Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby Emmally » Fri Oct 12, 2007 3:50 pm

This is a character of mine from a fictional biography. She lives in a world of vampires, werewolves and high society.

Full Name: Madeleine Maria Jane Kensington.
Birthday: September 23 1984.
Birthplace: Durban, South Africa.
Current Location: Cambridge, England.
Heritage: English, Afrikaans.
Eye Color/Hair Color: Motley blue, light blonde curls.
Right or Left Handed: Left handed.
Major Strength: Bi-lingual- fluent in English and Afrikaans.
Major Weakness: Falls for a guy too quickly and too easily, either too clingy or too distant in a relationship, -always- kisses on the first date.
Fears: That she will be inadequate, replaced by a younger woman, or a scandal will put an end to her career.
Life Goal: To win at least one Academy Award or BAFTA.
Dream Profession: Hollywood Actress.
Actual Profession: Hollywood Actress.
Favorite Meal: None.
Coffee Drinker: Only iced.
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Anything that tastes good.
Has Character Been in Love: She's in love at the moment with a vampire named William Thornton.
Is Character Attractive: Yes.
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: As much as the ordinary woman would. Sometimes she thinks she is the most beautiful woman on the planet, other days she considers herself average, and just like any other woman, she too has her 'ugly' or 'fat' days.
Healthy Habits: Yoga, jogging, reading.
Unhealthy Habits: Drinks too much at clubbing.
Favorite Movie: Anything she's not in.
Vices: Blonde men, vampires.
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): Piercings in her ears- one on each lobe. No tattoos, she thinks they're a disgrace to have on a body.
Number One Regret: Getting involved with her teacher at high-school.

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby giggaboy94 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 6:16 am

Full Name: Alexander James North
Birthday: 9/21/84
Birthplace: Sacramentopia
Current location: Sacramento land
Heritage: Irish
Eye color/hair color: Blue/Blonde
Right or left handed: right handed
Major weakness: Kryptonite
Major strength: goldonite
Fears: my family members passing away
Life goal: becoming wealthy
Dream profession: Rapper
Actual profession: Street racer/mechanic
Favorite Meal: Boomtown shrimp from Tahoe Joe’s
Favorite alcoholic drink: Tilt (alcoholic energy drink)
Coffee drinker: yes
Has your character been in love: yes, many times
Is your character attractive: yes
Does your character think of himself attractive: yes but not conceded
Healthy habits: working out
Unhealthy habits: falling in love
Favorite movies: death proof, planet terror
Vices: Street racing(going fast)
Tattoo(s)/piercing(s): three tattoos: one on his back of a large puzzle piece made up of smaller pieces, one on his right shoulder of his daughters face and her name above the face in the letters” Little Stephanie, my angel and savior” , and one on the back of is neck which is a bar code.
Number one regret: not thinking about his actions when he was younger

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby Saebruem » Fri Dec 07, 2007 11:54 pm

Full Name: Saebruem Aschere Crowe
Birthday: January 17, 1990
Birthplace: Nine, Aluetia
Current Location:Victoria City, Victoria
Heritage: Aluetian
Eye Color/Hair Color: Eyes: light blue, Hair: Silver/White
Right or Left Handed:Right
Major Strength:Honest/Out-spoken
Major Weakness: Sometimes doesn't know when to quit
Fears: Losing her friends/comrades
Life Goal: To earn respect
Dream Profession: Rock star
Actual Profession:Warrior Princess
Favorite Meal: Asparagus sandwich
Coffee Drinker: yes
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: none
Has Character Been in Love: no
Is Character Attractive: yes
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: no
Healthy Habits: exercises daily
Unhealthy Habits: picks fights
Favorite Movie: The Lion King
Vices:Sex, sex, sex
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s):Tats: no, Piercings: yes, ears
Number One Regret: failing to save partner on mission

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby Saebruem » Sat Dec 08, 2007 12:28 am

