Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby scd250 » Sat Jul 28, 2007 5:19 pm


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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby CaptainWhitney » Wed Aug 15, 2007 10:21 pm

I've actually already finished the first draft of this novel -- but all this information is from the beginning.

Full Name: Arabella Driss
Birthday: November 13, 19??
Birthplace: Provo, Utah
Current Location: Raye Sea (on J-Sar)
Heritage: American?
Eye Color/Hair Color: Steely blue/silver blond
Right or Left Handed: Right
Major Strength: Strong fighter; quick-witted
Major Weakness: Distrustful
Fears: Nothing – she’s to depressed to fear
Life Goal: To die fighting
Dream Profession: A mother – not that she’d admit that to herself
Actual Profession: Pirate
Favorite Meal: Top Ramen
Coffee Drinker: No, but she would if she could get her hands on some
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: She doesn’t drink, would if she could get her hands on some
Has Character Been in Love: Once, and broken hearted
Is Character Attractive: Yes, very
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: Not at all – in fact, I’ve thought about making her anorexic
Healthy Habits: She runs around and climbs things a lot (it comes with the profession)
Unhealthy Habits: Pulling at her hair, shouting a lot, and rarely sleeping
Favorite Movie: It’s been so long since she watched a movie ...
Vices: Swearing. Oh, and killing and stealing.
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): None.
Number One Regret: Running away with a man who broke her heart.

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby CaptainWhitney » Wed Aug 15, 2007 10:40 pm

I am having WAY to much fun with this.

All this information is from where I currently am in my novel:

Full Name: Laurence Canfield
Birthday: If he knew, you’d know.
Birthplace: Rissa (on the planet Aira)
Current Location: Kentallium (on the planet J-Sar)
Heritage: Rissan
Eye Color/Hair Color: Both dark brown.
Right or Left Handed: Lefty
Major Strength: Intelligence, particularly literary
Major Weakness: Lack of backbone
Fears: His father; failure; pain
Life Goal: To make his father happy
Dream Profession: Sailor, particularly fisherman
Actual Profession: Henchman to his father. He does all the dirty work.
Favorite Meal: He’s just glad when he gets a meal.
Coffee Drinker: Notta.
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: He’s never touched a drop – it isn’t made on Aira or J-Sar
Has Character Been in Love: He is, but he doesn’t know it. I fear he finds out too late.
Is Character Attractive: Yes – gorgeous! And with the most wonderful (sort of) English accent!
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: I don’t think he’s ever really thought about it. But, no, he doesn’t. He’s not very fond of himself.
Healthy Habits: Reading; practicing with weaponry (that's an athletic activity).
Unhealthy Habits: Um ... doing what his father tells him to? Insomnia
Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
Vices: Fear – which makes him do as his father commands.
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): None
Number One Regret: Having killed an innocent man

Don't run away with the idea that he's a really horrible man -- he does eventually die for a good cause!!!! (I have to protect him, my friend keeps talking about how horrible he is.)

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby CaptainWhitney » Thu Aug 16, 2007 8:17 am

Full Name: Kathryn Whitney Larson
Birthday: December 29, 1993
Birthplace: Provo, Utah
Current Location: Logan, Utah
Heritage: American
Eye Color/Hair Color: Brown with occasional hints of blue or green / brown with a touch of red
Right or Left Handed: Righty -- but she's working on becoming ambedextrious
Major Strength: Independance; bravery; intellegance
Major Weakness: Quick temper; hard-headed; impatience
Fears: Clowns; Sharks; Being useless; the pain of ones she loves
Life Goal: To be the world's best stay-at-home mum; die to save someone's life, or in another interesting way
Dream Profession: Free Lance Writer; mother
Actual Profession: Aspiring Freelance Writer
Favorite Meal: Anything to do with meat -- particularly stake
Coffee Drinker: Nope
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Too smart for that
Has Character Been in Love: Not really, but she dreams of it often
Is Character Attractive: Sort of
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: On a scale from 1-10 she would rate herself a 6 and okay with that
Healthy Habits: Washing hair, eating lots (and lots and lots) of fruit; running around all over creation
Unhealthy Habits: Eating junk; running around in the rain with no jacket or shoes; wishing for a more exciting life
Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride; The Emporer's New Groove; Arsenic and Old Lace
Vices: None, really.
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): Piercing in each ear; too cool for tattoos
Number One Regret: That she didn't tell her brother she loved him until AFTER he started doing illegal drugs

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby Feilyn » Fri Aug 24, 2007 1:19 am

Main character from my fantasy novel :)

Full Name: Jimena Nomachi (No Man's Child - she named herself)
Birthday: She's not entirely sure. Sometime during Northern Hemisphere winter
Birthplace: Yay palace!
Current Location: Top of a tree
Heritage: Difficult to explain.
Eye Color/Hair Color: Silver eyes (overexpsure to gods), black hair.
Right or Left Handed: Left!
Major Strength: Has the power to save the world yay!
Major Weakness: Doesn't want to ^^
Fears: Erm...nothing, really. She's more of a hating person.
Life Goal: To die
Dream Profession: Brother's bodyguard
Actual Profession: Cook
Favorite Meal: Bread, butter and ale
Coffee Drinker: nup
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: yay ale!
Has Character Been in Love: No
Is Character Attractive: Striking. Very striking.
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: Hell yes
Healthy Habits:
Unhealthy Habits: Killing people
Favorite Movie: -
Vices: Killing people
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): None
Number One Regret: Not dying for her brother

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby crazy_for_writing » Wed Sep 05, 2007 10:50 am

