Talking Pet - 8/17

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Re: Talking Pet - 8/17

Postby KingRalph » Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:43 am

I am new here and am reading these post consistently....... It's a superb way to see the ideas that others create. I can't imagine a better way to learn this craft.

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RE: Talking Pet - 8/17

Postby KingRalph » Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:35 pm

I had not slept well. In fact, my night was so disturbing that at some point, I had turned off my alarm. Pulling a pillow over my head and sleeping another hour or two sounded better by the moment. I had to start moving or else . . .

Getting my two feet on the floor was a good start. Bo, my sweet sixteen year old yellow lab was softly snoring at the foot on my bed. I smiled as I carefully stepped over him. My restless night made my upcoming work day look even worse as I tried to get to the shower. I could 'feel a tingle on my neck' as I thought of my business partner looking out the office window, waiting for me to arrive.

There is nothing like a hot shower to get me going. Ten minutes in the shower helped greatly. Stepping out of the shower, grabbing a big towel, I headed over to the sink to brush my teeth when I saw 'them' . . .

I looked at Bo. He had not moved. Fear struck hard. I was must be sick. Was I dreaming? Was I going crazy? I was hallucinating. How could this be? What does one do when you see two rabbits sitting on top of your briefcase? Not just any rabbits but big rabbits; thirty pounds or so. I only had seconds to ponder that question before it got worse. I soon found out that they could talk.

The larger one spoke first saying, "Stop staring at us. Come over here and sit down. We have serious business to discuss."

"Wait a minute. Stop. Who are you? Rabbits don't talk. My God! Something is terribly wrong in my life."

The smaller one spoke next saying, "No, there is not anything wrong with you and your life. It is your business partner."

I panicked. "It's Bobby? Is he okay? Is he hurt? Was he out drinking and driving again?"

"No, he's fine as far as his health is concerned, but we must tell you that he . . . but first, please sit down first."

I sat. I was clearly now on autopilot. "Okay, I'm sitting. I'm going crazy."

"I know this is going to be 'just a little difficult to believe' but we are from the CIA. We have had your partner under surveillance for four years and now we have proof that your partner is involved in . . ."

I interrupted. "Hold it!!! You two rabbits are from the CIA? How did you get into my house? I'm calling the police."

"Please don't do that. I am happy to answer all of your questions," the smaller one continued, "but we must go now. Immediately."

"Good. Go. You are leaving. Best news I have heard today. Goodbye," I said.

"No, the three of us must go now," the larger one said. "And forgive us for not introducing ourselves. My name is Claude; this is Maude. Now please hurry--get dressed. Bobby is not who you think he is in any way."

Maude spoke up, "Jeans and a t-shirt will be fine. Just hurry. Please."

"Yes, do hurry, said the one called Claude. "We have the trap set for your partner and we need you there to spring it. Now have less than 50 minutes. The chopper is waiting."

"Wait a minute. The chopper?" I exclaimed. "You two are out of your minds, plus you are rabbits!!!"
I heard a click behind me. I turned.

"Noooooooooo.... Where did you get that pistol?" It was a miniature pistol. "I'm losing my mind. Shall I assume you don't have identification to show me?" Before I got an answer, I heard a huge noise. "What is that?"

"I told you the chopper is waiting. We are going right now. Are you coming?"

I threw my hands in the air. Reluctantly, I scrambled to get on my jeans, a shirt and grabbed a pair of Nike running shoes. "Okay, I'm ready."

They were nowhere to be seen. I leaped over Bo and ran to the patio door, opened the slider and ran out onto the deck.

Maude and Claude were standing by the chopper waiting for me.

"Wait. How did you two get outside before I did?" Then it hit me. Standing with them was . . .

"Not you, too, Bo," i yelled so as to be heard over the noise of the chopper.

As usual, Bo smiled and then reached inside of a bag pulling out a cap.

It was dark blue and the letter were in gold . . . FBI

You will never imagine what happened next..............

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Re: Talking Pet - 8/17

Postby KingRalph » Tue Mar 29, 2011 1:36 pm

I am new here. If you happened to read this, please make comments. It's the only way to learn..... and thanks in advance.


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