Traumatizing Death Scene 18/12/2012

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Traumatizing Death Scene 18/12/2012

Postby Anya Kylash » Tue Dec 18, 2012 2:30 pm

You're helpless to stop someone you love (family, girl/boy friend, friend, -heck, be creative, maybe even an enemy) from dying. Write the person's death and the things happening to cause it. You know what to do.
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Re: Traumatizing Death Scene 18/12/2012

Postby Hannah-Lynn » Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:02 am

Because when things go bad, they go horribly, horribly wrong.
You wanted to know why, right? Well, that's why. It's all really just that simple. I was damned from birth and no matter how long I run, how hard I hide, how smart I keep, my past is my present is my future. And it's such a short future at that. I am not a bad person. I don't know if I'm a good person, but I know I'm not a bad one. I've met the bad ones. I know the bad ones. The bad ones own me.

Thirsty. So thirsty. Dry mouth, aching stomach, scratchy throat, itchy skin. Thirsty.
Water? Is that water? I'm in it. I open my mouth, for half my face is submerged and take a gulp before I can muster opening my eyes, before it registers that I'm starting to wake up and should open my eyes. So thirsty. The water tastes not right and makes my stomach cramp but I gulp again and again until I choke.
Sputtering, a yank my head up, splashing water over the rim of the tub I'm curled up on my side in. I cough and hack and my chained hands clatter loudly against the side of it. The end of my chain is hooked to the ceiling above my head and I'm thankful it's long enough that my shoulders aren't dislocated yet. He never did like using regular handcuffs. Especially not after the last time I hitched them and ditched them, I'm sure. Heavy iron chains with links an inch round for me.
Still panting and trying to catch my breath, I whip my head to the side to fling my wet hair out of my eyes. Damn Tony for slipping those sleeping pills into my tea last night. His heart had been in the right place, worried over my sleeping three hours a week. His kindness has killed me.
Jack had come all the same, taking advantage of my drugged state. I doubt it had been any sort of feat for him to sneak me out from under everyone's noses.
Damned. It's just who I am.
"Why a bath?" I hissed, trying to get my bearings. New apartment from last time. At least this one was newer, less...stains. No matter how much bleach you use, not all the blood comes out every time.
"You smelled like those pathetic mongrels trying to keep you from me," Jack snarled from somewhere behind me. He rounded around to meet my eyes. He wanted to see the petrifying terror in them. He'd have to wait for my shock to wear off first.
I was still clothed. Shirt, jeans. He'd taken my shoes and socks, or maybe they'd fallen off during the trip. And my hair was loose, sticking to my scalp, instead of back in the tidy braid I'd been sleeping in.
But I knew how he liked to play with my hair. An overwhelming nauseous feeling rose at the idea of his fingers in it while I was passed out cold.
"But I think you're cleansed now," he murmured, the rancor from his tone gone and replaced by something near reverence. He climbed a short stool near the head of the tub and lifted the chain link off the hook in the ceiling.
He hopped down and ordered, "Stand up."
I did, I tried, but my legs were rubber and numb and while I was still struggling at it he jerked his end of the chain, sending me over the side of the tub and crashing to the floor. I yelped and couldn't brace for the way my legs landed or how hard my head hit the tile. I laid there stunned, and he simply dragged me over to where he wanted me. He didn't bother with the order again but, using a ladder, he hoisted me to my feet while he hooked a different link in my chain to the new hook. The link was further down my chain, closer to me, so that it forced my hands above my head. It didn't hurt my shoulders yet, but it would. And I'd lose feeling in my hands, too.
Jack wandered out of my vision for a moment but returned just as quickly, flogger in hand. It glistened from a recent cleaning.
"We've missed you, Libby. So very, very much." He held up the flogger. "See? It's all oiled and ready."
Then he shoved his face so close to mine our noses brushed, his expression was instantly darker, harder, meaner. Fury and wrongness radiated off of him like a sun's rays and I wondered if this time I'd be burned to ashes from it. "Are you?" He growled at me.
I knew even as my own screams would wreck my throat and ears, as my instinct to survive and stubbornness would draw out all the agony, I was thankful. It'd finally be over, and Tony and the others would finally, finally be safe.
"Free to live as I'm free to die," I whispered.
He spun me by my chain so that he had access to my back. I saw his shadow arm raise the shadow flogger.
Because when things go bad, they go horribly, terribly, irrefutably, and hopelessly bad.

