Back From the Future - 4/27

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Re: Back From the Future - 4/27

Postby Neets » Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:41 am

"Are you Sarah Conner?" A large Austrian accented man excitedly demanded of me.

Meh, I got nuthin.... but here goes anyways...

"Nuts! Berries! Twigs!"
My alternative swear words that conformed to my new swearing off swearing campaign were annoying even myself, along with the insistent knocking at my apartment door. I didn't have time for this of course, but my entire morning was jinxed already. The cat decided he preferred to relieve his bladder on the couch again, reminding me his conformity in using the litter box was subject to review, based on the fact that I replaced the old "scented" couch for a new "unscented" variety which of course is a situation that he could not abide.

"Fine, just bleepitty bleeppin' fantastic!" I pulled my robe up around me, peeked out to see a well dressed and well groomed young man.

I left the chain on the door and smooshed my face into the opening. "Can I help you?" I called out.

"Ms. Smith?"

"Ms. Smith I need to talk to you about your future."

"O poop on a stick!" I thought to myself.
"Sorry, this is a really bad time, I don't have any to spare this morning." At this point I was sure this guy was selling life insurance or financial plans that benefit only the bankers who concoct them.

"No, really," he stammered, fumbling for something in the breast pocket of his suit.
At this point I backed away from the door and began to shut it, certain he was looking for a weapon. He jammed his expensive shoe in between the frame and the door and inserted his hand, which was holding a photo.

"Really! Please just look at this photo!"

I snatched the photo from his fingers and still pushing against the door began to inspect it.

It was a photo of me, a much older photo of myself, all flabby and gray haired, smiling like a fool - surrounded by a handsome family, with a baby on my lap. A cute pudgy blond haired baby who was out grinning everyone else in the photo.

I released my pressure on the door.

"Oh my God..."

"You recognize yourself then?"


"I'm that baby in your lap," he presented more photos through the opening, of himself and me, looking at them I could indeed see that he was the baby in the photo, growing older in the photos the man presented.

"You're my relative?"

"I'm your grandson."

I couldn't reply, I was stunned, I continued looking at the photos.

"How?" I managed to ask.

"I had to talk to you, and this was the only way..." The man seemed more relaxed now, and the desperation had faded from his voice.

"I need you to listen to me, but please, just reserve your judgment until you've heard everything."

At this point I relaxed as well, As impossible as it seemed, I knew these weren't just altered photos, looking at the man closer, I could see the resemblance he had to me. I released the chain on the door and allowed him to enter. He made his way to the "scented" couch.

"Oh no, not there, my cat urinated on that this morning, I was just going to try to get the smell out before you knocked."

The man, or should I say my grandson's reaction time was superb as he straightened his body back to a standing position a split second before gravity claimed him and his nice suit to the perils of the couch.

He laughed - and I could hear in his laugh my pattern of laughter. A chill rose up my spine in an involuntary reaction, the hairs on the back of my head rose in reaction to the impossibility of the situation.

"Grandma, this will seem impossible to you, but you became very, very famous."

He took the unscented seat I offered him at the kitchen bar.

"Famous for what?" I felt fear. I could be famous for something bad, or my awesome oatmeal cookie recipe... but of course that wouldn't require a trip through time would it? My mind was working feverishly at this point.

"Very soon, you will make a simple observation that will enable man to achieve the speed of light."

My jaw hung open. I know more about oatmeal cookies than the speed of light of course, but I love the Discovery channel and "Nova".... no way. Can't be.


"I know, you're no scientist. But tomorrow, you unlock one of the secrets of the universe by accident. Your observation is what will set in motion the discoveries that made this time trip possible. You happen to tell this observation to a man you meet in the dentist office, a man who has been looking to unravel the secret, and true to his honorable nature, you become famous because he credits all of his success to your that simple viola moment that you gave him while chatting with you before your appointment."

I did have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow. I also was late for work today. "Excuse me... um... I'm sorry I didn't get your name.." I awkwardly awaited my grandson's self introduction.

"Oh I'm sorry, my name is Sam."

"That's a nice name, my grandfather's name was Sam."

"Um.. yes.." He smiled politely as I slapped my hand to my forehead and laughed.

Awkward did not even sum up how I felt as I bent over to give him a hug as he sat on the bar stool, he returned my hug with great affection, thankfully allowing my awkward feelings to fade.

