Magic Poem - 12/7

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Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby Brian » Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:46 am

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Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby Brian » Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:46 am

Write a made-up magic spell, including ingredients, chants, and actions. Now, turn it into a poem.

You can post your response (750 words or fewer) here.

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RE: Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby JCV » Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:29 am

Spell to Surrender Negative Energies
White crystals, green crystals and hand bells are all you need
Place crystals on the wrist, hand bells at your thumb and index
Chant aloud “Love, I surrender to, release me of my negative tricks”
Now move to the rhythm of a half-beat
Cumbia step once to the left and once to the right
Move your wrist, working hand bells repeat six times to the Cumbia and half-beat
Seventh step into a Sun Salutation and release
Bend into a Downward Facing Dog, for now you have surrendered your negative thoughts

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Spell For Staying Awake

Postby kmblove » Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:30 pm

Grind the beans and fill the pot
Get the water piping hot
Dash of cocoa, pinch of spice
Breathe in deep - clap thrice
Push the button
Let it drip
Another moment til a sip
Shake of sugar, splash of cream
Enjoy the profits of your dream

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Re: Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby rosebud » Tue Dec 07, 2010 4:50 pm

Abra cadabra, a spell I will cast,
Once new, now old, a chant from the past.
Waving my hands over flames of a candle,
Conjuring spells for a man to adore me.
A strand of hair, a nail or two
Mix together a heated brew.
A taste of wine, a ring of chimes
I know that soon that he'll be mine.
Eye of newt and fur of cat,
I do not wear a witch's hat.
The spell is cast, he'll hear my song.
One that lasts, it will be strong.

Still Magnolia
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Re: Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby Still Magnolia » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:21 am

The Spell

Alone, in the still of the night, when the moon is full and the misty fog is rising from the ground,
Take you to the center of the woods ,under the boughs of the ancient oak tree, beyond the glistening creek.
A flat stone awaits the ceremony you prepare amid the secrets of the night and the mysteries that abound.
There on place a measure of salt, a loaf of bread and a sprinkle of sugar for the spell which you now seek.

Among the offerings you arrange, light a candle pure and white, to evoke the powers of its charm.
Add a branch of rosemary whose scent embraces clarity of mind and calmness of the soul.
A piece of purple amethyst for strength and protection from all harm.
Arms outstretched toward Heaven ‘s light, repeat the words of this prayer as you’ve been told.

‘ Bless the ones for whom these words are spoken on this special night.
Give them peace within, a life that is long, and health that sustains.
No harm shall come to those who believe in Heaven’s greatness and might.
Throughout their lives, these blessings shall long remain.

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Re: Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby SaBlonde1 » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:18 pm

Mud, Straw, Bricks

Huff, puff, blow
cried the wolf, watching
as the house of mud collapsed
in a puddle, exposing
pig parents and piglets.

Huff, puff, blow
cried the wolf, awaiting
the thatched straw
to unweave into wild
waves of useless hay
threads, exposing
a second pink family.

Huff, puff, blow,
cried the wolf, rubbing
his hands in glee
at the sturdy bricks,
that held fast, leaving
the wolf out
in the cold
without so much
as a rib.

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Re: Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby LMGilbert » Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:39 am

(Knives, needles, nettles
crossroads, ovens, icy ponds)
Say “Rhythm and blues in a hot bar, smoky”
pick green and yellow beans under a sky turning to storm
make the dance floor shudder
hear the warm storm wind shake the broad green leaves
whisper under the moon
tread and sway through smoke

(Knives, needles, nettles
crossroads, ovens, icy ponds)
Say “There is no room on this dance floor
to believe that the moon influences plant life”
Tear a beet from the earth
bring it with soil clinging moist and dark
inhale the holy smell of it
carry it to the crossroads

(Knives, needles, nettles
Crossroads, ovens, icy ponds)
Push your heartbeat to the edge
Say “Tonight”
pull the tops off the beet
the beautiful colour will bleed onto your fingers
the moon will tug at your body
and it will start to rain

(Knives, needles, nettles
crossroads, ovens, icy ponds)
At the stroke of midnight
you will find your body bleeding
your man’s body smelling of rich loam
and you will dream of earth between your fingers

kendra ann ziems
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RE: Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby kendra ann ziems » Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:02 am

Spell for Success

With the blood of your favorite pen purged
Add one drop of your very own
Fresh tears of failure steadily stirred
Set hidden under midnight’s darkest moan

When the hour approaches the witching
Add low flame and a whisper of deepest dreams
Once the elixir with black hopes starts its twitching
And ebony bubbles explode into whimpers and screams

Sprinkle a month’s ashes of rejected queries
And once a blue haze starts to spark, then glow
Sip the tart blend, choke it down although leery
Brace for its illusive dark blessings to bestow.

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Re: Magic Poem - 12/7

Postby LMGilbert » Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:18 am

Using leaves, seeds, embryos, quotation marks
Design a paisley pillow case
In eighteen shades of pink.

Consciously cultivate a sense of gratitude
You are still one rent cheque from the street
Raise your voice
Throw your kraft dinner at the wall.

Capture a stranger’s phone number
Keep this charm in your pocket
And walk from the east end to the west.

Using all your breath
Blow up a word balloon
Pop it with a silver needle
Now your spell is set loose on the world.


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