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Re: Traumatizing Death Scene 18/12/2012

Postby mokingjay » Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:06 pm

Hi! I'm thirteen and just starting here, Hope you Like.

I saw her standing there, right outside the glass doors . She was turned away from me so I couldn’t see her face, and she couldn’t see me. This was a usually empty part of the school; only a few people went this way, so I could ask her now. I swung the door open and let it close behind me with a thud. Mia turned her head and her face broke into that of sheer panic for a split second. I noticed the slight glistening of tears that hadn’t quite spilled over yet as her face changed to a sort of forced smile. She looked away from me and back to the young hooded man in front of her. I immediately noticed there was something wrong with him. He looked normal, enough and in the three seconds i stood there I realized it was his eyes. A wave of panic swept over me. There was something very wrong with this man’s eyes. I almost hit myself, what was wrong with me? I couldn’t even see his eyes, they were hidden by the hood. My eyes skipped to the side of Mia’s face I could see and back to the man.
“I will do it.” she said, firmly glancing back at me. “Me, you hear? Me, Not him.” I opened my mouth to speak and my eyes flicked back to the man. He was holding a gun, I hadn’t seen it before. I looked again at his face. There was something wrong with his eyes. The man nodded and raised his gun.
“NO!” I heard the scream escape my own lips as the gun went off with a resounding bang. I lunged forwards and Caught Mia around the waist, only moments before she hit the ground. I lowered to my knees holding her so I couldn’t see her face. She wasn’t breathing, nor was her heart beating. I felt in all the places i had been taught to feel a pulse.
“NO!NO!NO!” I shouted, i felt no flutter of blood moving beneath my fingers. I lowered her onto the cement and stood up, cold anger and shock almost blinding me.
“You *****” I screamed wheeling around. The man was gone. I whipped my head back around and peered up the alley. “NO!” I screamed again. He was not there, there was nothing there except a pile of ash, ash that had not been there a moment ago. I pushed this thought from my mind as i turned to Mia’s lifeless form on the ground and knelt beside her again. I heard the door bang behind me, someone must have heard my shouts. I rolled Mia onto her back, pushed her dark hair from her face, and froze. There was something very wrong with her eyes.
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And then came the scream

Postby Icyss » Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:57 pm

You want traumatizing? Alright, you asked for it.

I sat at a smooth granite table with my small group of friends, in the middle of a lush indoor garden, conversing about some topic or other. We were in the middle of a large gathering, and I had stopped paying attention about two subjects back, letting myself focus on the earthy smell of a garden after a summer rain. The sun was filtering through what little overhead foliage we had, and I could hear the calling of the few birds that managed to get inside. I was so deeply lost in thought, that I barely heard the scream. It pierced the overhanging calm like a bullet, quick and effective, causing my mouth to go dry. At the sound, everyone in the room should've dropped what they were doing and looked up. They should've called for help, or at least shifted their glances from one anthers' faces long enough to comprehend what was going on, yet not one person seemed to notice. So, when I jumped to my feet, practically throwing the apple that I had previously been eating to the ground, I received a few stares, although it hardly mattered. Sprinting through the assembly room's doors, I almost crashed into a couple who were looking over something on a computer, the device shattering on the ground.

" Come on!" I shouted, continuing straight forward without really acknowledging what I had done, " Don't you hear it?". The screams picked up, and grew to a nearly feral, high pitched, yet undeniably human howl, echoing around me and working their way into my head. All I could hear, think, or feel was that sound as it punctured me, working it's way past my sanity and into my very essence, my core, all that existed was the pain.

Rounding a corner, I saw her, and my body turned to ice. I though that the sound had come from her, but seeing it directly in front of myself was too much to handle. She had a knife deeply lodged in her chest, blood pouring through her lips, turning screams into muffled gurgles, eyes rolling backwards into her head. All I could do was stand there, frozen and entirely unable to think. She raised a hand, making a desperate yet weak attempt to reach for me, but slumped to the ground instead, heaving a cough that stained her fair skin. I have to put a hand to my mouth in order to muffle the sobs that are threatening to escape. Crying would only kill her hope. My body felt as if it was filled with lead, or rather, was being held in mid air by invisible strings, a puppet. Her flow of blood increased, shaking me out of my trance long enough for me to run to her, nothing escaping my own throat besides a few strangled sobs. " Elise!" My eyes widen as I fall to the ground next to her. I tear off one of the sleeves of my office uniform, making a makeshift bandage.