"The problem grandma, is that there is a corporation that seeks to own this secret - this simple observation of yours is so valuable. Time travel is possible thanks to you and Dr. Jacobsen, they are going to see that you never deliver him his viola moment. They probably already know I am here trying to warn you..."

"That's correct, Sam"

Sam and I both whirl around to the voice behind us. Another man in a handsome suit. With a gun.

Sam pulls me down by the arm and we run towards the door that I thankfully forgot to lock when Sam entered.

Shots ring out over our heads. Sam is strong and fast, and he is able to pull me out to the landing in time, I happen to be rather quick myself and we both shoot down the stairs together and sprint around the corner of the complex.

We could hear the man coming up behind us. The complex bordered a busy road and we ran together on the sidewalk, Sam desperately scanning the traffic, he stepped out into the roadway to hail a cab, and honking and screeching the cab came to a stop, too close for comfort as it almost ran Sam over. Sam opened the back door of the cab and pushed me in. He jumped in behind me as I looked out the back window.

I think the only reason the cabbie didn't call the cops at that moment was because my grandson was dressed so nicely. I know, I sound like a grandma in saying this.

"Just go... now!" Sam threw a hundred dollar bill towards the cabbie who sped away from the curb. I spotted the man who was chasing us, trying to get a shot at the cab. In failing in do so, he lowered his weapon. I watched as a patrol car pulled up behind him on the sidewalk, two officers drawing their weapons as they exited their car, slowly they were walking up to the man, shouting at him to drop his weapon and get his hands in the air.

That was the last thing I saw of this world before I looked over to Sam to see him controlling what looked like an i phone, and I felt a tingling sensation as I could see my form and everything around me dissipate.

Sam cried out to me, "Don't panic, we're going to jump through time!" as the world around me vanished.


Don't Panic, that's some good advice there.

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RE: Back From the Future - 4/27

Postby TheGreenNinja » Fri Apr 30, 2010 2:10 pm

A red-haired man in his early 20's dressed in a dark suit stood behind the door.
"Flamel?" Marie says with shock. "W-what are you doing out here so late?"
"Listen, Marie. I am from the future. I have -"
"Future?" Marie interrupts. She frowns at Flamel anxiously. "Elaborate?"
Flamel leans forward with his arms, like angle brackets, against the exterior walls. "I don't have much time. I -"
"Please elaborate or I will not listen!" Marie says stubbornly.
"Marie? Marie?" calls Marie's fiance Josh, slowly moving down the stairs. "What's the matter, babe?"
"Here comes ..." Flamel whispers. There is a touch of coldness in his next words. "The murderer."
"N-Nothing! Go back to bed!" Marie shouts, checking behind her. Then, she turns to Flamel. "You must be drunk! Go home!"
"Marie." Flamel lost his patience. "You. Will. Die."
BAM! Marie slams the door on him. "I have a potty mouth." She turns around and starts back for the stairs.
"Marie! Wait! Listen!" Flamel pounds on the door. "Call the police! It's Josh! It's Josh! He will murder you!"

Marie walks into the bedroom she shared with her fiance Josh. "Josh, I'm back."
The bedroom was desolated. "Josh? Josh? Where are you?"
"Behind you."
Marie turns around. Josh is standing before the door.
"You scared me! Don't ever do that again!" Marie laughs and runs to Josh but he pulls out a handgun. "Josh?" She looks confuse.
"I am not Josh Christopher Ward." He smiles. "I am Vincent Sawyer Bravo: A murderer."
Marie stares at him, her mouth parted. Vincent Sawyer Bravo was the man who murdered ... her parents three years ago. Her heart explodes with rage and sadness.
"I should have killed you a long time ago." Vincent points the handgun at Marie. "Prepare to die."
All of a sudden ...
"The lady doesn't die until I die!" Flamel jumps onto Vincent and crushes him to the floor, knocking the handgun out of Vincent's hand. "Marie! Take the gun!"
"Uh -!" Marie hurries to obtain the handgun.
"C-Call the police!" Flamel orders, wrestling Vincent.
"Uh! Ok!" Marie grabs the cellphone that laid on the bedside table and dials the number. "Um ... Um ... Help! ... Uh ... A murderer! Come quickly!"
"Get off me!" Vincent roars.
"Honestly?" Flamel looks up at a terrified Marie. "I'm fine," He mouths, and then he grins.
"Get off me!" Vincent roars again.
"Will you just shut up?" Flamel shouts. "Perhaps I shall --"
It happened too soon: Vincent has Flamel in a headlock. Flamel suppress a wince.
"Perhaps you shall what?"
"Josh ... please no ..." Marie pleads.
"I am not Josh! I was never Josh!" Vincent shouts. "Now ... Give me the gun! Or do you want your precious boyfriend to die?"
Flamel lets out a shriek of pain. "M-Marie ... Listen ..."
Marie stares at the handgun in her hand, trembling.
"Listen!" Flamel chokes. "Do not ... give Vincent what he wants. Wait until the police comes!"
"On the count of 3," says Vincent. "Give me the gun or the man dies."
"1 ..."
"Don't!" Flamel shouts.
"2 ..."
Her eyes fills with tears.
Reversing it, Vincent jumps and slams into Marie. Her head struck the edge of the bedside table. Marie is dead.
"NO!" Flamel races to take the handgun first. He clashes into Vincent, and swiftly punches him. Flamel snatches the handgun. Pointing it at Vincent, Flamel says, "Say hello to the devil."
He pulls the trigger.

