In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

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In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby Brian » Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:03 am

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In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby Brian » Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:03 am

Look around the room and pick an object. Write one paragraph describing the object in full detail and a second paragraph explaining where it came from.

Please limit your response to 500 words or fewer.

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby acre1964 » Tue Jan 29, 2008 12:54 pm

There is a picture frame that came from Michael’s craft shop.
The picture frame contains paper that my wife and I bought for our wedding invitations.
This paper contains a picture of a beautiful sunrise on water.
The picture is on my right side of my desk on the wall facing north.
Over the picture is this poem in dark blue with my signature on it
Your Presence

I can feel your presence
With every step I take
Making sure every thing will be okay
Showing yourself in little ways
You guide me through the day
You’re my light in the dark
You tell me to let yesterday go
Then you give me hope for tomorrow
With your presence today
You give me strength to carry on
No matter what the task is at hand
You are always there
Even in my sleep I dance with angels
Thank you Jesus for your presence today
I really know you care
By Shawn Acre

This poem came from me without my anti seizure medicine.
I was paranoid thinking God and Jesus were going to take me away one night.
I was having partial seizures without my medication
This was my way of making peace with God and Jesus in my mind.
The only thing is now I feel this poem now in a good way everyday and
I really can feel Jesus in a great way in my life now towards the positive.
By Shawn Acre With the Spirit

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby lfaitel » Tue Jan 29, 2008 2:38 pm

I am looking at my favorite hat, its purple of course my favorite color with glass dots speckled all over it. My hat is made of a textured and patterned material, all solid in a medium purple. The pattern in the cloth is the same color as the entire hat, it circles around the rim. then from the front of the cap to the back, the top of the cap has a pucker in each side giving it a well used look. The sides of the rim are turned up in what I see as sassy.. The ridges of the pattern are raised just a hair, the pattern looks similar to ocean waves with peaks and valleys in each wave following each line. The sparkles shine at different times with different lights at different positions on the hat, when I see this hat I can hear the slots at Las Vegas.
I found this hat in a store at one of the casinos in Las Vegas; I was on a ladies only weekend getting away from the daily rigor of always trying to please everyone else. As the ladies and I were sipping our wine or cocktails walking up and down the isles at Caesar’s palace I spotted this hat glimmering in the light. I ran into the store, tried it on and suddenly became the video poker vixen. I wore this hat proudly everyday for 3 days and felt like a star on the plane ride home. Purple is my favorite color and video poker is my game.

;) ;)

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby Mom6 » Tue Jan 29, 2008 3:52 pm

Sitting dead center at the elbow of the Formica counter sits our blender, plugged into the wall; ready for immediate use. The Hamilton Beach 10 speed blender holds 40 ounces or 5 cups of liquid in its glass mixing bowl and has long glass handle on the right side of the bowl for easy pouring. The glass mixing bowl blender was the blender of choice for our family since on the white base of this blender sits a little gray button that spins the sharp metal blades to break up ice. The other gray buttons on the base activate the blender to create concoctions that sound like a coffee shop assortment of drinks. The first button beats and stirs; followed by the ice breaker/aerate button; next is the blend/ puree button, and a liquefy /chop button; last of all, but not least, comes the frappe/mix button. Of course, there is a high speed or a low speed. The white plastic lid sports a clear plastic cup inserted upside down in the center of the lid. If take the white plastic lid off the blender bowl, turn it upside down; and twist the small plastic cup you can remove this cup for measuring purposes. The metal blades are sitting in a plastic base at the bottom of the glass bowl. If you want to clean the glass bowl or the four metal blades, you simply remove the glass bowl gripping the handle, with one hand, then with your other hand; you grasp the base and twist. This will release the blades and a round rubber washer sitting around the blades. All the parts, except for the rubber washer, are dishwasher safe, which makes for easy cleaning.

This Hamilton Beach blender came from America’s favorite discount store; Walmart. It was purchased at Walmart because with five boys, twenty years and younger in our home, we realized long ago that any item brought into our house is at risk of destruction. This particular blender is blender number five for us since moving into our house 11 years ago. That is an average of a blender purchase every 2 plus years for our household. This particular blender is sturdy, easy to clean and has many settings which accommodates each individual that uses it. Milk shakes, icees, power drinks and smoothies are all mixed in this reliable blender. It has with stood hyperactive button pushers, and butter knife plungers. Sometimes there are those who actually remove the glass bowl from the base before they hit the off button creating a high pitched squeal of the engine throughout the kitchen. Walmart has allowed our large family the luxury of owning this Hamilton Beach blender at an economical price and the availability of other economical blenders for the future.

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby SimranS » Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:45 pm

A royal looking 90 X 108 size Simla Beauty bed cover is the object I have chosen to describe. Made of special quality dyed viscose yarn, it is rich in vibrant colors - a blazing red background with deep blue floral and fan designs throughout, each one etched with a striking gold outline. The abundant tri-colored tassels make up the fringe that lines two borders, while thick red strips border the remaining two sides. Soft as cotton silk, it is still perfumed with the faintest aroma of sandalwood. One feels like a princess when covered within its folds, eyes closed dreaming of a far-away land.

It was gifted to me last year by an Indian friend of mine. She acquired it from its place of origin Baroda, Gujarat one of India’s foremost industrial centers. Situated on the banks of the river Vishwamitri, it is home to approximately 1.6 million people. The Meghwals, who reside in groups outside the villages are masters of weaving cotton and wool, embroidery and appliqué work. It was here where my beautiful treasure was created.