" Don't-" she seems to be making an attempt at removing the knife, " Wait until the doctors arrive-" but she pulls it out before I have the time to stop her.

I covered the wound with my makeshift bandage, but my hands were soon drenched in crimson. She gingerly places a slick hand on my shoulder. How could she even think of trying to comfort me now? The smell of blood fills my nose as I search for someone to help, but all they're doing is staring at me. Her throat looks like it is going to burst, and her fair skin is now too pale, losing blood quickly. She coughs again "Someone help me!" I can't help it now, tears are steadily streaming down my face, clouding my vision. Elise's eyes begin to fill with blood from the inside, covering the whites, irises, and pupils in bright red but not spilling out all at once. No, it would've been prettier that way. Instead, it comes down like tears, as if she were crying blood, as more sounds try to escape her throat. The liquid bubbles from her mouth and she coughs, spewing it over my face, into my mouth which somehow remains dry. Now my cloudy vision is stained, and won't go back to normal no matter how hard I try.

" Help her!" No one is even approaching. " Why aren't you helping her?!" Nothing. She rests her head in my lap and I hold it there. Now her smile is a menace, and I wish it would go away. She shouldn't do these things for me. " Please." It's just a faint plea. " please Elise... Don't.." I give up and rest my head on the crook of her neck, not caring if I get covered in her blood.

" Come on!" The Police have arrived, but instead of helping me, they pry me away from her. " Help her!" She has begun convulsing on the ground, twitching in a pool of her own ceasing life. But they keep dragging me away. "Help her! You! Why didn't you help her?!" Somehow I know that I won't ever leave her side, no matter where they take me. I will always see her.


I sit in the white room, slamming myself against it's stupidly soft walls. " Just kill me!" I sob. She sits in the corner, watching me with bleeding eyes, in the same position that she was in since her death. They insist upon keeping me alive, feeding me pills and shocking me until I'm numb, but I don't see why. I would be happier dead. Oh my god, those eyes. They used to be so beautiful, but are now polluted and dark, and they won't leave me alone. "Please!" I moan, before collapsing again, shaking in a fit. Those eyes.


For those of you that want a happy ending. *sigh* Eat your heart(s) out, and make sure not to choke on the fluff. :roll:

"Sam" I am still shaking, but not by my own will. Her arms are around me. " Come on." I open my eyes, and am met with a dazzling smile and two hazel eyes. She pulls me into an embrace, gently nuzzling my neck. "Elise?" I ask this tentatively. " (s)He's awake!" she cries, but it's barely audible, her voice is hoarse. I return the hug eagerly, keeping her to me, and she seems just as displeased as me when someone arrives. It's willow. He's looking at me with a wide smile. " Hey there," he says. Despite his smile, I can tell he's been crying. I want to wave him off, but just smile back.
" I didn't think that you would wake up." he whispers. Looking again at Elise, I can tell that she hasn't been having an easy time either. Her eyes, which I had been simply grateful to look at before, were also with tears and reddened, although not with blood. Just with rubbing.
" Are you guys alright?"
" You're asking us if we're alright?" Elise sounds cynical as she speaks. " You were in a f-----g coma!" Willow motions to calm down, but she continues. " I thought you were going to die! You almost did! We almost lost you!" She cups her hands around her mouth and nose, breathing hard and trying to calm down, and I resist the urge to wipe the tears from her face.
" Oh. I can't remember anything like that. All I remember is the high school reunion, and then you calling me from the ousted..." and my dream. Wait, what was I dreaming about anyways? I can't remember anything, although I still feel terrified, and the sight of Elise confuses me.
" You.. You got.." She falls into sobs again, and I pull her into another hug as Willow explains.
" You ran out after her, and she came across the street to approach you. But she didn't see the truck. You pushed her out of the way, but were hit with the full force of a speeding vehicle. You almost made it without being hit, but your left leg actually got stuck to the fender due to the force, and you got dragged along. You received multiple head injuries before he was able to pull the truck to a stop."
Elise is shaking in my arms, but her sobs seem to have subsided. I rest my head gently in her hair.
" The doctors told us that you wouldn't make it, but I knew! " she said.
" Did not leave your side for a day! They tried to tell her that the visiting hours were over, multiple times, and she totally blew up!"
She looks at me with her brown eyes, and I smile down at her. I love her eyes.

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