Vincent was dead.
Flamel turns to look at Marie.
"I'm sorry I couldn't save you."
He turns around and walks away.

Flamel stood on the pavement ahead of the house, hands in pocket, watching the polices.
"Marie! Marie!" A familiar voice cries. Flamel turns his head around and sees a younger him running towards the house. Flamel puts a hand up to stop the younger him.
"I've been waiting for you."
"W-what? Who are you? Get out of my way!" The younger Flamel shouts.
"Young Flamel ... I am you. I am the older verison of you ... I am from the future. And I have failed. I hope you will do a better job. Marie's future lays in your hands ... Best Wishes."

And Flamel disappears.

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RE: Back From the Future - 4/27

Postby Morleann » Sun May 02, 2010 3:02 am

I dragged myself out of bed to answer the pounding door. Who the hell would be at my door? The sun isn’t even up yet, I thought. The pounding became more urgent.

“Alright,” I yelled, “don’t get your panties in a twist.” I glanced out the peephole, not recognizing the man standing on the other side. He was an older gentleman, somewhere in his 60’s by his appearance. He carried a fairly worn briefcase.

“Grace, I know you’re there. Please open the door; it’s a matter of life or death.”

“How the hell do you know my name? I’ve never seen you before in my life,” I called through the door.

“Let me in and I can explain everything, but we must hurry.” I hesitated, but I must admit I was intrigued by the man for some odd reason. Against my better judgment, I opened the door. He burst into my living room.

“Quick, close it. No one must know I am here.” I quietly closed the apartment door and slid the lock into place.

“Alright, who are you and what are you doing here?”

“My name is William and I am from the future. I am here because I must warn you about a very deadly mistake you made today.”

“Ok…could you explain a bit more? What mistake do I make that is so deadly?”

“Well, first let me explain how it affects the future so you have a full understanding of why I came here to warn you.”

“Right, I’m calling the police now.”

“No! Aunt Grace, you must listen to me. You cannot die today, for if you do the implications are most dire for the entire world. It is because of you that our country does not start a nuclear war. You are destined to be the designer of a better world.”

“Uh-huh. Why would I believe you?” He set the briefcase on my coffee table and shuffled through it.

“Here, look for yourself.” He handed me a family photograph and pointed to a wizened old woman. “That is you, Aunt Grace, as you are meant to be. You were the first female president and the one who finally brought peace and prosperity to the world. Only, the reason these photos exist is because I came here to keep you alive today.”

I looked closer at the old woman in the photo. She had the same gray eyes that I saw in my mirror every day. I shook my head in disbelief.

“You get into a cab later today, but you will not leave that cab alive. The cab driver is a suicide bomber and in my history book, he not only killed you, but hundreds of others. Promise me that you will not get into a cab today.”

“That’s crazy. You’re saying I should just take a bus then?”

“No, downtown is not a place you want to be today Aunt Grace. You should call out of work today. Stay home and protect yourself.”

“I could always just work from home today.”

“Trust me, it won’t matter anyways. It is your office building that was destroyed when the cab driver crashed into the first floor and detonated his bomb.”

I reached out carefully with my mind to probe his. I didn’t like to read others’ minds, but sometimes I had to. I needed to know if this man spoke the truth. You’re not the only one with that power, Aunt Grace. I jumped at the sound of his voice inside my mind.

