world.” He handed me a chart.
“As you can see” He continued, “I’ve also found these documents, which may provide with useful information about them. I didn’t want to go public until I had more than just a frozen corpse. After all, just about any man can find a corpse. I need more than just a bloody corpse.”
I looked at the papers and oddly recognized the writing.
“I can sort of make out some of the words.” I said. “I’ll need a few hours.”
“By all means, take your time.”
Three hours passed by and I was ready to share what I had discovered with James.
“For the sake of calling these things something, we’ll use what you said before. These Human Magisters believed in a God somewhat similar to the Greek’s Neptune, or Poseidon, and were entirely led by a king, who possessed greater attributes than any of the other males, and literally kept control over all of them telepathically. It’s obvious, I’m sure, what happened. No heir was produced and the entire kingdom went mad. According to this, they reside somewhere near the Bermudas Triangle, but—”
I looked over at Patrick, who was holding a gun pointing straight at me.
“James, what are doing?”
“Thank you Patrick. You’ve been quite useful.”


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