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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby sdavids7 » Wed Jan 30, 2008 3:18 am

There is a print that has hung next to my desk for twenty years that still intrigues me. There are three old buildings. The one in the center could be a barn. It is orange and tall--three stories. There is one small window on the second floor, and a vent near the roof, allowing heat to escape on hot summer days. A two-story abode, surrounded by a wooden fence, abuts the barn on the right. To the left of the barn is an odd structure. The bottom is a large mound of earth with a short wooden door built into the side. It looks like it would be heavy and hard to open. It is probably a granary. It would be very cool, even in the middle of summer, as there are no windows, and the walls are probably thick, made of clay. It would smell dank and stale. Built on top of this mound, like a crown, is a small one-story building, with a Spanish-tile roof supported by three narrow columns. The mound, painted in metallic silver, is supposed to be the focal point, but the crown is conspicuous and incongruous.

We went to Old Montreal for lunch. Afterwards we walked down Rue St-Paul and window shopped. There was a quaint store with hand-crafted natural pine furniture. A bookcase caught his eye, the print caught mine. The bookshelf was delivered later in the week, but I took the print with me and hung it when I got home. It has now detached from its backing, hanging askew in the frame. He noticed it first, but oddly, it doesn't annoy me. Removing the print from the frame to reattach it to the backing is just too much trouble, so it sits crooked in its frame, the crown on the mound tipping to the left, like the leaning Tower of Pisa. That's not the only wall hanging that has gone bad. The painting over the fireplace has fallen twice, the last time the glass shattered and the frame broke. So the painting, an original watercolor we selected together, sits in it's broken frame on the floor, leaning against the wall, hidden by the sofa. As I write this it occurs to me that these two damaged paintings could be metaphors in a story that I'm working on. Serendipity!

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby cassmick » Wed Jan 30, 2008 6:14 am

The paperback version of "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" sits face-up on my oak kitchen table. A piece of white paper that I tore off my bedside notepad rests between pages 146 and 147, my stopping point last night. Terry McMillan's name is in metallic blue on the cover, a woman in a straw hat lifts her arms above her head in the photo below, and the book title slinks across a red ribbon that unwinds next to the woman's left arm. The cover is popped up just a little bit, a sign that more than one person has read this book. I have no idea how many.

I got this book at a garage sale last summer for twenty-five cents. Somehow, I never read it back in the 1990s when it was a big deal on the New York Times bestseller list. But a spell of days with waking temperatures well below zero made me look for an escape that I could take in my own house, something to warm me up and make me remember summer, sand, warm water, sunshine. As I laugh at main character Stella while she gets it on in Jamaica, I know somewhere in my mind that Ms. McMillan has mastered a style of storytelling that has me rethinking whether it's more fun to write fiction or nonfiction. Perhaps, for me, it depends how cold it is outside.

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby Roxy » Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:18 am

It was bought as a reminder. It is a simple object, containing simple reminders. This rectangular-shaped, brushed nickel object fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. As my fingers fold around it, I close my eyes, clear my mind, and prepare to receive the straightforward messages that are etched in the metal. I envision the words presented in clean, block form:
“Five Simple Rules for Happiness:
1. Free your mind from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Live simply
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.”

I allow these messages to swirl around in my head, elbowing the soft corners of my mind as they attempt to nestle in and make a permanent home. As I begin to welcome these tenants, I make a conscientious effort to push away the negative history associated with their birth. I had chosen this metal piece with its humble messages as a Christmas gift for my then husband. At the time I gave this to him, I had sensed that he had lost his grounding, and this gift was an attempt to gently remind him of all the wonderful things he already had in his life.

It is not surprising that the gift was apathetically received and casually tossed in a drawer. In packing up my marital home after my divorce, I came across this gift. The clear messages leapt from the metal, and embraced me in a mental hug. I lone tear dropped from my eye, forming a small puddle on the metal, reflecting both the angst regarding the destruction of my marriage, and the overwhelming gratitude in discovering this gift. How thankful I was to receive these orphaned messages and adopt them as my own!

Now, this small metal piece with its humble messages resides on the window sill of my new home, right next to my computer. I see it daily, as I type, write, and dream with a simple, happy, grateful heart.

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RE: In Full Detail 1/29-2/3

Postby SillyPoet » Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:32 am

Ah, I love my life! I sit here during the morning hours, enjoying the sunshine, my insides warm and toasty as I wait for those who need me. My one arm uplifted in a permanent gesture of welcome; it's easy when your one arm is hollow! Yet my other arm is so strong (especially because it's placed against my hip), someone can grab it and lift me up easily. I'm short in stature and quite rotund, but in spite of all this, people think I'm beautiful. They love to show me off- especially since I wear a silver coat! The covering tickled when it was put on, and I really like it. It shows off my floral designs nicely. Sometimes I get too hot-under-the-collar when my friends take to long to come down and greet me, so I start whistling for them. I know it's rude, but sometimes you have to let them know you still exist. Besides, if I didn't, they would miss out on all the flavorful experiences I have in store for them!

I'm not sure where I came from, but I think it was somewhere in England. I don't remember taking a trip to the United States (it was very dark in the compartment they put me in), but here I am, so it must have happened while I was resting in the darkness. This place has a lot more sunshine, and even the smells were new to me. The water has a much different taste too! Not as strong, but sometimes sweeter, which is a nice change. The only marks of my origin are on my bottom, but since that was no one's business but my own, I managed to wear most of it off. I don't like being tipped over- I'd lose my lid, and that would be the end of me!

(Titled 'I'm A little Teapot', but I didn't want to spoil this with a!)


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