“So my brother passes on our genes then?”

“Yes and he is a wonderful dad. In the past, or I should say now, when you were killed, dad couldn’t live with the grief. Your death just destroyed him inside. If you live, he will not hang himself and in about a year from now, you will meet me for the very first time.”

“Alright, since it won’t do me any real harm to stay home today, I will. Let me call my boss and I’ll just tell her it’s a family emergency.”

“Thank you, Aunt Grace. Now, I must go before I change the future even further.”

“William, can I ask just one question?”


“Who chose your name?”

“You did. My mother died giving birth to me and it was you that talked dad into naming me after her. Her name was Willa. Now, I really must go.” He faded from sight and I made the fateful call to work.

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Re: Back From the Future - 4/27

Postby Sir.Gano.Imius » Sun May 02, 2010 8:22 am

The doorbell rang. Through tinted windows, I saw a lady doctor carrying a briefcase. Bethesda Memorial Hospital regularly sent medical personnel my way, even during off days. I opened the door.

"Hi!" I greeted her. "Can I help you?"
She stifled a gasp. "Sorry, you caught me by surprise. I'm Doctor Tonan. You must be Doctor Peterson."
"I have a health concern that I need to discuss with you in private. May I come in?"

We went to my study room. I noticed that she wore latex gloves--not a handshaking fan. She always stayed two arms' length away from me. As we sat down, I considered feigning an accidental footsie, just to watch her reaction.

Instead, I stuck to business. "What's your concern, Doctor?"
"You volunteer as a sports medic at the Boynton Beach YMCA. Is that correct?"
"When you're there, you'd watch over a teenager named Sarah, right?"
"Uh, yes." Something else poked my consciousness. "Is she okay? She doesn't have a brain tumor, does she?"
"No, I--I mean, no, she doesn't."
"Oh, good." Then it hit me: the teenager's last name was also Tonan. "You're not related to her by any chance, are you?"
"Well, yes...technically speaking..."
"You know that I cannot simply treat patients who are family members with the medical staff, not on the spot."
"Of course." She took a deep breath. "Do you remember the oath you both took after her sister was diagnosed with Oblique Syndrome? You swore you'd find a cure for it, and she swore she'd help out when she grew older."

I froze. The teenager and I were the only ones who knew about the pact we made four years ago. We even devised a series of hand and finger motions to keep it sealed. It seemed silly at the time, but I knew that kids liked using their imagination. Sarah needed it to get her through the tough times that followed.

I collected my thoughts. "So, Sarah told you about our pact?"
"No, I didn't--I mean, she--"
"Wait. What's with all this 'I' stuff you keep stuttering?"
She stood up. "Rodney, it's me, Sarah." And as if to prove what she said, she replicated the hand and finger motions perfectly.

I froze again. This Sarah hadn't undergone any plastic surgery. Aside from the different dimensions, her physical features matched those of Sarah from YMCA the day before. And that voice...suddenly I didn't want to play footsies anymore.

So, I said, "You look much older than you should be."
"That's because I am."
"What--how did you pull THAT off?"
"Did your brother ever tell you about his relativity experiments?"
"I got the gist of what he was saying."
"He succeeded."
My brain finally caught up. "You mean--he discovered time travel? WOW! Where is he?"
"Only one of us can travel back at a time."
"Well, I'm flattered that you came all this way to see me, but why?"
Her voice took on a tone of urgency. "To help you keep your promise."
"You make it sound like I don't have much time left."

She produced a newspaper--"Promising Neurologist Shot Dead," dated next Friday--from her briefcase. The article detailed the circumstances but otherwise left no clues.

"You published a paper last month that is making a huge difference in my time," she continued.
"I did publish a paper, but--really?"
"Yes, but it's not enough. Not for my sister. We need your help to complete the research."
I analyzed my options. "From what you're saying, I can't travel with you."
"All you have to do is disappear from work this week."
"That won't work if I'm being stalked."
"Then just disappear. If you want to live, it's your only option."
"Sarah, I'm a vascular neurologist. I care for patients that are continuously in critical condition. I cannot leave them to someone else."
"What are you doing?"
I pulled a folder from my desk and carefully handed it to her. "These are the rest of my findings. Your people will have to make do with them."
"But--your murder..."
A warm feeling came over me. I actually smiled at her. "Who among us gets to know our destiny and face it with a clear conscience? Only martyrs."
She shook her head. "You're still the hero."

