Rewriting Rudolph - 12/14

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Re: Rewriting Rudolph - 12/14

Postby jagrova » Sat Mar 19, 2011 4:59 pm

Here comes Dasher's little fawn. The little guy is healthy as can be. If only he hadn't been born with that bright red nose that glows he would be an example of the perfect reindeer. Most of the other reindeer laugh behind Dasher's back. I feel the shame my friend must feel whenever his son's nose glows.

Little Rudolph started school along with my little Sophia. The little reindeer classmates decided they weren't going to let Rudolph play their reindeer games. They also declared they wouldn't play with anyone who played with Rudolph. Sophia, being the girl she is, opted to play with Rudolph becoming his only friend in the process.

Rudolph has come over to our place a few times for play dates. Dasher always seems to be a little nervous dropping Rudolph off. We both know Sophia's friendship with Rudolph has made her an outcast with their classmates. I would be lying if I said it didn't worry me. Is she strong enough to take being an outcast? On one hand I'm proud of my little girl and how she cares for another reindeer. But how is this going to affect her future? Sophia doesn't seem to mind having only one friend and as long as it doesn't bother my little girl I'll try to be unbothered as well.

Preparations are well underway for the Big Guy's big night. The elves are turning out toys by the thousands everyday. It seems each year prettier wrapping paper is used to wrap the gits with ribbons and bows added. Then the gifts are carefully loaded into the sacks that will be used to transport them in Santa's sleigh.

Elf Zuker the weatherman of the North Pole is predicting snow for Christmas Eve. The best snow of the year is Christmas Eve snow. The team has flown in snow storms on Christmas Eve before without any problems. this year Elf Zuker seems concerned over the snow expected. Elf Zuker can be seen hurrying between his office and Santa's office. Elf Zuker is heard muttering to himself. Everyday we get closer to Christmas Eve the more trips Elf Zuker makes between his office and Santa's.

When Santa walks out to see his reindeer team he isn't his trademark jolly self. Santa is pleased with how we look. We've all trained for the annual trip and are at our physical best. The children of the world are counting on us to get Santa to their homes before Christmas morning arrives.

The winds are blowing the snow sideways. It is Christmas Eve and a blizzard has engulfed us. A reindeer can't see his hoof in frong of his face. Elf Zuker has told Santa the blizzard won't let up until well into Christmas Day too late for the gifts to be delivered. The children will be so disappointed if Christmas is cancelled. Santa doesn't see any other option than to cancel Christmas this year.

What is that glow coming through the snow? Santa turns as little Rudolph walks through the door. He is bringing Dasher's lucky Christmas Bell to be placed on his harness.

Santa's twinkle returns to his eye as he kneels down beside little Rudolph.

"How would you like to lead the team tonight Rudolph?"

Rudolph accepts. The elves quickly assemble a harness for Rudolph at the head of the team. Once Rudolph is in place Santa mounts the sleigh. The elves open the doors. The blizzard blows stinging snow in our faces.

"Ok, Rudolph let that nose of yours glow."

Rudolph lights up his nose and we head out into the worst blizzard any of us have seen. With the help of Rudolph we manage to make the annual trip to every house for Santa to leave the gifts for all the children on his good list. Once the final gift is delivered Rudolph guides the team back home.

Now Rudolph is the hero who prevented Christmas from begin cancelled. Rudolph is no longer the object of ridicule and is invited to play every reindeer game there is. Rudolph has made sure his best friend Sophia is included in the games as well. I've never been so proud of my daughter and her ability to see the true worth of a reindeer as I am today.


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