In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

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Re: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby circle » Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:00 am

There is someone sleeping in this room,
I am typing this very late.
Because of this I will leave soon,
For if I make much noise, then he'll awake.

So, farewell for now my writing friends,
As I turn out the lights and go to bed.
Keep writing after the clicking of my keyboard ends,
Leave new thoughts and insights later to be read.

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Re: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby Nukkingfuts2008 » Sun Jul 13, 2008 8:26 am

The firs thing I looked at after reading the topic was my red cup. It's just a party cup that comes in packs of 20 from Wal-Mart. Its kinda rough on the sides. I see some red kool aid on the inside of the glass. Cherry kool aid. I see the reflection from the window on the shiny cup. I see that the side of the cup says something but I don't want to turn and see what it says. The top of the cup is white. It's about 5 or 6 inches tall.

I don't really know where the cup came from. I got it out of my kitchen. Probably left over from my graduation party a few weeks ago. I'm guessing we bought it from Wal-Mart. We buy everything from Wal-Mart.

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby misty » Mon Oct 06, 2008 9:20 am

Its small its blue it holds 2 GB of music. its my mp3 player well no I don't have a bunch of music on it but I do Liston to podcasts: Grammar girl, Dave Ramsey, The Nutrition Diva, Cartalk and many more. When I'm going to work out in the yard all I have to do is make sure I have some podcasts on it and head out, its awesome. $50.00 for 15 hours of battery hours and hours of podcasts. so good buy!

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby rlmkauai » Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:18 pm

Daily I have the privilege to sit and reflect upon this beautiful portrait that rests before me, it is a portrait of Jesus, the Lord and Love of my life. For it is here, where I study, read the Word, and work for the ministry, that I am able to gaze up into His face, where I always notice His eyes...for His eyes are always gazing at me... penetrating, yes sometimes even probing, but most of all revealing His love and concern for me... as well as all people. For although His portrait cannot speak, it is His eyes...they seem to draw me in, they speak volumes of love, hope and promises to be fulfilled to my heart and my spirit. As I look intently upon His majesty, His tenderness, His holiness, you cannot help but notice His ebony black hair framing His face ever so gently, while the wondrous colors that represent His Divinity (gold for the Son of God, bronze for the Son of Man, and white for the purity of His heart and life) surround His splendor revealing His glory. It is His eyes, they reach out to me, touching the very depths of my soul and heart, capturing me, enrapturing me, following me, everywhere...reminding me, that He watches over me, keeping me in His sight.

This is the portrait of my Jesus, Yeshua Messiah, my King and Lord, that graces my living room wall, my quiet place, my sanctuary. This special gift was given to commemorate my first anniversary as an ordained Pastor over our Church, Resurrection and Life Ministries Kauai. It was created by one of our partners, whose gift is (as we describe it) worshiping God through creative arts. This wonderful portrait of Jesus radiates the desire to be careful of what I say or do in the presence of the Lord, as well as in my life. I have been blessed by gifts from family and friends that have warmed my heart, but this gift, this treasure, this blessing, speaks more to me than any other that I have received. I am so humbled by this generous gift of love... humbled and grateful. How grateful??? More than mere words could ever say...except to tell the world that "I love Him forever."

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Re: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby heathermoreland » Thu Oct 09, 2008 6:27 am

Sitting quietly in the Enoch Pratt Free Library, I see Baltimorians all around me. They're different from me...a small town girl- where grass replaces pavement.

But, there's one person in particular I see, that stands out from the rest of them. She looks like we have something in common: BIG DREAMS.

She's daydreaming at her computer, as she slides her chocolate flowing locks out of her eyes. She watches the people just like me. Watching, wondering about their lives... where they've been - where they're going...

Every once in a while she flashes a half smirk, just like me...

Everyone else has given into complacency, accepted their defeat or destiny - as they groan and mumble their way through the day.

But, not her and I. We know that we were meant for more...even if we can't see it yet. I know her just by watching can tell when someone has the same heart and soul as yourself. It's like you've known them from some other you have the same spirit about you.

A room full of people miserable and groaning through their circumstances, defeated in their mind, oppressed in their circumstances. And, while I'll bet that she and I have the same if not worse circumstances than the others, we refuse to give up, to give into letting go and saying "Oh well,"

We strive for the day our dreams will come true. Knowing we were meant for something more, knowing we won't have to continue to settle, living as though we are merely waiting for our fate to tap us on the shoulder and say, "Hey, girl, I've been looking for you... I've come to get you out of here... It's time for your new life to begin..." ;)

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby Funks21 » Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:02 am

Look around the room and pick an object. Write one paragraph describing the object in full detail and a second paragraph explaining where it came from.