I didn't hug her. Instead, I motioned my hands and fingers in keeping with my oath. She followed suit. Then she left my house and was gone.

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RE: Back From the Future - 4/27

Postby lindsey09887 » Mon May 03, 2010 3:40 am

*tap, tap*
“Hey, cat, where are you?” I look around, *tap, tap* “oh, the door." The door? Perhaps someone is looking in after me. I haven’t left the house in five days.

I’ve been playing that kid game, in a way – the game when one hides and both wishes someone will miss me and find me, while at the same time hoping I’ll be isolated from the world for-ever.

Turns out, I’ve been found by the “future”: I open the door and there’s this man who says “I am from the future. I can prove it.” I get worried, what happens the moment I begin to believe this guy – loss of reason?

I’m concerned not about time, but about my well-being. I close the door to his broad smiling face, sit down next to the cat, and pick up a magazine.
*tap, tap, tap*
*tap, tap*


*bang, bang, bang*

Should I call the cops on this guy? The medical staff of the local mental hospital?
I open the door again. “What is it, sir?” I ask politely, concerned that he will be as violent as his last three knocks.

“I can prove it.” He takes out three photo albums from my childhood. Fair enough; the guy reaches into my past to prove he’s from the future; not the first time this has happened to someone. The three albums have pictures of my mom and me, but not of my dad. The weirdo has taken out the pictures of my dad to prove a point.

“You see, in the future your dad goes into the past to change your fate, he fails, and kills himself in the past, and very soon, your world is going to fall apart. There will come a point when you no longer exist. Neither will this house as it is. The only thing that will remain the same is your cat. Cats remain wherever they happen to be in time, when everything else changes. Strange, right?”

“So, what am I supposed to do?” This type of thing does not happen. I’ll go take a pill for relaxation. And, anything to get this guy to go away.

I shut the door, turn the locks. *tap, tap* then *bang, bang, bang*
I turn my ipod on. Three days, two hours, and fifty-three minutes of music…
I hold cat. “Cats remain wherever they have to be in time, when everything else changes.” Strange indeed. I focus on cat, and I focus on the cat in me. I tune out. The knocks die down. I muse:

If I cease to be, I am unsaved and unsaveable. And if my mortality and that which is beyond are destroyed temporally, I feel freer, lighter, than I’ve ever felt. Even if what the man said will come to pass, indeed, given that event will come to pass, so be it. I can do anything for I am always on the verge of ceasing.


I walk outside, go to the mailbox, nothing but bills, look to the left, and there’s that man, *tap, tap, tapp-ing* on my neighbor’s door, two houses down.

[[p.s. this is the first time I've ever written creative prose]]

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RE: Back From the Future - 4/27

Postby thehenderson » Mon May 03, 2010 10:42 am

As I lie there bleeding out on the cold tile floor, there was one nagging thought that I could not escape, “Why didn’t I listen to him…why didn’t I believe him…this cannot be happening…it’s just not possible”.

2 hours ago my life was normal, if not mundane. Each morning started precisely at 5:30 AM. I woke up, showered, dressed, and ate my standard breakfast of two poached eggs and an English muffin. I drank three cups of industrial strength coffee while I ate and scanned the daily newspaper. At precisely 6:35 AM I poured an oversized travel mug of coffee, grabbed my wallet, keys and jacket and I was in my car and on my way to work by 6:40 AM. Today had gone much the same as every day had gone for the past 4 years. However, this morning life had a little surprise in store for me.

I had just stuffed my wallet into my pocket and with keys and jumbo travel mug in hand; I opened my front door to leave for work like always. Only today when I opened my door I was not met with the familiar calm of dawn breaking, birds chirping, and sprinkler systems gushing forth the life blood that sustains the well-manicured lawns of my suburban street. Instead, I found myself standing face-to-face with an unfamiliar man. Like an airliner hitting a pocket of turbulence, I was jolted out of my morning ritual. “Who the hell are you, and what are you doing on my porch?” I shouted as I instinctively retreated backwards into my house. The man calmly stated, “My name is William Shatner”. I could not help but to think, “Why the hell is Captain Kirk standing on my porch?” However, I knew this man was no Captain Kirk. His demeanor was serious, almost frightening. He went on to say, ”Nathan, you must listen to me and do exactly as I tell you. We don’t have much time.” “What the hell are you talking about? How the hell do you know my name?”, I said as I scanned my living room for potential weapons. Meanwhile, the stranger remained calm. He made no attempt to follow me back into the house.