Full Name: Haraku Saored
Birthday:September 15, 1990
Birthplace: Mesula, Enix
Current Location: Victoria City, Victoria
Heritage: Hanrasha
Eye Color/Hair Color: Eyes: red, Hair: dirty blonde
Right or Left Handed: right
Major Strength: always calm under pressure
Major Weakness: easily persuaded
Fears: responsibility
Life Goal: to prove his worth to his father
Dream Profession: Teacher
Actual Profession:rebel
Favorite Meal: Grilled eggplant
Coffee Drinker: no
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: none
Has Character Been in Love: yes
Is Character Attractive: yes
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive:no
Healthy Habits: stretches everday
Unhealthy Habits: eats when depressed
Favorite Movie: none
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): Tats:yes, right shoulder(mother's name),Piercings: yes...several
Number One Regret: letting his father down

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby Saebruem » Sat Dec 08, 2007 12:46 am

Full Name:Angel Crowe
Birthday: May 7, 1989
Birthplace: Upendique, Aluetia
Current Location:Roeing, Cirian
Eye Color/Hair Color: Eyes:Dark blue, Hair:Black
Right or Left Handed:left
Major Strength:understanding
Major Weakness: too nice for his own good
Fears: losing his family, and lover
Life Goal:to put country back into order
Dream Profession: rock star
Actual Profession: prince, warrior, rock star
Favorite Meal: double fudge brownies
Coffee Drinker: occasionally
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: tequila
Has Character Been in Love: yes
Is Character Attractive:yes
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: yes
Healthy Habits: contibutes to many charities
Unhealthy Habits: can sometimes be short tempered , angry drunk
Favorite Movie: the squid and the whale
Vices: drinks heavily
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s):none
Number One Regret: attacking boyfriend while drunk

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby Blue Jester » Thu Jan 17, 2008 6:01 pm

Full Name: Erin Marie

Birthday: August 24
Birthplace: Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Current Location: South Dakota
Heritage: German/French/Dutch
Eye Color/Hair Color: Blue-green/brown
Right or Left Handed: Right
Major Strength: Patience
Major Weakness: Never good enough or worth anything
Fears: Never being capable of trusting someone 100%
Life Goal: To get my M.D. and fall in love with a good man.
Dream Profession: Pathologist.
Actual Profession: Student.
Favorite Meal: Pasta Alfredo
Coffee Drinker: No
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: I don't drink.
Has Character Been in Love: Unforntunately.
Is Character Attractive: Yes, but not beautiful.
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: Only to an extent.
Healthy Habits: Studies, goes for walks, listening to friends when they talk sincerely.
Unhealthy Habits: Selfish, manipulative, coward and pessimistic.
Favorite Movie: Bridget Jones Diary.
Vices: None
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): None
Number One Regret: Not having ambition or not being able to make someone dear to me happier.

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby FXerFic » Sun Jan 20, 2008 10:38 am

Full Name: Michelle Nodin
Birthday: September 30, 1972
Birthplace: The backseat of a cruiser in a small town
Current Location: An abandoned Teepee
Heritage: Caucasion (Father’s side) Native Ojibway (Mother’s Side)
Eye Color/Hair Color: Extremely deep brown / black
Right or Left Handed: Right handed
Major Strength: Advocating for her daughter at any cost
Major Weakness: Letting people take advantage of her except when advocating for her daughter
Fears: Allowing her daughter to go to school or anywhere without her
Life Goal: To travel; to show her daughter the best side of the world
Dream Profession: Public speaker, educating people about Autism and Fragile-X, especially police departments, hospital staff, school staff and students, parents of typically developing children who share a classroom with a special needs child, and teenagers in parenting classes
Actual Profession: stay-at-home (or rather in-hiding) mother
Favorite Meal: fruit and yogurt parfait for breakfast
Coffee Drinker: NO WAY, but LOVES cedar tea
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Doesn’t drink
Has Character Been in Love: Married once, but not really in love with him she discovered a year into the marriage, but later fell in love with a man she lost to alcohol…..
Is Character Attractive: Very…..
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: Not at all….
Healthy Habits: Loves to peel and eat an orange….the peeling of the orange or Clementine or tangerine or grapefruit is as comforting as tasting the fruit’s sweetness
Unhealthy Habits: Constant Worry
Favorite Movie: Ghost
Vices: orange peeling as above....self-tattooing as below
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): yes, a trail of autum leaves down her right arm
Number One Regret: her marriage……

