The Missing Shoe

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The Missing Shoe

Postby LizzieC » Sat Apr 27, 2013 8:02 pm

The missing shoe.
It all happened so suddenly – I had to move! My boyfriend kindly said he would help me pack and that everything should fit in the back of his truck. Wonderful. However, as time slipped by nothing was packed and everything was a last minute rush.
Bedding, clothes, towels, plus books and other items were hurriedly stuffed into boxes and dumped into the back of the truck, which I must add, was open to the elements! The higgledy piggledy assortment of my life including a few pieces of furniture were precariously stacked for all to see. Thank goodness it was a fine day but the road had rather too many potholes. As we bounced along I prayed that everything in the back would come to no harm.
When we finally arrived I was sorting through my box of shoes when, to my horror, I found that one of my favourite Jimmy Choo’s was missing! Where was it? It must have fallen from the truck when we hit that particularly large pothole. I now envisaged it laying forlornly in the road or, heaven forbid, had been run over by a transport.
My boyfriend could not understand my hysteria and floods of tears.
“It’s only a shoe” he said
“Iiit’s a Jimmy Choo” I wailed, “don’t you realise that they cost hundreds even thousands?”
“And you paid hundreds for a pair of shoes! Are you mad?”
‘Well, I did get them on sale, but even so they were just over two hundred. And they were my favourites.” I sobbed.
Give him his due he did put a consoling arm around me and tried to dry my tears. But he just didn’t get it, then he’s a man and men are not like us were shoes are concerned.

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