As dawn was becoming day, I now had my first good look at the man on my porch. He was of average height and build, much like me. He had salt and pepper hair and appeared to be in his mid to late ‘50s in age. He wore wire rim glasses and was clean shaven. He had striking green eyes that looked as if they had seen much pain. “Nathan, we are almost out of time.”, William said sternly. “What do you want from me?” I pleaded as I began to let my down my guard a little. “I need you to listen to me. This is going to be difficult for you to comprehend and we do not have enough time for details. I need you to trust me, and you need to do exactly as I tell you, otherwise…” “Otherwise what?” I questioned. “If you do not do exactly as I tell you, you are going to die today,” he repeated.

The bewilderment must have shown in my face because, for the first time, the stranger moved. He stepped into my living room, but did not approach me. He began, “Like I said, My name is William. You and I are friends, good friends…25 years from now.” “I...I don’t understand…What are you saying?”, I mumbled as I sat on the sofa. “I have come back here to save your life. In exactly 7 minutes a man is going to break into your house. He is going to take some things from here that will enable him to assume your identity. You both go on for the next 25 years living your life. Until you discover that he is living as you and you confront him. He kills you…” “I am here to warn you of the burglary so that I do not lose my best friend in 25 years” I am speechless, but skeptical. “Look”, I say. “I don’t know who you are, or what you want you are trying to pull here, but I want you to leave…NOW!” “Nathan”, he pleaded. “Please don’t do this. You must trust me. Call the police…worse case you tell them that a strange man was in your house, at least they will be here and the burglary will not happen.” He stood. “It’s time. Nathan, call the police. I must go now…goodbye friend.” As I watched William walk way I just sat there trying to figure out what the hell had just happened.

I must have sat there for several minutes when the sound of breaking glass startled me out of my daze. I followed the noise through the dining room toward the kitchen. As I turned the corner into the kitchen and I was met square in the face with a fist. I awoke sometime later in a pool of my own blood. I did not take me long to realize that I had been stabbed numerous times and that I was dying from the blood loss. My thoughts quickly turned to William and what he had told me. “Why didn’t I listen to him…why didn’t I believe him…this cannot be happening…it’s just not possible”. I could not help but feel sorry for William as he just lost his best friend.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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RE: Back From the Future - 4/27

Postby dbfsee » Mon May 03, 2010 3:38 pm

I took a long drag on my cigarette, clinching it between my fingers, before letting the smoke seep out. He fanned his face.
“It’s your call D.T., clocks ticking”
“Do I look concerned?” I took another puff.

I could hear the T.V. in the background; an anchorwoman was talking. I kept the man in corner of my eye as I turned my head.
“No need to listen. Cotter has been caught and he’s going to snitch.”
“Whatever.” I tried to listen anyway. “Do you think I’m suppo_
“They’re sending Roth.” he said, the name grabbed my attention. I stared at him for moment sizing him up. How does he know Roth?
“How long do I_” before I could finish shots rang out like fire crackers. The man lurched forward before collapsing on the porch. I looked across the street. It was Roth. He opened fire. I slammed the door as the bullets penetrated. The television shattered, beer cans on the coffee table flipped into the air, picture frames hit the floor. I crawled to the back bed room. Turning the mattress over, I grab the 9mm and stuffed two clips into my pants pocket. I lifted the bathroom window up. I peeped out. It looked clear.

My back hit the ground; I got up, and took off running. As I approached the corner a car pulled up. It turned towards me. I raised my gun. The driver slammed on brakes.
“Are you crazy!” she yelled. She poked her head out the car. Her beauty stopped my thoughts for a moment.
“I’m sorry. I’m sorry ok? Look, I need a ride!”
“I’m not giving you ride! You just pointed a gun at me!”

Another car rounded the corner.

“Maim, if you could just_” her back glass collapsed into the backseat as the bullets exited her front window. She floored it. I jumped in as more shots exited the front window.
“Oh my God, Oh my God, I’m going to die!” her head was ducked beneath the steering wheel. I grabbed it from the passenger side.
“Keep on the gas! I’ll steer.”

