Your WD Legacy 3/25-4/1

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Re: Your WD Legacy 3/25-4/1

Postby AphoticFlame » Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:22 am

Throughout these years of universal industrialism, there has been one light of constant hope for the creative, for those called to create and inspire with their stories and tales. This company, called "Writer's Digest," has not only survived the years but also has managed to prosper, through its constant output of writers and authors of exceptional caliber. Take Casey Bennett, a simple man who has become known as a renowned author (who originally published under the pseudonym, "Kyle Christopher" in the beginning of his writing career). His roots were founded in the at-the-time quaint site of the Writing Digest, but from those roots, and the seeds planted in him by the inspiration of his WR community. From their support and encouragement, Mr. Bennett began to publish his various works, most of which were recieved with great acclaim and reached the upper echelons of the New York's Best Seller List. Though his reputation grew substantially, he continued to use the support given to him by the Writer's Digest, never missing a chance to recommend the site to beginning authors. Now, at the age of 31, Mr. Bennett has published no less Previously Owned Poetry) and 3 of his works were actually joint collaborations with one of his peers on the Writer's Digest community board. And his success has not been singular. There are others, too, who raise the beacon of creativity in this mechanized world. Let's just hope that their light will never fade, and the folks at Writer's Digest will continue to contribute artists and authors alike to our time as we face these times of threat to creativity as it truly exists.

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Re: Your WD Legacy 3/25-4/1

Postby acre1964two » Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:58 am

Well the paper was wrong because I surived to tell my story of how love rules not money!!!!! To all the people who think moneys the answer, well I would reather be happy than rich because you cant eat money it might food but green money is just paper and coins are just coins. I would never sell my soul for all the money in the world or power in the world. I never submit my soul for a bank or a bet even if it was with the devil. I would pour holy water on him before I would take his money. I would eat eggs and go crazy before I would sell my soul. Question am I crazy or smart? Think about it!!! Also I would not think twice about throwing away money from a bad source like blood money. I would hide the money if it was blood money so nobody could find it or cruse anybody with it.


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