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby Tennis Pirate » Fri Feb 08, 2008 2:00 pm

(From a short story I wrote for my CW class)

Full Name: Daniel James Freeman
Birthday: October 4, 1989 (he's 18)
Birthplace: Boston, MA
Current Location: Dexter, MI
Heritage: Polish, French
Eye Color/Hair Color: grey-green eyes / sandy-brown hair
Right or Left Handed: Right-handed
Major Strength: Politeness
Major Weakness: Chronic tardiness
Fears: Strangers, being alone at night
Life Goal: To own his own restaurant
Dream Profession: Head chef
Actual Profession: Pizza delivery boy
Favorite Meal: Chicken cordon bleu
Coffee Drinker: Nope. Gets his fix from Mountain Dew.
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Rum in Coke
Has Character Been in Love: He's got a girlfriend, but they're not about to get married or anything.
Is Character Attractive: Good facial features and nice hair; kind of lanky and a little awkward.
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: Not really.
Healthy Habits: Runs track
Unhealthy Habits: Eats a lot of junk food (like pizza), but he's got a fast metabolism
Favorite Movie: Silence of the Lambs
Vices: He's lazy, and he has a pretty smart mouth that can get him into trouble.
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): His parents would kill him. He does want one at some point, though.
Number One Regret: Not applying to culinary school.

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby EmBanks » Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:06 pm

Full Name: Amelia Rousseau
Birthday: January 26, 1989
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Current Location: Stamford, Connecticut
Heritage: Swedish, English
Eye Color/Hair Color: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Right or Left Handed: Right
Major Strength: Entertaining people
Major Weakness: Her feelings
Fears: Being ignored, spiders, and being in love
Life Goal: To be important
Dream Profession: Peace corps
Actual Profession: Boarding school student
Favorite Meal: Macaroni and Cheese
Coffee Drinker: Hopelessly addicted
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Anything
Has Character Been in Love: Once, but she won't admit it
Is Character Attractive: She's beautiful
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: Yes. She went through a rough period, but she has come to terms with it.
Healthy Habits: Very few
Unhealthy Habits: Promiscuity
Favorite Movie: Roman Holiday
Vices: Sex, Alcohol
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): None
Number One Regret: Not telling him.

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby heathermoreland » Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:30 am

Layla Lolen better known as, Safire, to those mesmerized by her belly dancing always dreamed of becoming an author. As a child she was forced to leave Alaska to be adopted by a couple in Vermont. The other girls teased Layla to the point of tears over her distinct "look". Dark chocolate brown hair, brown eyes, and olive skin was not the norm in her new surroundings. It was hard being the only eskimo around. Luckily, she had the movie, "Annie" to comfort her. Layla dreamed that one day her very own Daddy Warbucks would come and save her. She spent her childhood living a different life through books, hoping that one day she would write her own books for people everywhere to lose themselves in.

Safire, a true Scorpio at heart, never could let go of a dream. Her signature move was the game she would play with her veil, held by the right hand, to hide and reveal her face using snake arms, while she arched her back in mystery. What was she thinking? The men liked to believe she was secretly signaling them. Did she know she was beautiful? Of course, but she would never admit to it. It was her power. And, for it to be truly successful she must never let on to the fact that she was aware of it.

Always ready to defend another, Safire only defended herself on rare occasions. She could care less what other people thought about her, as long as it wasn't someone who she trusted or admired. Rarely, did one ever fall into that category in the first place, especially if they were male. She had been burned too many times. She knew what men wanted her for, it had been made painfully obvious through her past relationships.

It was Safire's last dance for the night. Her saphire dragon fly belly ring flickered in the light as she shimmied off stage.

"Finally," she thought "I can go get my favorite Cobb salad and relax with a nice Strawberry Daiquiri. Tomorrow, I'll start all over again with a nice hot cup of columbian coffee, four sugars, and a touch of vanilla creamer."

"I wish I would have never stopped daydreaming, to learn the art of men. What a waste it turned out to be." :o


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