We took the next corner; the rear end fish tailing. I looked back. He was gone.
“Ok, we’re good.” I said, as we got on the onramp heading down 95. Her hair was covering her face. She parted it with her hands; pulling it back behind her head. There was a tattoo of hands clasped together in prayer on her arm. Her tank top revealed another one on the side of her neck. It was a Japanese symbol.
“Ok, what was that?” she looked at me.
“I’m sorry, was it obvious?”
“Umm, yeah”
“I didn’t mean to stare. You’re so pretty.”
“Not that! But that back there.” she pointed towards the back with her thumb.
“Oh, that, that was nothing, I’m just supposed to die today.”

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Re: Back From the Future - 4/27

Postby JackyJax » Mon May 03, 2010 5:54 pm

I had just disarmed a toddler holding a lightsaber gun and wrestled a preschooler down from a ladder so hearing the doorbell ring was a welcome distraction from that evening’s parenting.

‘Hurrah! The doorbell!’ cheered the children, making me feel guilty for having so little stimulation in their lives that even this simple jangling noise was an event.

Opening the door, a little of the night mist crept inside, curling my younger son’s hair as he tried to make a break for the road outside. Grabbing him under the arms I managed to hoist him over my shoulder whilst saying hello to our visitor. My oldest child Jake hid behind my legs, his little face buried in my skirt.

‘Hi!’ I said, as my youngest child Sam wriggled in my arms. ‘How can I help you?’

The visitor was an old man, slightly stooped with wrinkles lining his face like the whorls on a fingertip. The man stood up straight, then wheezed before turning his attention to Sam squirming on top of me. ‘Nasty break,’ said the man, indicating the plaster cast on Sam’s arm. ‘His second this year I think?’

‘How did you know that?’ I asked and I could feel the evening mist creep into my heart. ‘Are you from social services?’

Sam was a ‘spirited child’ according to our local doctor. Although only three years old, he’d had several trips to the emergency departments. His older brother Jake and I had spend many nights camped out on a stretcher bed as Sam lay snuffling above us in a hospital bed. There’s something wrong, I think, with a small child’s body in a large adult sized bed. And there’s something wrong too, I would think, with my child.

Sam had always been the sort of child to fall out of his cot, clamber on a chair to unlatch a door or balance on top of the tv to ‘see what it would feel like’. My oldest son Jake and I were more the reading books and doing puzzles type of people so Sam seemed like a different species to us. And to me, he seemed like an advert for my inadequacies as a parent.

‘Who are you?’ I asked the old man as I put Sam on the floor and bounced him up and down in an effort to contain his energy.

The old man answered by sitting down on the bench outside our house whilst the boys bowled back towards the kitchen where their dinners were waiting for them. I closed the fly screen to the house and asked the man again who he was. He just smiled at me and there was something familiar about his face. He opened his wallet and showed me a photo of his wife and three children.

‘I’m 85 now,’ said the old man. ‘I had a good life. Bit of a hell raiser as a child, lots of trips to the hospital and motorbike accidents as a teenager. Heck I even broke my leg once whilst parasailing off the mountain coast in Greece. But you know what? I found my life’s passion- climbing – and from then on that’s what I lived for, the next mountain, the highest peak. And I made a living from it too, got three boys through university and retired at the age of 60.’

I could hear sounds of fighting from inside the house. ‘I have to go,’ I said, motioning to the door.
‘I’m 87 now,’ said the man. ’87. Do you hear me?’

I nodded, hearing Jake shout that Sam had thumped him again.

‘Can I give you some advice?’ said the old man, with those familiar eyes that I couldn’t place.

I nodded and noticed the moon shining strongly through the clouds. There were no bats out tonight which was strange as they normally dominated the night sky.

‘Use a broom,’ he said. ‘Whatever you do, use a broom.’

I hear a loud scream then and ran back into the house towards the kitchen. The scream was an unnatural one, like a high squealed screech and I noticed when I turned the corner that Sam had stuck a fork in the electric socket. Sparks flew from him and my first instinct was to grab him and pull him to me. But from down the corridor I heard the old man shouting, ‘Use a broom! Use a broom’ so I grabbed a broom and whacked Sam away from the wall. He slumped on the floor still breathing, still able to talk. And as I lay on the floor crying and hugging him to me, the old man paused at the door before raising his hat and disappearing into the misty night.

‘What was his name?’ my husband asked me later on that night when the boys were in bed asleep.

