Magic Poem - 12/7

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RE: Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby Lunadoe » Wed Feb 09, 2011 12:38 pm

Bippity boppity boom,
Take a twirl around the room,
Heat the cauldron,
And put on your pauldron,
For a spell we shall cast,
But we must go very fast!

Get out your book
And take a look
At page thirty seven
And Spell Number Eleven:

"Witches and warlocks
And dirty gym socks,
Ghosts and ghouls
And jolly old fools,
Ogres and trolls
And toilet paper rolls,
Angels and demons
And 12 little wee men
Faeries and sprites:

Otherworldy creatures on Earth UNITE!"

Now say this seven times fast
And let the moon pass

Then light a flame
And state your name....

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RE: Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby theSkilled » Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:48 pm

A pinch of sugar
The tail of a rat
Fill poisen in a beaker
Then mix in a gnat

Raise up a glass
Pour it down your throat quick
Because it is alas
A potion to make you sick

Your face will turn green
Then your eyes will roll back
The future will be forseen
Because it is air that you'll lack

Now what is the cure
Is there even help
It must be water you pour
Down your throat with a yelp


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