Full Name: Kat Lynn (no last name)
Birthday: February 13, 1987 (it is friday the 13th)
Birthplace: Jamestown NY
Current Location: Jamestown NY
Eye Color/Hair Color: Brown hair and eyes
Right or Left Handed: right handed
Major Strength: comforatable in her own skin
Major Weakness: doesn't know when to be quiet
Fears: not being accepted
Life Goal: To find and marry the perfect woman, have three children, publish a book ( or two )
Dream Profession: Novelist
Actual Profession: Accounting student
Favorite Meal: spicy chicken wings
Coffee Drinker: not since she heard on the radio it greatly increases your risk of high blood pressure even if it's decafe.
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Not old enough to consume alcohol
Has Character Been in Love: twice. Once with an older man with two children. and now with her best friend Dawn, but Dawn isn't gay.
Is Character Attractive: She is cute and pudgy. with beautiful green eyes.
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: No
Healthy Habits: walking to the library once a week
Unhealthy Habits: eating too much chocolate and soda. watching too much television
Favorite Movie: broke back mountain
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): just a scar from the nose ring she had for two weeks when she was 17
Number One Regret: Not coming out to her mother and best friend sooner

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby Gladys » Wed Sep 05, 2007 11:58 am

Full Name: Irene Grace Simpson/Morning Moon/Magic Moon
Birth place: New York
Birthdate: Summer of the year 1856
Eye color: greenish/blue
Hair color: brown/gold
Current Location: Bear Clan Indian Village 1875
Heritage: Swiss/English
Strengths: Knows she is loved as she is and believes in herself
Fears: her loss of memory
Weaknesses: none so far
Goal: to be the Bear Clans medicine woman like adopted mother
In Love: yes with Bear Claw, grandson of the chief
Enemies: yes Spirit Seer, who is out to kill Irene.
Best Friend: Bear Claw/Brambles her horse
Right or Left: Right handed but can use her left with no trouble to shoot bow
Likes/dislikes: Likes most foods but especially licorice ferns.
Dislikes big affairs where she is the main attraction.
Cooks: Likes to cook and is a good cook
Attractive: Yes but she doesn't think so
Personality: Good personality with healthy love of others.

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby Lizz18 » Tue Sep 11, 2007 6:01 am

Full Name: Devlin Matthew Childder
Birthday: August 14,1993
Birthplace: Los Angelos
Current Location: Same
Heritage: Whales, Carolina, Ireland, Great Britain, and Los Angelos
Eye Color/Hair Color: icy clear blue eyes, and “sun touched” brown hazelnut hair
Right or Left Handed: Left handed
Major Strength: Very flexible, very understanding and knowledgeable, plus easy to like
Weakness: bad liar, cries at chick flicks, plus has a hard time getting over a girl he really likes. He practically jumps head first into relationships, and then is heartbroken, when it doesn’t work out
Fears: dying too young
Life Goal: to get over being a hemophilic
Dream Profession: being a famous basketball player
Actual Profession: None, he’s in junior high
Favorite Meal: meat loaf, mash potatoes shaped as a cup with gravy in the middle, green peas and garlic bread with a diet coke
Coffee Drinker: No
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: None
Has Character Been in Love: Yes. Twice, and was left broken hearted both times. The last one was the hardest.
Is Character Attractive: Yes
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: He has his days when he does, and days when he doesn’t.
Healthy Habits: drinks a lot of bottles of water, and eats healthy
Unhealthy Habits: Hard time sleeping
Favorite Movie: The Lord of the Ring Trilogy
Vices: an obsessive thinker
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): None
Number One Regret: Not becoming a Christian earlier

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby William87 » Tue Sep 11, 2007 6:31 am

Create a background for one of you characters by filling out this list:

Full Name: Andy

Birthday: 19??
Birthplace: ??
Current Location: New York & Stockholm ( Haven't decided yet :P )
Heritage: ??
Eye Color/Hair Color: Light blue eyes, brown haired / blonde ( something in between )
Right or Left Handed: Right
Major Strength: He's a great intellectual.
Major Weakness: He's got low self-esteem. He's a worrier & a hypocondriat.
Fears: Loosing his consciousness
Life Goal: To get his life together ( my god the cliché :D )
Dream Profession: He's achieved it already.
Actual Profession: Writer
Favorite Meal:No clue
Coffee Drinker: Yes he drinks coffee , black.
Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Doesn't drink
Has Character Been in Love: Yes
Is Character Attractive: Yes
Does Character Think of Self as Attractive: No, not at all.
Healthy Habits: Writes & thinks alot
Unhealthy Habits: Writes & thinks alot
Favorite Movie: Woody Allen movies
Vices: ?
Tattoo(s)/ Piercing(s): none
Number One Regret: None - yet.

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RE: Getting to Know You 4/24-4/30

Postby prettykritty » Sat Sep 22, 2007 8:43 pm

Full name: Giovanna Boccelli
Birthday: August 2, 1976
Birthplace: Fairland, Vermont (fictional)
Current Location: Fairland, Vermont
Heritage: American born Italian
EyeColor: Brown
Hair Color: Dark caramel brown
Right or Left Handed: Right
Major Strength: Kind
Major Weakness: naive, trusting
Fears: Dishonoring or abandoning her father
Life Goal: To travel to Italy and study art and music
Dream profession: Opera singer
Actual profession: Waitress
Favorite Meal: Onion rings and strawberry milkshake from Winnie's diner
Coffee drinker? No, but her father is
Has character been in love: No. She fears abandoning her father
Is character attractive? Yes, very.
Does character think of themselves as attractive? Maybe a little.
Healthy habits: Walking early each morning before work
Unhealthy habits: Loves ice cream. Low self-esteem
Favorite Movie: Roman Holiday
Vices: Low self esteem
Piercings: None. Not even her ears are pierced. She always wears a single golden bangle on her left wrist.
Number one regret: Not being there with her father when her mother died; she was off at college, chasing her own dreams; she's never forgiven herself.


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