‘Sam,’ I whispered. ‘His name was Sam.’

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RE: Back From the Future - 4/27

Postby shelleigh9 » Mon May 03, 2010 7:38 pm

The Henderson, I really enjoyed your story. It flowed real well. I liked how you started with the ending and then flashed back to what happen. That really kept my attention and made me want to read on. I don't have any helpful criticism, sorry. I look forward to reading more.


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Re: Back From the Future - 4/27

Postby lexhofs » Tue May 18, 2010 7:47 am

“Cotangent squared theta equals cosine squared theta over sine knock knock…” Finally, a reason to break from her Pre-Calculus assignment. She rushed to attend to the incessant rapping at her apartment door.

“Wha -- Ronnie?” Her neighbor stood panting, hands on his knees. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

He shook his head violently. “No, I’m not hurt.” He looked up at her. “But you will be, if you don’t hear me out.” As he tried to catch his breath, she narrowed her eyes at him, giving him a look consisting of one part disbelief and one part curiosity.

“Ronnie -- er -- what are you talking about? I’m right here, I’m fine.”

“I didn’t say you weren’t fine, Claire!” His raised voice made her step back into her apartment a little. “You’re fine now, but you won’t, you --” He stumbled as if he was about to burst into sobs, then hastily recollected himself. “Listen. When your ass of a boyfriend calls you out to the parking lot in two minutes, don’t go to him. I don’t care what he threatens you with. Just don’t go to him. Please, Claire.” He now stood leaning on the door frame, looking at Claire with eyes just as pleading as his voice.

Sensing her confusion, Ronnie continued. “Look at your watch. Check the time.” Claire opened her golden watch-locket and read its hands. It was 8:07 p.m. “Okay,” he continued, “now check my watch.” The watch read 8:10. Don't different watches ALWAYS have variations in time? This is just getting ridiculous, she said to herself.

“Claire,” he tried to say softly, “I don’t know how, Claire. All I saw -- you, dead in the parking lot, and Dan -- just standing there. And now I’m here, I don’t know how. I just blinked, and here I was. I think I was sent to warn you, Claire.”

The awkwardness of the whole situation began to sink in, and Claire started to slowly shut the door. “Well I gotta go now, I have homework and I really need to get it done. So just shut the door now, okay? Go to your apartment, the storm is raging out there.”

“No, just listen to me!” She continued to push the door against him. “Please Claire! You’re going to die! Claire, I still love you!”


Ronnie’s muffled sobs could be heard through the door. Claire waited a minute or so for the noise to fade; she couldn’t work with such miserable sounds filling her apartment.

The crying ceased.

“Sine two theta is two sine theta cosine riiing, riiing…”

It was her cell phone this time. The caller ID read “Baby”. It was 8:09.


“I swear to God I will end it if you do not come down here and explain what hell that guy was doing in your house yesterday!”

“Dan please, I'm his tutor --”

“Whore!” Dial tone.

This time Claire didn’t want to leave her homework. She grabbed her coat in frustration and went downstairs to the parking lot level.

Crap this weather, she thought. These typhoons have got to stop…

Her boyfriend stood at the other end of the parking lot despite the pouring rain and the raging lightning storm above him.


Claire remembered Ronnie’s words. She didn’t believe him at first, but for some reason they stuck to her. She didn’t move.

“Get over here before I go there myself!” Dan yelled. Still no movement.

He then half-walked half-ran towards her in fury, his hands outstretched towards her neck. She remained motionless even as he lifted her up by the neck.

“You stupid bitch! I knew you were ****ing around! I hate you!” Tighter and tighter he squeezed her neck, until finally he dropped her onto the ground. Her watch-locket got caught in the sleeve of his jacket.

“You wait and see,” he threatened, walking back to the other side of the parking lot while maliciously pointing at Claire. “I swear, I will kill you if I ever --”

Suddenly, a huge roar overcame the noise of the rain as a flash of white light captured the scene. To Claire, who was still on the ground, the flash lasted a lifetime. Old memories began to flow into her mind, as if she was about to die…

…But she didn‘t. The flash vanished just as quickly as it came, and Claire was still breathing. The only thing the flash took along with it was the life of the young man now outstretched in the parking lot, charred to pieces, holding a golden locket in the palm of his hand.

Just then, Ronnie’s car pulled up to the parking lot.


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