It's fair to say the first thing that I immiediatly see is my coffee cup. It's a dull, plastic affair. Not very interesting to write about actually. But i'm sure it has some meaning. I'm at work, you see. Sitting in my boring office, doing tedius work for an over large company. To describe the cup is to describe anything located in an office environment, unpersonal, mundane and average. It has a corporate dark brown circular edge. Since it's a plastic cup it also posesses a logo 'Bunzl' not sure what that is. The inside of the cup is white (now splattered with coffee remains) and a small pool at the bottom of left over liquid
The rim also has small lines of splatterings of the bitter drink, left over from my unwanting lips. The bottom is fairly standard, circular with small recesses, presumuably to help balance. It's disable, so in about 30 miniutes it will be thrown in my bin to join it's other platic brothers, doomed to spend the remainder of it's existance in rubbish. It fufilled it's purpose to contain my drink to quench my thirst. A simple job, but now that it's complete it's purpose is to be terminated. Too bad, cup. No-one wants you.

I guess the only relavent thing about where it comes from is that this empty coffee cup to me represents work since I don't drink it at home. I'm not even sure I like it. It doesn't just show work, it shows a change of people when they are at work. I certainly change myself, my own personality is moulded to that of work, and when i get home i revert back to normal. This bothers me in a few ways.
There you have it, a cup. I hope this has been enlightening.

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Re: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby heathermoreland » Wed Nov 19, 2008 10:25 am

I keep staring at the number of a woman who asked me to call her.

She's an exotic dancer. She gave me her number in case I become interested in joining the "business".

The damn morals in my brain are telling me to delete that number as quickly as possible. After all, I'm not for sale. Right?

But, the circumstances surrounding me and the sheer hell that I'm going through financially is screaming, "Pick up that damn phone and get your a** movin'!"

Silly me, not enough nerve to throw the number away and not enough nerve to call it either.

What does that make me? Human, I guess...

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby Melissa L. » Fri Dec 12, 2008 2:53 am

I chose a television. It is an old school, big black Philips tv with 2 tiny speakers at each bottom corner. It looks like a giant box. It is suspended in the air by a strange looking contraption resembling a giant black claw. It has about 7 random cords hanging down from it. Only one of them is plugged in.
I suppose this telivision is from some discount electronics store, perhaps a Best Buy, since our school is not one to splurge on such things. Maybe before that it traveled from China? I know that Philips is a brand whose base is in the Netherlands but i do not believe that they actually manufacture them there.

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Re: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby Sweetz » Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:59 pm

There it was. All red with the words...Maya's Diary! KEEP OUT!! The words seemed to have been screaming at me. The bad side of my conscience was telling me to just open it she would never notice. She came to you for a reason any way. I told her if she "ever needed anything...just come on over" I didn't think she would take me up on my offer so quickly. But, nevermind that her diary was all I needed to understand the real reason she had come to early in the freakin' morning...4:12 am to be exact. There had to be a reason why she had chosen to walk the 15 blocks down to my house. We weren't even close friends. She just happened to be my bestfriends girl friend. Was she that desperate for friends that she would come to me...of all people me?...Why hadn't she went to her boyfriend's house...he lived right down the block from her. That was it... I had to know. She wouldn't notice it was gone until tonite...when she reached where ever she had decided to go and reached into her little red bag and realized it wasn't there. I reached over to grab the diary. Here I go...I know I shouldn't doing was like my hand had a mind of its own. I opened book....the first page read:

Dear Diary,


Impossible she's only fifteen.


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Re: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby silverweed » Sun Jan 17, 2010 9:44 am

Do flies have eyelids? my fly, resting on the table has two rust-colored eyes. I need a magnifying glass so I can see them better...
his eyes ( I'm assuming it's a him) have a light film of fuzz on them, possibly dust. I've concluded flies do not have eyelids - unless his shriveled up and fell off. His abdomen is grey and from different angles it looks like opalescent turquoise. strands of hair poke up here and there like grass. according to Renfield, in "Dracula" flies taste good and so do birds, but eating birds makes a big mess. I have never ate a fly nor a bird, but once tried a cicada leg when I was seven. My fly does not look appetizing, his gnarled legs protrude from his underbelly pointing in different directions. One of his legs point at me, is he accusing me of something? "I am doing nothing but writing a story about you, there is nothing to accuse me for." Still, he points at me, so I turn him around so that he points at something else. I have saved the best part of him for last... his fine wings possess the same opalescence as his abdomen, but with more colors of the spectrum. veins run through them like a leaf's, and around the edges there are miniscule nicks. flies can fly so are they called flies because of that ability? and if so, why aren't we called walks or runs?

I found my fly on the flower print carpet by the window behind me.


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